One sleep to go!


Now we’re down to one sleep till the annual festival of FEAR.

Out of interest, the NZ TAB is offering the following returns for the outlay of $NZ1 on an outright winner:

1 Wales 5.00
2 England 2.80
3 France 3.00
4 Ireland 5.00
5 Scotland 35.00
6 Italy 200.00

Meh, what would the Kiwis know about rugby?

In other news, Uncle Declan has denied that he’s lost the dressing room:


Roll on tomorrow!

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  1. Onlyonet says:

    Never going to be a penalty try they were technical offences and a try was never going to ‘probably’ be scored

    What happened to the rule of the team going uncontested has to losing another player? Was it just a trial and never implemented?

  2. firstdifference says:

    I’d have thought that if the ref felt that two binnings were necessary, it was because the infringing players were professionally fouling and stopping any movement.

    I am just playing devil’s advocate here. Given the way these things normally go, it would be justified to give a penalty try, but I think the other interpretation is reasonable. It’s a difficult counter-factual to judge, particularly given the conditions, it seems highly like the 8 loses control or an English players slips etc. How do you judge if a side was likely to score?

  3. Underdog says:

    FD – I think the rule of three exists because that’s how long it takes for most refs to get bored, nothing more. Not today though, as the third penalty saw the second binning. As for the possibility of it being the first violation of the law, that’s exactly what happened in the Worcs/Tigers match the other week. Last minute, ref blew up and awarded pen try straight away. There were a few angry fans, needless to say. Angry mostly because of their belief in the rule of three that you talk about.

  4. MisterIks says:

    Process? Not enough Progress there, sadly.

  5. firstdifference says:

    Ah, it’s not just 5 o’clock somewhere, it’s 5 o’clock here. Beer time.

  6. turduckenshoot says:

    Rule of three or what doesn’t really matter to me, but in that situation to send a second prop off, and say uncontested scrum, was pretty farcical to me.

  7. Karl1976 says:


    Who is keeping Tonks out of the full side? Is it just as an Edinburgh player and they are all playing like drains he’s not getting the chances to show his stuff? Obviously he’s still not quite up there will Stuart Hogg,

  8. Underdog says:

    I don’t think it’s ‘the team were likely to score’ but ‘that would definitely have been a try but for that instance of cheating.’ Which rather rewards offences such as we have just seen – i.e. ones that interrupt the scrum before it has a chance to move.

  9. Onlyonet says:

    Rule of three is exactly the same as the last man myth in football. Perpetrated by idiot pundits and sucked up by the public as fact.

  10. turduckenshoot says:

    perversely by sending off the last prop (was half watching as my sister was on the phone) it actually benefited Scotland in that situation

  11. firstdifference says:

    perversely by sending off the last prop (was half watching as my sister was on the phone) it actually benefited Scotland in that situation

    I think that is just going to be something that happens sometimes. I don’t think we want to insert more discretion in the an already complex set of laws. It’s unjust but that’s how it is.

    As an Australian, I have very often felt that the other team getting an advantage by committing whatever mistake that led to a scrum was unfair too.

  12. Karl1976 says:

    I know it’s a rare occurence, but I think there should be some rule where if the ref deems the scrum under the cosh deserves a front-rower being binned for his particular offence and that binning will lead to uncontested scrums, the front-rower should remain and No 8 should go in the bin instead. England were disadvantaged by having to go uncontested when they had dominance, if Scotland were to lose their No 8 and have to scrum down, a pushover try would have been a near-certainty. A try made by passing the ball, in those conditions, was far from a certainty.

    Still delighted with the Scotland win, but annoyed we are talking about a ref influencing the outcome of a game at the death. Again.

  13. turduckenshoot says:

    To make it clear, Scotland deserved the win, better team over 80 minutes.

    Doesn’t mean that the decision at the end shouldn’t be talked about though

  14. Underdog says:

    I think it’s because the yellow card is about punishing Team A, and not rewarding Team B. Just because it goes to uncontested scrums, doesn’t mean Team B can’t exploit the weakness of Team A elsewhere. I suspect that this is the theory.

    It does seem bizarre though, since it very definitely rewards the offending team if they are being humped in the scrum. IIRC, Wasps were commonly trying to get away with going to uncontested prior to bloodgate.

  15. It’s only 6 Nations Eve and there’s already arguments about refs and penalty tries…

    Shaping up nicely boys…

    Oh, and a couple* of Old Speckled Hens have taken the edge off the Fear. I’ve moved smoothly onto Giddy Excitement instead.

    *May not be actual quantity consumed.

  16. david_puddy says:

    Having recently moved back across from the Great Lakes I’ve been seeking out Pacific IPAs, Thornbridge’s Jaipur has become a favourite- 3 down after a tough week (5.9%) and trying t get work done!

  17. Karl1976 says:

    Wasps were commonly trying to get away with going to uncontested prior to bloodgate.

