Two Sleeps ‘Til Six Nations


Okay, just two sleeps to go ’til the start of the 2013 Six Nations. To get everyone in the mood, here is how the bookies are seeing it:

Wales v Ireland  Wales 8/11, Draw 22/1, Ireland 7/5

England v Scotland  England 1/14, Draw 40/1, Scotland 9/1

Italy v France  Italy 7/1, Draw 33/1, France 1/9

So, not much to choose between Ireland and Wales there. France the clear favourites in Italy. A slight edge being given to England, probably just home advantage there.

Form an orderly queue ladies

Form an orderly queue ladies

So, make yourself a cocoa and get an early night, when you wake up it will just be one sleep until the action begins.

Unless you’re Scottish, in which case drink yourself into a blackout just to avoid the night terrors that await.

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807 Responses to Two Sleeps ‘Til Six Nations

  1. killerline says:

    And with that, the blog is dead.

    Need a blog killing? Call Killer, any time.

  2. tomtrumps says:

    Beckham- I thought it sounded a good gesture. David Pleat on 5 Live reckons he’s doing it purely for the publicity, but hey, the charities in question should get lots so it remains a fine gesture, regardless of his motivation.

    I was there for the birth of my boy, 20 odd hours sitting in a chair trying to sleep while mum got some kip, she finally had a caesarean, which was followed by a week in the special care baby unit as he had an infection. Tough start to his life for all of us!

  3. killerline says:


    Mum? What are you doing on here?

  4. beadleclawuk says:

    Nice try Killer but changing the subject is the most obvious blocking move of them all !!!

  5. killerline says:

    Blocking what son? You’re losing me a bit.

    To pre-empt your stance I don’t think you have to have children to live a fulfilled existence.
    Surely you don’t think that.

    Whether I am all talk in my stark life-scheme. Well I guess you’re partially right. I’d like to write a masterpiece before i die. Not that bothered though…

  6. killerline says:

    Forgot you were coming on the 16th Tom, apologies.

    Harris, where’s this Google doc?

  7. tomtrumps says:

    No problem Killer. Yes, what is this Google doc?

  8. killerline says:

    Harris you fop where’s this Google doc?

  9. therealbennyblanco says:

    Morning/Evening all. Been pretty swamped with work so I’ve missed a couple of weeks of blogs. Pretty busy I see. Better get on and make my picks. I will predict that Sunday morning will be a write off after being up at 2am to watch the England-Scotland game.

    I had that link for the Google Doc once then lost it. I’ve got a Super XV preview planned with a special guest author.

  10. killerline says:

    It’s quarter to midnight in Blighty Benny.

    Everyone’s gone to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. beadleclawuk says:

    @killer – I’m only messing with you, no bother.

  12. beadleclawuk says:

    about the google doc thing – there’s a link at the top of the page in the guide to using the diaries if that helps.

  13. Chekhovian says:

    Right. So. I am about to take a slightly unsober walk through a significant portion of Peckham. At midnight. In a kilt. Wish me luck.

    Oh, and as is traditional with my slightly unsober posts, I’d like to say that I love you all. Even the crazy fuckers talking about stitches and poisoned vajayjays.

  14. tomtrumps says:

    @beadle, I’m sureChristian Harris mentioned something about a Google Doc for the meet up. Didn’t know what he was talking about or what we need it for, and his lack of action since has not helped my confusion.

  15. therealbennyblanco says:

    I just want to tell you good luck, and we are all counting on you.

  16. beadleclawuk says:

    @tom aaah that sounds like I can’t help then, sorry…

  17. boomkingish says:

    Were any Dad’s here not present at the birth of their kids? Surely it’s compulsory for Guardian readers? My first one was at a ‘Birth Centre’, which was something like a cheerful seaside motel. Much better than a home birth because a) someone else did all the laundry and b) there was a Batphone and secret passage to an entire hospital full of doctors and machines that go ping! right next door. It was a water birth too, so my job (look away Thaum) was to make myself useful with a sieve. The second one was in a more traditional hospital. Baby’s final bid for freedom took everyone by surprise, requiring great reflexes from the midwife at forward-short-leg. (Funny how every TV clip of childbirth in the US has the woman flat on her back in bed, often with feet in stirrups. I don’t think they even allow that as an option in Oz/NZ).

