Heineken Cup Weekend Round 6


Full Weekend Round-up

CONNACHT RUGBY 25 – 20 ZEBRE (Squeaky Bums In Bogland)

BIARRITZ 9 – 16 HARLEQUINS (Nick Evans Isn’t All That You Know)


CASTRES 8 – 9  ULSTER (Really Squeaky Bums In The North)

CARDIFF BLUES 26 – 14  SALE SHARKS (Blues Were Playing Sale)

MONTPELLIER 23 – 3  TOULON (Montpellier On A Mission, St Jonny Not)

EXETER CHIEFS 20 – 29  LEINSTER (Say Hello To The Amlin)


MUNSTER 29 – 6  RACING METRO 92 (RM Robbed By Early Decision)

SARACENS 40 – 7  EDINBURGH (Tight Game Of Fine Margins)

LEICESTER TIGERS 9 – 5  TOULOUSE (Toulouse Kickers Accept Massive Bribe Shocker)

BENETTON TREVISO 17 – 14  OSPREYS (Welsh Team Throwing It Away At The Last)

Quarter Final Draw:

(1) Harlequins v Munster Rugby (8)
(2) ASM Clermont Auvergne v Montpellier (7)
(3) Toulon v Leicester Tigers (6)
(4) Saracens v Ulster Rugby (5)

Actual Heineken Cup

Actual Heineken Cup

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696 Responses to Heineken Cup Weekend Round 6

  1. laraxwell says:

    Meant to congratulate Leicester…got this one wrong- really thought Toulouse would do it.
    Tigers have a sniff in Toulon.

  2. avsfan says:

    Everyone is in with a sniff. I wouldn’t put it past The Turnips to teach Quins a lesson in savviness.

    I learned after about the tenth time. Backed Treviso.

  3. MisterIks says:

    @sag – sorry but where did you post that little list of how to work the site, manage posts etc.?

  4. killerline says:

    Iks just scroll up

  5. sagmog says:

    Top of the page on the menu now.
    So it’s always available.

  6. avsfan says:

    Good old ding-dong going on between the Falcons and the 49ers. Gwaaaan Niners.

  7. MisterIks says:

    @sag & killerline – thank you. The operation I had to remove my common sense and powers of observation was a huge success it seems…

  8. killerline says:


    you are Alain Rolland and I claim my penalty try.

  9. Karl1976 says:

    Much as form suggests we should beat Munster at home, I’m taking nothing for granted. I thought we were going to get a shoeing at Thomond in the Amlin in 2011, and we played out of our skins that day. No reason why Munster can’t do it to us though, get the ball to Zebo and he could tear us apart.

    Unless Poite is reffing again, of course, in which case I’d put the house on Quins winning.

  10. Karl1976 says:

    you are Alain Rolland and I claim my lecture concerning your interpretation of the laws of the game, ideally in two languages


  11. meadesian says:

    Avs, it’s a see-saw game alright. Now that the Niners secondary has actually bothered to turn up they have more momentum, but either side can score at will it seems.

  12. meadesian says:

    No use throwing a fit that the challenge failed. Try having some coverage within 15 yards eh?

  13. meadesian says:

    Is that three game delay penalties from Kapaernick calling late audibles? Dumb.

  14. avsfan says:

    Whew! Officially have someone to cheer for in the Super Bowl. Now, if the Ravens and Pats can somehow contrive to both lose, that will be perfect.

  15. meadesian says:

    Tense huh Avs?

    Can’t see the AFC game being as entertaining, but will try and stay awake. Whoever gets through I fear for the Niners if they can’t get their secondary starting the game quicker. Ryan played well, but it just seemed way too easy for him in the first half.

  16. avsfan says:

    I missed the first half, for reasons you would approve I am sure (bike riding) so I’ll take your word for it. (not that I doubt you). Sounds like their secondary did in the first half what the Broncos did all game last week.

    Impressive comeback, nevertheless.