    I think it was more a case of the prem threatening to bring in the ‘go uncontested, another player has to go off’ rule that the Top14 trialled in the 08/09 season, I certainly recall a lot of ‘tight hamstrings’ in convenient points in matches involving wasps around that time though. Certainly contemporaneous with Bloodgate though.

  18. Chekhovian says:


    Hogg is the man in possession, and because Maitland can also play at 15, I think it’ll be tough for Tonks to get a look in. The final bench spot will probably always go to a centre.

  19. turduckenshoot says:


    Thornbridge’s Jaipur, is great, used to serve it at the bar i worked at in oslo. PPA’s are very different taste to IPA, great though.

  20. @David Puddy

    My name actually has nothing to do with Michigan or indeed the North American Continent at all! It was an old college nickname that came from a couple of old school Jamaican reggae artists, Mitchigan and Smiley, that a friend was a big fan of.

    That Jaipur IPA sounds pretty heinous though, in the best possible way.

  21. turduckenshoot says:

    before i get into a proper beer nerd rage.

    PPA, not IPA

  22. brookter says:

    England should have won at the end, and wouldn’t have deserved to. Scotland were much the better side. Tonks was very good and overall Scotland had a lot more nous.

  23. turduckenshoot says:

    Barnes made a very good point about the saxons, they are pretty young kids coming from a large number of different kids being asked to blend without much time together, where as the scotland, Ireland and Welsh teams come from 2 or 3 teams mostly.

  24. david_puddy says:

    Apols Turkey! I do prefer the American ones to those I’ve tried in England & Wales- they’re a little taste-less for me I’m afraid. Wonder what they serve in the Colliers Tup?

    Sorry for not cottoning-on to the ‘t’ in your moniker!

  25. turduckenshoot says:

    Just that IPA stands for Indian pale ale, so your saying Pacific indian pale ale, by saying Pacific IPA. which is just… well wrong.

    I have to say I prefer American IPA’s now, they tend to be have more malt and more hops. Generally a more intense flavour. though a good pint of English IPA on a summers day is hard to beat.

  26. avsfan says:

    Chek – I presume the inebriated wandering through Peckham in a kilt went OK.

  27. firstdifference says:

    I’m enjoying a Dog Fishhead Indian Brown Ale at the moment. It’s a cross between a scotch ale and an IPA. ABV 7.2%.

  28. david_puddy says:

    @ Turkey: They have summers here?!
    @Firstdiff: Show-off!
    ‘Night all!

  29. avsfan says:

    I am enjoying thinking about drinking a beer when I get home in about 45 minutes.

  30. turduckenshoot says:

    Imperial IPA are my real tipple of choice, in moderation of course

  31. firstdifference says:

    Brumbies won their first trial against the Force.

  32. sunbeamtim says:

    Turkey , you had too many ? Its India pale ale , not IndiaN . that would be a pale ale from India .I
    think a lot of American beers , some stunning beers brewed locally , including City Steam in Hartford , Berkshire Brewing Company in Deerfield ,and Big Elm in Sheffield . However , an Ipa should be a medium flavoured medium strength beer , specifically , going back to the dark ages of beer in the early eighties , London Pride , a veritable nectar of the gods when served properly (very rare) ,the standard bearer for the last 30 years , or similar .
    Calling it a pacific or american Ipa is really very annoying , especially 7.2 % , thats barley wine strength . Even calling it an Ipa style beer would be wrong , as it is not .
    Colliers Tup is a free house , and usually has a good selection of proper ales , including a session beer (Southwold )and a couple of stronger beers along the lines of Charles Wells Bombardier and Adnams Broadside , mostly in tip top condition . Excellent bar food too .

  33. London Pride, now you’re talking. I used to live in Chiswick by the Fullers brewery and many a good night was had at the pleasure of their brews. They also used to do a bottled ale called Ramrod, and we’d to go to the Old Ship in Richmond on a summer’s eve and have a Ramrod and Special, which was a half pint of Fullers ESB, in a pint glass, topped up with a bottle of Ramrod. Mmm, beer….

  34. sunbeamtim says:

    Feel like a pedant , must be THE FEAR , but i reckon you are a touch confused , Smiley . Ramrod a Youngs of Wandsworth barley wine , Special their extra strength brew . Ram and Special was indeed a potent mix tho . The Fullers equivalent was a Pride and Pride , half London pride , half Golden Pride ( the Youngs Barley wine ) . As i dyed in the wool Fullers drinker back then ,i was embarassed to admit a Ram and Special was far more palatable than a Pride and Pride . Fortunately my local , a Fullers pub , had a neighbour 50 yards down the road that was a Youngs house , so frequent comparisons could be made .

    13 hours to go to Calcutta Cup , shame bbc America not showing the first game , but i have a feeling that the Sweaties are really going to front up tomorrow . Package store shut now , so no chance of any anaesthetic , starting to chew fingernails .

  35. sunbeamtim says:

    whoops , should read “Golden Pride , the Fullers barley wine “, before I jump in and criticize myself for inaccuracy .

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