England -v- Scotland: Vote for your MOTM

Well, that’s the Calcutta Cup sorted. Being nice chaps, we’re giving you the chance to vote for your man of the match, thereby ignoring the idiocy of the professional pundits.

Get voting!

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628 Responses to England -v- Scotland: Vote for your MOTM

  1. killerline says:

    Ah Snoop good call son.

  2. therealbennyblanco says:

    Benny’s Lions XV based on weekend form:

    Cole (c)

  3. killerline says:

    It should just be the England team but even I, a mighty Englishman, don’t have the heart to disappoint everyone this far out.

  4. firstdifference says:

    @ Killer

    You mean the team that lost to an injury riddled Australia? A game featuring Michael Hooper, the only decent 7 with an English father, making Robshaw look like the average player he is. Yes, please.*

    *counter trolling on behalf of absent Celts.

  5. elsnoopio says:

    Yup, the team that masterfully carried out Operation: Keep Dingo in a Job.
    That’s the one.

  6. killerline says:

    The rugby world was shocked by that game FD. As my best mate EBT might say: normal service is henceforth resumed.

  7. killerline says:

    That was Australia’s world cup final FD. Hardly directly relevant.

  8. killerline says:

    And with that the blog is deserted…

    Women, children and useless barely-club-standard out-halves to the fecking lifeboats.

  9. firstdifference says:

    That was Australia’s world cup final FD. Hardly directly relevant.

    Only because losing to a team as pathetic and weak as the current England side would have been so shameful they could never return home.

    Nope, still here, but with half an eye on the Super bowl.

  10. killerline says:

    Seriously Lara, unless any of your boys are trained pilots…

    …their presence on the plane would be an affront to me personally and everything I know about the game.

  11. killerline says:

    Take over would you FD?

    Off to bed.

  12. i thinks the Dr Killer may need a panadol or two in the mornin

  13. firstdifference says:

    Go Baltimore. Doing an Italy here.

  14. I suggest Dr Killer takes some


    panadol in t’morrow, I offer my size 11’s in replacement for vasoline

  15. avsfan says:

    I know he’s gone to bed already, but 36 nailed on for the Lions after one game? Killer, thou dost troll, methinks.

  16. avsfan says:

    I hope the 49ers can make a game of it on the 2nd three hours. I am heartily sick of Ray Lewis thanking Dog for everything and blubbing everywhere. I hope he (Dog) lets him get a sniff, then snatches it away from him at the last second, saying ‘Fuck you, sinner.’

  17. Nah, Baltimore needs this win more than San Fran. Despite Ray Lewis’s obnoxiousness.

  18. 11 seconds to go 109 yards for the touch down according to the commentary.

  19. A league record distance for a kick return. Blog steal.

  20. I normally constrain myself given my temporal advantage, but that seemed legitimate to me.

  21. Blackout at the stadium. Ah, New Orleans, so run down and shitty, but so much fun.

  22. meadesian says:

    Just been woken by ludicrously high winds. I should have stayed up and watched the Superbowl after all, sounds like a classic.

  23. firstdifference says:

    @ meades

    Definitely, exciting. I have friends from Baltimore, big Ravens fans, I was worried they wouldn’t survive the stress.

  24. avsfan says:

    Arse. Lost my bet. That result cost me a breakfast burrito. T’was a good ‘un though. I’m glad the 49ers decided to make a game of it.

  25. daffodane says:

    I quite enjoyed the O’s v Quins in the LV=Cup last night. It was a contest until the end. Good to see a fairly good crowd down at the Brewery Field also. Think the O’s should ditch the Liberty with all the schmaltz that goes with it, and rotate games between the partners grounds in the region.

    Watched Ire v Wal again, still don’t see that Phillips had a good game at all, too slow and lazy in the first half, walked himself to a standstill.

    The second half shows that Wal can be dangerous. Before the start of the 6N, thought they would lose to Ire & Fra, but after Fra defeat yesterday, roll out the old cliche, it all depends which Fra turns up. With it looking like Pape is injured, Dusautoir captain again? The french back row were poor yesterday except for Louis Picamoles, Wal can match them in that department, but not if they go for two 7’s, Tipuric on the bench again?

    Eng too close to call, at home last game of the tournament, still quite confident that one will be an upset.

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