  17. avsfan says:

    Can I just say I am sick of seeing Ray Lewis’ mug with tears streaming down his face. Is he Welsh? Plus, he’s not particularly likeable. That has nothing to do with any possible Welshness, might I add.

  18. avsfan says:

    Sly blog steal in the offing…..must resist…..

  19. avsfan says:

    Right, after much flailing, I think I uploaded another episode of Ruchie’s Diaries to the folder. I forgot to add a photo or two.

  20. turduckenshoot says:

    The 49’s Falcons game was one of the best I’ve seen in a long tme, I still fell asleep during it but it was good. That Kaepernick is pretty good for a player with 7 games experience did they say?

  21. dermott says:

    @ avs

    Had a look in the folder. There’s an Untitled Document by you with nothing in it. Want to have another crack at uploading it?

  22. Tight Game Of Fine Margins

    Totally disagree. Better summary would be “Useless Embra totally assimilated”

  23. raceofstalwarts says:

    Interesting to see the English teams doing well this time around and some of the Rabo lot not doing so well. It is almost like the perceived disadvantages of previous years were just an excuse for the cyclical nature of achiement.

  24. just an excuse for the cyclical nature of achiement.

    I think also that the draw had a fair whack to do with it as well- Leinster would probably have qualified (hahahahahahaha) in any group that didn’t have Clermont in it.

  25. Right predictions-

    Quins to duff up the Turnips.
    Clermont to beat Montpellier
    Toulon to beat Leicester

    And I’m fecked if I can call the Borg v Ulster. Sneaking suspicion it’ll be Ulster as I quite fancy them for the whole thing still.

    In the Semis, Reckon Clermont will be too good for quins, and can see Ulster beating Toulon.

  26. raceofstalwarts says:

    Yeah tough break for Leinster. My heart bleeds for them….

  27. dermott says:

    Depends how Toulon turn up. They can be imperious, they can be pish. Montpellier were mighty, but Toulon can be pish against lesser quality.

  28. Kocktopuss says:

    Part of me wants to have a tiny gloat about Munster getting through at the expense of Leinster, but it’s a tiny part of me and is shouted down by the rest of me who’d loved to have seen Leinster get through as well so that the chances of an Irish side winning again and annoying the Aviva crowd were increased.

    Instead can I get anyone to join me in a rousing chorus of; ZEBO! ZEBO! ZEBO!


  29. dermott says:

    Where are you, sag? This blog is beyond creaky. I might put up Larry.

  30. titimanionga says:

    Zebo! Zebo!

    On the bench! For Trimble!


    Aw shite.

  31. @ROS

    Yes, I’m struggling to cry. Particularly after some of the tripe spouted by that dick in the Irish press, and Ackford saying they were the best side in the world outside of the AB’s.

  32. raceofstalwarts says:

    Toulon were shocking this weekend. Looked like a bunch of journeyman just playing for the £s. Which is surpising as, even though they are a bunch of journeyman, they normally play for each other. Another game like that and Leicester could get through. I also fancy Quins to do over the Herman and Clermont do over Montpellier. Ulster really miss Nick Williams. He single handedly guarantees front foot ball in the loose. If he is back and firing then it will be a very close game, otherwise Sarries will assimilate and destroy.

  33. rugbywreckage says:

    Semi-final draws didn’t do Quins any favours after they made sure they made it through as No. 1 seeds eh?

    Assuming they can over-turn the Turnips at home (which I think they can) it’s looking like an away trip to Clermont. I really can’t see past them (CA) for the cup this year, they seem to want it bad.

  34. Kocktopuss says:


    Munster in with a shot of dumping Quins out but it’s a long-ish one. I’ll keep the faith, however.

    Clermont to batter Montpellier.

    If Ulster come back on the boil they’ll beat Saracens handily enough. They have a stronger pack and their backplay earlier this season has been excellent. Sarries would be unlikely to able to count on Farrell Borging his way through with penalties as well since Pienaar can play that game too but from 4 light years further out.

    I fancy Tigers to do Toulon.

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