Only Two Sleeps ’til Round Two


Yes, last weekend produced some cartoon-ish performances. Hullo les Bleus, and we’re looking at you, too, Welshmen, especially in the first half.

Wales’ consecutive loss record stands at 10. Can they avoid a 9th? Can Italy stun even their tifosi piu’ appassionati with another trionfo at Murrayfield?

Ireland-v-England---RBS-6-001Will the Hask be left to do his best Alex Cuthbert impression in Dublin?

Two sleeps. Count ’em.

We’re stocking up on Horlicks.

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  1. Kocktopuss says:

    Right. I have to go teach some youngsters about politics

    You’ve probably already gone, Rachel, but I thought you were a scientician?!!

  2. Didn’t she claim politics was a science?

    *pokes sag with stick*

  3. daffodane says:

    Didn’t they turn pong into a film, Wimbledon?

    Still haven’t bought FM2013, one of my better new year resolutions.
    And still why don’t they come up with a good rugby managemnt sim?

  4. LarryM says:

    Ireland unchanged:

    Healy, Best, Ross
    McCarthy, Ryan
    O’Mahony, Heaslip, O’Brien
    Zebo, D’Arcy, BOD, Gilroy

    B: Cronin, Kilcoyne, Fitzpatrick, O’Callaghan, Henry, Reddan, Rog, Earls

  5. And still why don’t they come up with a good rugby managemnt sim

    Niche market, probably.

    Although they could port one of the football ones over.

  6. OnlyoneT says:

    @rossb – you on dev side? You guys are always on crunch!

    @MVML – exactly how i see it, which means it’s never going to unfold that way. Rule of T

  7. CupidStunt says:


    That seems harsh. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a bit of a journeyman, but he’s a genuine ball carrier, which is something we now lack.

  8. sagmog says:

    Didn’t she claim politics was a science?

    Was she not referring to “Political Science”?
    i.e., not science.

    I think it may be HASK TIME™.

  9. OK. I’ll go and activate him.

  10. MichaelVaughanMyLord says:

    Yip, clearly England will race into a 20 point lead, Ireland will claw it back to 2 and Sexton will have a pen from the half way line to win it …

    Just typing that actually made me feel sick.

  11. hamnash1da says:

    Didn’t she claim politics was a science?

    Was she not referring to “Political Science”?
    i.e., not science.

    I distinctly remember there being a reference to a laboratory, or test tubes, or something (it was while she was rabitting about (a) having a cold (b) Cambridge losing to Oxford in the Varsity Match). She’s probably one of those geniuses – three PhDs in unrelated disciplines by the age of 15.

  12. Kocktopuss says:

    C’mon lads, you all know that come Sunday Tovlogic will be in effect. If England go even a point behind they’ll lose because England don’t have enough fight in them to do a Wales and make a heroic yet futile come back…

  13. OnlyoneT says:

    The problem with Rugby is there are too many variables that each individual player, can do which means the adaption to video game is bloody hard or more accurately impossible. The last Jonah Lomu’s was pretty good. A management game could work, although given the nature of the transfer system vs football this might well be dull. I fear that unless some clever bugger has already made a Mod for FM13 it will never happen

    But i don’t expect to see many more Rugby games as the cost of making games rise the audience & markets for Rugby games are too small to break even let alone turn a profit.

  14. Shibui says:

    Rachel, surely even Deccie wouldn’t bring on Earls at 12 against an England side fielding Manu on purpose? Or are you saying that D’Arcy is sure to break/tire?

    Surely the more likely nightmare scenario involves ROG being brought on to score a last minute winning drop-goal only to be flattened by Manu or kick the ball aimlessly into touch, thus undoing an Irish second wind and handing England victory?

    In all seriousness, Ireland have every chance of winning on Sunday. For all its qualities this England side haven’t, save against Scotland and Italy last year, shown much of a capacity for winning tight games. They’ve tended to either win comfortably or fall at the final furlong. A couple of sustained periods of Ireland pressure and some tight defending will see you home. This is especially true given the absence of Morgan and a fully fit Manu. This match will be like the second test in SA if Ireland fall of the pace and much worse if they don’t.

    Keep tight discipline at the breakdown whilst slowing their ball down and you’ll be fine; try too hard to force things and let Garces and Farrell administer a death by a thousand cuts and you won’t.

    The game will be won by whichever side stays smart and focussed.

    It’s Carwyn James’ old dictum: ‘Think, think, think.’

  15. Kocktopuss says:


    I distinctly remember references to lab equipment as well.

    Maybe she’s double-jobbing?

  16. rossb says:

    @OnlyoneT We’re weird. We develop our own games under one name and also publish Japanese games under another.

  17. Karl1976 says:

    I don’t think you could do a decent rugby sim. There are people like us here who debate its intricacies and claim some understanding* of the game, and your average 6N punter who watches and likes to see their country win. I don’t think you could simplify it down enough to make it palatable for the second group and not make it look ridiculously simple for the first group.

    I don’t even know what would be more complicated, to code a rugby management sim or a rugby gameplay sim. And it would be too niche to get any kind of development budget in the way that a football one might.

  18. firstdifference says:

    Rachel is a political scientist, with a focus on international relations. That said, you can study aspects of international relations in a lab.

  19. LarryM says:

    @MVML – two of our recent wins in Twickenham have involved us scoring tries very late on. Don’t think that’s a correct analysis at all. And two years ago the game was won after half an hour and, while our intensity and concentration levels dropped thereafter, we still won the second half, even with the standard Reddan freebie.

  20. flankerguardian says:

    Larry – recent Ireland v England games have all followed the same pattern – Ireland come out steaming, England fold under pressure, game over in 20 minutes. Ireland did not maintain the same level of intensity for 80 minutes in the recent drubbings (I think England won the 2nd half in 2011 with Steve Thompson’s comedy run in from the 10 metre line).

    I am not saying Ireland are back to their 1990s levels, I am saying that England should expect a sh!t storm for the first 20-30 minutes. If they can cope with that then I think Ireland’s intensity will drop, with half time being a natural punctuation in the game, and England’s stronger bench could make the difference.

    I fear a fair amount of rewriting the history books is afoot here. For example, the last game in Dublin Ireland were all over England well into the second half – but that’s suddenly been transposed into a 20-30 minute period??

    I get the general point though, as epitomised in last week’s weird performance. But looking back at certain games we’ve played of late (the defeats of Australia and Italy at the world cup, the 3point loss to the AllBlacks in the summer, many of the recent victories against England) we can keep up the intenisty for the whole 80. The trouble is we could just as easliy play a game of 2 halves, or the old 60/20 split of yore.

    So to recap, I think the above analysis is way over the top but the fear I have is about our lack of consistency, both from one game to the next and within a game.

    However, I’ll just hope for one of those defining 80-minute performances this weekend!

  21. CupidStunt says:

    Just to remind you folks, last time England played Ireland in Dublin, we won.

  22. CupidStunt says:

    Am sure England actually did win the 2nd half in the Drublin of 2011…

  23. flankerguardian says:

    cupid stunt, last time in dublin:

    1st 40 – Ireland 17 – 3 England
    2nd 40 – Ireland 7 – 5 England

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