The Six Nations Has Landed


WALES v  IRELAND Sat 2nd Feb 13:30 Millenium Stadium

ENGLAND v  SCOTLAND Sat 2nd Feb 16:00 Twickenham

ITALY v  FRANCE Sun 3rd Feb 14:00 (UK) Stadio Olimpico

Let the hate begin

Let the hate begin

So, happy Six Nations all!

Except the English, French, Irish, Italians and Welsh.

Nothing pers’nal, just fed up with wooden cutlery.

Sag has now been dragged screaming from his keyboard

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  1. sagmog says:

    When Wales were getting horsed, Phillips was one of the guys trying to get Wales moving.
    Nobody’s as shocked and appalled about this as me.

  2. daffodane says:

    January 31, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    No Hibbard in the 23, instead Rees who doesn’t start for the Scarlets in! Thought Bevington would get the call on form, not in 23! Coombs, you heard it here first! Warburton better find his Mojo!

    It’s a team that Howley & Co think, cries out DOMINATION, based on how well they’re stats have been doing in the training camp. Then bring on more flair for when the game gets more broken up, to finish off the job.

    Unfortunately Rob, the game is going to be too far out of Wales’ reach, I see Ireland getting a tidy lead of about 18pts and Wales will fall short by about 3-7pts after an heroic comeback.

    Match report or just fed up of Gatlandball, but putting my genius to one side, I LOVE THE F**KING SIX NATIONS.

  3. gravellbalboa says:

    Well played Ireland, deserved winners.

    Howleys team talks must be the best ever cure for insomnia.

  4. beadleclawuk says:

    @sag I thought tipuric (or prophetic as my predictive text calls him) was really positive when he came as well as the others you said.

  5. Kocktopuss says:

    Wales – Phillips, Halfpenny and Toby all showed some serious class today. North and Cuthbert have abandoned any pretence at being wingers and are just battering rams. Roberts, meh. JDII a nightmare of Earlsian proportions. Warburton, yet again, out-played by the far superior Tipuric.

    Ireland – Earls had a mare playing out of position. Zebo is magnificent. Rory Best nailed on Lions hooker. Second best hooker on the pitch today was O’Brien. Irish pack got through a ferocious amount of work. Gilroy was poor. Sexton quiet enough, Murray good and Kearney needs more game time.

    And BOD – ha! What an up-yours to the people who wrote him off before this.

    Fuck you, Poite.

    Shane Horgan said it right on RTE; This Irish side today had the bludgeon and the scalpel, Wales had only the bludgeon and when the bludgeon didn’t work they struggled.

  6. tomtrumps says:

    Halfpenny excepted, I can’t see one Welsh back in the Lions XV on that performance. Clueless centres, boringly one dimensional and largely ineffective wingers. Got to feel for Halfpenny, now playing in two sides where he is the only one who looks class.

    Re Gethin, don’t know much about the front row but he was not as conspicuous as usual, bad move going to Toulon?

  7. Strictly says:

    Oh my good grief Build up started, suddenly crapping myself

  8. Utnapishtm says:

    @ Strictly
    Agreed. Bod was excellent today, but so were best, sob, zebo, ryan and healy. Just seems every good ireland performance must be credited to the legend
    Similarly almost every bad wales performance must be blamed on big mike.
    In defeat, think halfpenny and phillips did themselves proud. Faletau, coombes and tipuric and owens did well too.
    Ireland well played but wouldnt rest on laurels.

  9. sagmog says:

    I was going to put him in, but I was watching that bit of the match through a bacon sandwich, so wasn’t sure.
    Lining stomach for the hell to come.

  10. laraxwell says:

    Yes Crash..we won and we don’t have Prat again this championship….I know Rolland has his fans but Prat has far too much influence in these games

  11. Yeah I’m not a massive Phillips fan but he really stood up today when we were getting smashed. I think Wales need to think about changing the centres, I felt North and Cuthbert look bad because the passes they were getting were so poor. Rory Best was fantastic for Ireland and looks nailed on for the Lions, Sexton didn’t do so much, I think Farrell could have a good go at it against Scotland. Excited to see Visser and Maitland too, although maybe they’ll struggle for supply like the Welsh wingers. England by a score.