    But back to the Maitland question. He’s from Tokoroa, so there’s that track record to consider: Isaac Boss for Ireland, Nicky Little for Fiji, Quade Cooper for Australia, Henry Paul for England…fingers crossed he turns out to be more like Walter Little, Keven Mealamu or even Richard Kahui. Toke-vegas reprezent!

  18. avsfan says:

    Jeez, that’s quite an impressive list of rugby players there, if you think about it.

    Love the ‘forward short leg’ reference, by the way.

  19. deebee7 says:

    Strictly says:

    January 31, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    It’s revenge for years of fit-woman-at-the-office posts etc (dee bee I’m looking at you. Expro….. Not going to try)

    Strictly, I think you’ll find the “office Hottie” tangent was gecko’s – I know us Saffers all look the same etc etc, but I’m innocent of this charge! Not often I’m innocent, mind, but I do like others to get the, um, credit, they deserve!

  20. Strictly says:


    I stand corrected. Apologies!

  21. canaryatthewharf says:

    Was present at all 3 canary chicks arrival. Only sort of for the first, as the mrs was rushed off for an emergency section after 12 hours of induced labour and a stuck baby, both in distress. Worst hour of my life especially as they’d told me it would only take 25 minutes. No 1 daughter scored only 2 on the Apgard(?) test and basically needed revival. No damage though, well she is a risk analyst for a bank but then that was my job so we blame genetics rather than congenital (?) factors.

    Other two were planned sections at convenient times. No problems, hand holding easy, compared to natural labour where my thumb got bent into unnatural shapes on one especially nasty contraction. Though the second birth was delayed while the doc came back from a good lunch. Tripped into theatre in high heels, cocktail dress and a merry smile. Worried me a little, that.

  22. killerline says:

    *Rubs weary eyes*

    …still talking about childbirth; check back in in 2 hours…

  23. tichtheid says:

    Beckham- I thought it sounded a good gesture. David Pleat on 5 Live reckons he’s doing it purely for the publicity,

    If ever there was a man in need of publicity…….

    No good deed goes unpunished eh?

  24. daffodane says:

    Welsh Kilts (!) you always see them on match days and at weddings, when did that all come about?
    At my sons birth, 11hours for the missus who took it all in her stride. I seemed to had developed a hand massage on a pressure point on her hand and was not allowed to stop doing it. I use it when I have toothache. Then rushed down to the operating theatre for a C section. The boy was a stjernekigger (stargazer), so he was stuck. I have an amazing video of it all, which I showed to everyone who came after the birth. Not realising a lot of people are a bit more squeamish than myself.
    Thought I was totally cool about the whole process until I heard myself on the audio. Basically blubbering and repeating what everyone else in the room was saying.

  25. deebee7 says:


    No problem at all! My boss is pretty hot, but we’ve worked together for 15 years and she has a great husband and two great kids – not even an option to try to stuff that up.

    I was at the birth of my son and my ex (we weren’t married) had an epidural. They kept asking if she could feel her fingers, toes etc and every affirmative answer got another little shot – until she couldn’t push properly and they had to use one of those suction things to get the wee one out once he’d started crowning.

    He came out looking like he was wearing a fez and the look on my face clearly wasn’t one of bonhomie towards the hospital staff as they had to keep reinforcing that the skull is not properly knit at that stage and all would be well – and it is! The missus had to have a couple of stitches and all I could think of during the entire birth and aftermath, was “please don’t pass out. Please. Don’t. Fucking. Pass. Out.” I didn’t. And as every new dad will attest to – I thought I was king of the world!

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