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Hask Backstage Exclusive: Loose Head Prop In Talks To Ink ZZ Top Deal!

Hi there, hope y’all been enjoying the Six Nations. Y’all know I don’t normally talk like this. Usually it’s, “Farrrrrkkkk! Go easy on the plums, Launchbury!” But I’ve been tryin’ to stay in the zone coz I’ve got ma old … Continue reading

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The All-Singing All-Dancing Hask Riddle #1

Welcome to the wondiferous world of my All-Singing All-Dancing Riddles. Nothing like a riddle to liven up a dull tactics session. Many’s the time Catty’s been drawing a million arrows on his blackboard with second phase this and Manu’s running … Continue reading

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Quade Unplugged

What’s up, peeps?! It’s your main man the QC in the house!

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We’ve Gone Meta!

As MrGreysuit was kind enough to do this, we feel it deserves an audience. This is what it says on the tin. No science or clever analysis here. Just one bored person and some by-eye counting of topics mentioned in … Continue reading

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Scotland -v- Ireland: Vote for your MOTM

    -versus-   Ah, the Celts. 1001 ways to deafen us.

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England -v- France: Vote for your MOTM

The stats (above) will have changed by now. We invite you to update them yourselves with a marker pen on your computer screen while contemplating your vote for MOTM.

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Italy -v- Wales: Vote for your MOTM

Bloody Italians. Can’t even spell their own name let alone Wales’.

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