  12. Utnapishtm says:

    @Strictly (again)
    Sarcasm i thought

  13. Strictly says:

    Yeah, I’m no Phillips fan but he did well, as did halfpenny

    But I can’t think anymore, inverdale is bigging us up so we are bound to lose. Twat

  14. daffodane says:

    C’mon Rugby, I’m in the mood for more. Don’t care who wins the next game.

  15. Agree with you Crash and Lara that Poit was harsh on the Irish

  16. Strictly says:


    Apologies. I am extremely thick. Mea culpa. Carry on!

  17. MAn of the Match= cuthbert.

    For Ireland

  18. Off to pub now. Will drop in later arseholed

  19. Kocktopuss says:


    It’s such a relief to have Poite done with now.


    Credit too to Coombes who did very well for a guy labelled as shite before hand.

  20. laraxwell says:

    Disappointed with the Earls cameo at 12…dare I say it in defensive mode I might look to Sexton moving in to 12

  21. Curtains came down for Wales when JDII (What actually is he for?) had a three on one overlap and took three steps straight into contact with the last defender (Ferris?), then tried some half-arsed reinventing the offload with the two plaers outside him left wondering what the hell happened to the ball.

    But what a game to kick off the 6N, eh?

    Let’s hope the Calcutta Cup is halfway as good…

  22. Utnapishtm says:

    I liked howley immensely as a player but he was always a valiant loser. Getting flogged by england or aus he would grit his teeth and manufacture or score a brilliant try from the depths of despair
    As a coach it seems the same, it seems that its all method and numbers until its too late and then start too play when theres nothing to lose.

  23. rugbywreckage says:

    Nicely immuned from nerves by alcohol intake now so looking forward to this game, think we’ll be ok.

    Obviously I reserve the right to change that opinion as the game goes on.

  24. Kocktopuss says:

    Right, a combined team from the match would go, I think, something like;

    15. Halfpenny
    14. ? Every winger not called Zebo was poor today so maybe Cuthbert since he at least scored.
    13. BOD
    12. D’arcy (Ha!)
    11. Zebo.
    10. ? Neither 10 were great, tempted to go with Sexton as he didn’t get charged down and made fewer mistakes.
    9. Phillips, although Murray was good too.
    8. Toby
    7. O’Brien
    6. Tipuric
    5. Ryan
    4. McCarthy
    3. ? Ross struggled and Jones was very quiet.
    2. Best.
    1. Healy

  25. daffodane says:

    On this Australian station they keep saying ENG will meet SCO at the Millennium Stadium, and I though I was pissed.

  26. yosoy says:

    Worst thing that could have happened is having that lame comeback in the second half – it’ll only give Howley some ‘take the positives’ bollocks. And the media and Dai Public will lap it up.

  27. laraxwell says:

    Halfpenny was very influential today…gone ahead of Kearney for Lions now IMO…never thought I’d say that but he was class and has kept his chin up in a misfiring Cardiff side

  28. tomtrumps says:

    Think Wales may have to bring back Le Byrne, Halfpenny on the wing and one of the two lumps on the other. They desperately need some guile.

  29. tompirracas says:

    Ach, that was a disaster. The thing with structured play is it means nothing without speed/power on the ball and that’s what was all wrong for Wales in the first half. Bit of pace on the ball in the 2nd half and Wales looked better, with Biggar standing closer to the gainline as well. However, too little, too late.

    Ireland were sensational in the 1st half, but Wales allowed them far too much. A deserved win and Zebo’s bit of magic was sensational.

    If O’Driscoll was that good, he’d’ve been throwing the ball into the line-out. Letting O’Brien throw in suggests the great man may have lost his bottle.

  30. daffodane says:

    Eli Walker, you know it makes sense

  31. Kocktopuss says:


    A wales back three of

    15. Byrne
    14. Halfpenny
    11. Walker

    Would worry me far, far more than the one we came up against today.

    As long as Byrne doesn’t implode again anyway.

  32. laraxwell says:

    O’ Mahony was good today

  33. daffodane says:

    The Australian broadcast I’m watching is excellent, how’s Inverdale & co doing?

