The Great Blog Works Outing


To help coordinate numbers, please post below if you’re attending said event.

March 16th, 2013

Colliers Tup, Colliers Wood, London

From approximately 1pm. Please advise an anticipated arrival time if you can as well as extra numbers if any.

And please limit posts to the topic.

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49 Responses to The Great Blog Works Outing

  1. Provisionally. Yup am in. Mrs Cat undecided about whether she’s coming. Depends on other women/ halves/ smurf.

  2. titimanionga says:

    Yup, I will definitely be there. From 1pm or so.

  3. titimanionga says:

    I would say Mrs Bottom Paddock is at about 75% for attendance too.

  4. dermott says:

    Claw – with the future Mrs Bottom Paddock?

  5. dermott says:

    Sorry, Claw. Cross post. I’ll amend the ATL to include extra bodies.

  6. Oh, and if you want a picture:

  7. elsnoopio says:

    I’m a provisional maybe – depends on money and what is happening with other plans so won’t know till close to the time.

  8. sagmog says:

    Travelling down Friday night.
    She thinks there is something very strange about the way I’ve ruthlessly protected my privacy for years only to go and meet a load of people I know from the internets.
    Seems rational to me.

  9. Possibly anticipating carange. Is a wise smurf.

  10. Karl1976 says:

    I’ll be there, admiring the fenestration on said drinking establishment.

  11. I have no idea how this sticky thing works. Should live on the front page now until we take it down. Unless you make it a page and jam it at the top.

  12. dermott says:

    @ Cat

    Let’s see how it goes. Well done if you’ve managed it.

  13. donchuffo says:

    well, I’ll be there (obviously) Almost certainly with Frau Harris as shes rugby mad.

  14. dermott says:

    @ Christian

    Keep checking back here. I’ll keep reminding them to post here on the active blogs.

  15. tomtrumps says:

    I am hoping to be there. Mrs Trumps may tag along she says.

  16. tomtrumps says:

    Oh, and I’ll be there around 1.

  17. Strictly says:

    I won’t be there, but am looking forward to the debrief afterwards

  18. Utnapishtm says:

    Regretfully no. Just too far. Have a good one

  19. Piperboy says:

    I’m aiming to be there.
    The missus will be nowhere near – she regards my love of sport as something to be pitied (a Canadian who has no opinion on hockey and she thinks i’m the weird one)

  20. sunbeamtim says:

    Will certainly be there , back in UK for the 3rd round .

  21. bedfordbluesfan says:

    I’m provisional, will depend on whether the other halfs course has been cancelled or not.

  22. coddfish says:

    I wish I could meet you all, I have a series of mental images, but regretably I will be sat in the Millennium Stadium getting cold. Well not regretably at all! Enjoy, and do debrief.

  23. flaviafamkesandwich says:

    still waiting for a windfall, if said luck arrives in a big bundle me & the wench could make it

  24. MisterIks says:

    I hate to miss a good ‘carange’, but I’ll be desperately trying to find a tv somewhere in the Algarve.

    Oh fuck! As I write that I realise I will be actually be on a plane flying back to home to Germany. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!

    The moral of this story is never buy in to a spring holiday cooked up by Germans without cross-checking the 6N fixtures first.


  25. davidpuddy says:

    Provisionally lurking…
    And staring silently at the floor when the tangents go highbrow

  26. Moriarty says:

    Contemplating coming just to stand outside the window and observe, kind of what I do on here but colder.

    Also, have you decided on whether you will use real names or avatars? Should be fucking hilarious. Enjoy yourselves!

  27. LarryM says:

    I’m in.

    Curious as to where you found not only a picture of the real, non-Bill me, but also such an appropriate one.

  28. tichtheid says:

    I’m in the definitely maybe category.

  29. tomtrumps says:

    @Davidpuddy, I’ll join you on the tangents, we can disuss the weather or something. Unless the talk turns to pension legislaiton, in which case I’m in.

  30. killerline says:

    IN. There 1pm with Meades and RoS

  31. david_puddy says:

    I think Mr. Harris should include a cork for each of our forks

  32. Chekhovian says:

    My status has been upgraded to definitely maybe – family outing has been cancelled but only because I’ll be getting off a 13-hour, overnight flight from Cape Town at around 6am that morning after a week away from the other half, so the negotiations to escape to Colliers Wood may not be successful.

  33. killerline says:

    @Chek nice new excuse. Just complex enough to keep the reader interested, without leaning towards the avant garde.

  34. bedfordbluesfan says:

    OH and I will be there for 1pm if I can make it at all.

  35. Chekhovian says:


    I think you underestimate just how much I really do want to see Larry’s face end up in a urinal. Fingers crossed I can make it.

  36. Karl1976 says:

    also 1pm for me

  37. CupidStunt says:

    I’ll be playing Horatio in a production of Hamlet that weekend, so will have to pass. Hopefully by then I will have persuaded the director to uncut some of my best lines.

  38. rossb says:

    I might be able to come and lurk in person rather than online.

  39. MisterIks says:

    A small request. For those of us who long to be there but can’t make it, can we set a ‘gloating border” to avoid the marvellous experience – where were you syndrome?


  40. MisterIks says:

    I was convinced it was coherent English when I typed it. Sorry.

  41. daffodane says:

    No way, but I foresee about a 1000 lurkers turn up and stare at you’s

  42. hamnashida says:

    This is the most extraordinary thing. Weird extraordinary. Nice extraordinary.

    I used to live just down the road in S Wimbledon. The worst job I ever had in the world (a strong field) was in the Brown and Root tower, right there in Colliers Wood. One of the better jobs I ever had, also – playing the piano in a posh restaurant, the name of which now escapes me and which has now no doubt gone the way of all such establishments.

    Where I am now could not resemble Colliers Wood much less if it tried; in spite of the virtually irresistible temptation to see what these very funny rugby loonies actually look like, it is, to my deep regret, too far to come for a pint (or ten) – even with my grotesquely inflated salary.


  43. flankerguardian says:

    yee feckers organise a night out before the Ulster game?


  44. triskaidekaphobia says:

    Enjoy your night out – too far for me nowadays, and non-rugby commitments rule it out anyway

  45. raceofstalwarts says:

    Killer stole my entrance thunder. Yes I am definitely going. Hotel and train booked.

    How do we know who we all are when we get there? If that makes sense.

  46. titimanionga says:

    Wear respective national jerseys and try guessing from there?

  47. LarryM says:

    Already posted in the midst of another blog but I’m afraid I can no longer make this as it turns out I have a prior commitment (good friend’s stag do).

    Apologies for teasing you all with promises of my presence. I would have come as well. Got on an aeroplane and everything.

  48. killerline says:

    Currently looks like 15/16 folk. Plus a raft of maybes.

  49. Been a while folks… the day job and all that… enjoy the meet up, sure it’ll be a sober and calm affair… and on the day job front, had the pleasure of being involved in this bit of Lions marketing:

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