  34. rugbywreckage says:

    Not sure what to make of either team after that? Ireland looked good first half and Wales were clueless when not allowed to play the game they wanted, they didn’t seem to have any other options? Ireland then seemed to dramatically run out of steam and when wales WERE allowed to play their game they looked good. But they only seem to have one way of playing and I’m not sure other sides will slack off and allow them to play the way they want?

  35. Inverdale would drive me crazy if I were Scottish

  36. rugbywreckage says:

    O’ Mahony was good today

    Thought he was excellent myself, very close to MoTM for me.

  37. tompirracas says:

    Fireworks during the day annoy the fuck out of me.

    “England have to make this Fortress Twickenham going forward.” – Inverdale is a bastard.

  38. yosoy says:

    I think people calling for player x in place of y are looking beyond the fact that for 45 – when we stuck to GatlandBall – we were fucking shit. It’s only when that went out the window and we played with some desperation that we threatened at all.

    Making a few changes when playing to such a strict, obvious pattern without the personnel best suited to that tactic is not the answer. The answer lies in the fact that Howley can’t drill GatlandBall as well as Gats can. Besides, I think it’s time to move on from such shallow tactics.

    I’ll write up a much longer, more boring piece when I’m not in the mood to murder someone.

  39. Kocktopuss says:

    “England have to make this Fortress Twickenham going forward.” – Inverdale is a bastard.>/i>

    I laughed out very loud at that.

  40. sunbeamtim says:

    Tom P , what about Hooky ? only six minutes , but he looked like he had the defence guessing . Worth a try ?
    streaming all screwed , kept shutting down and having to hop channels . fortunately next ones on telly here . HERE WE GO .

  41. Kocktopuss says:

    I laughed so hard I fucked up my html-ing. Boak.

  42. tomtrumps says:

    @Crash, From the little I have seen of Walker I’d include him, just picked one of the lumps assuming he’ll be injured. But that does look more menacing yes

  43. karl1976 says:

    Lovely result for ireland. GS still on then.

    Haskell trying to DOMINATE the anthem there…

  44. Bioface says:

    Oh the FEAR! Can’t get the thought of Rolland and uncontested scrums out of my head – watched Saxons while pissed on semi fast forward last night. Congrats Scot A BTW.

  45. tompirracas says:

    Ah, Guscott – “Scotland have more to lose. Their pride.” Allez les bleus!

  46. RedWyrm says:

    Afternoon gang. Just wanted to say congratulations to Ireland — a well deserved and canny victory. Good on you!

  47. daffodane says:

    WTF is Brian Moore talking about, has he had a bet he would say all those words. Cleaned up Bri?

  48. gravellbalboa says:

    My FEAR is the Howley and co will be taking ‘the positives’ out of that match, and will conclude that the game plan is worth sticking with.

    In some ways, it would have been better if Ireland had gone on to a romping victory- at least things might have changed.

  49. Kocktopuss says:

    Jump on to the new blog, lads.

  50. MisterIks says:

    Who was the poster who said it would 35-all in a cracking game with a half-time streak from KAtherine Jenkins, and the beeb would switch immediately to talking about England? VEry prophetic, except the streak only took place in my head.

    Anyway, home to watch game two.

  51. Piperboy says:

    Death to the coach-watch
    Deccie-watchers will be the happier with a potentially disastrous win almost dragged away by a narcoleptic last half-hour
    Howley-followers will be disappointed that a clear-cut, disastrous loss has turned into a ‘focus on the positives’ narrative.

  52. sunbeamtim says:

    Who the fuck are the team in white ?

  53. sunbeamtim says:

    Knighthood for Mike Catt , great passing from the England backs , real zip in Youngs and Faz passing , 36 looks like he has all the time in the world . Scots doing fantastically of zero ball , could still go either way , but if I was Scottish , i would be worried about England finishing off all those holes they are finding .

  54. Strictly says:

    Happy happy happy

    ThoUght Scotland threatened and looked good in places, and there will be several scots on that plane

    But oh yeah, England. I love my boys. I lOve 36, love fax love Robshaw. And live the hask. There. I said it

  55. Strictly says:

    Ahem LOVE the Hask


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