Scotland -v- Italy: Vote for your MOTM

scotlanditalyYou know the result. We don’t at the time of writing. Maybe it’s time to draft in Doctor Who to do this stuff.

Or not. He’d only come back in time and blab who wins and by how much before kick-off. Plus the official MOTM, try scorers, try assists, cards and whatnot. Play havoc with SuperBru and the Fantasy Rugby. On t’other hand, it would put Sag out of his misery.

Go feck yourself, Doctor Who. Spoilsport.

In the meantime, vote for your MOTM.

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469 Responses to Scotland -v- Italy: Vote for your MOTM

  1. titimanionga says:

    Bio – I believe the squeak at the end finished with a ‘numbers!’

  2. titimanionga says:

    Munster 15-3 up in Musgrave Park

  3. Bioface says:

    Claw – have a 1000 recommends!

  4. titimanionga says:

    18-3 Munster – Bio; it really is quite something, isn’t it?

  5. Bioface says:

    Explains why hippos are the most dangerous animals in Africa – you wouldn’t want to be downwind of that.

  6. titimanionga says:

    CJ Stander has just followed up a kick and chase to go over under the posts, 25-3

  7. avsfan says:

    @ fd: I read the result. Looks like it was another defense-optional game.

    I’m hoping Rene Ranger has a big season. 13 is his best position, if he could just generate some consistency.

    Looking forward to seeing Folau play, although hopefully not too well 🙂

  8. titimanionga says:

    Shows what a diet of refried beans and pickled onions can do, Bio

  9. donchuffo says:

    Just got back to hotel, crap match, great result, state de France worst stadium I have even been to
    Wales now nailed on for championship

    May not be true

  10. avsfan says:

    Jeez, that hippo must have felt good. Reminds me of that scene from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, when he crawls out the ass of the mechanical hippo.

  11. firstdifference says:


    Not quite as bad as the Hurricanes-Rebels, 47-45 was the final result.

  12. Baldy says:

    47-45 fuck man when will these basketball players learn?!

  13. Borderboy says:

    Ach well, Edimbra showing that normal Scottish service has been resumed. Glasgow play tomorrow? Hopefully do better than that.

  14. titimanionga says:

    AVS – I think it is fair to say Mr Ventura would have expired if he tried to enter or indeed exit that particular fundament.

    Oh, just finished in Musgrave: 30-3 to Munster.

  15. dovahkin says:

    Congrats to wales snd Scotland. Wales to have big say in where the championship ends up now, which will be Ireland. France will be lethal next round now they’ve hit rock bottom and might pick a sensible team.

    Scotland back three yhe big difference between the sides earlier, but what a difference!

  16. avsfan says:

    The Scottish pack had a bit of the mongrel about them today also, which was a change from last week. I thought Richie Gray had a big game, plenty of tackles, hitting rucks etc.

  17. avsfan says:

    Second post today to just disappear into the ether. Never mind. Wanted to say that the Scottish pack had some mongrel about them today, unlike last week, and Richie Gray got himself about very well.

  18. avsfan says:

    Oh well, take your pick.

  19. titimanionga says:

    Can’t steal this.

  20. davidpuddy says:

    Getting in the mood….

  21. turduckenshoot says:

    gah Evans has a mare and quins lose

  22. Borderboy says:

    Right, I’m off to beddy-byes. Great from Scotland, nice to see us getting the breaks (Hogg’s try) for once. Too often in the past Italy would have run that ball in and gained momentum to beat us, but they didn’t (Yay!). Wales-France – awful game, but Wales probably just deserved to win and North took his try well. Tomorrow will be a different kettle of boiled haddock I think. I suspect that it will be a better quality game than either of the games today (although Scotland-Italy was an exciting match, I think. I was too nervous to really pay attention) and I’ve gone for an England win and I’ll keep to that, but best of luck to both the Irish and English posters on here.

  23. dovahkin says:

    Thought this week and last that gray was a little brainless in some of his breakdown work giving away a couple of silly penalties

  24. brookter says:

    Well done Scotland and Wales!

    The first match was a lot better to watch for a neutral:the Welsh one was awful, but it’s not as though England haven’t ground out their fair share of ugly wins, so I’m not going to suggest the Welsh shouldn’t be revelling in victory now… Enjoy.

    And bloody London Irish won with a BP so Sale are 5pts adrift again. Bugger.

  25. RedWyrm says:

    Jesus Christ you lot. I’m just reading through the posts about the France-Wales game and most of the comments are painful. Fucksake.

  26. sunbeamtim says:

    Nesting police alert- Claw is at it now .

  27. titimanionga says:

    Sunbeam – it was only to lure another one over here. Nesting still is bad, as are most of the comments on that BTL.

  28. RedWyrm says:

    Well done Scotland: very enjoyable. Well done Wales: breaking an eight game losing streak in Paris, with Howley as the coach. Hope Ireland v England is a good game tomorrow.

  29. RedWyrm says:

    Right, I don’t have much more to add. It will certainly be interesting to see how the championship unfolds now. While it was nice to finally win, I regret reading through the backlog of posts here, most of which were “what a pile of shit”. Bummer.

  30. Underdog says:

    It was a really crap game, Wyrm. But I think most people can understand why Wales were so timid. France… less so.

  31. sunbeamtim says:

    Sorry Claw , but a nest is a nest .Black or white , no shades of gray .

    Interesting comment from Gabriel G on the Graun blog , apparently the turf was only laid last Wednesday .If I had paid a couple of hundred quid for a trip to Paris that would piss me off .

  32. titimanionga says:

    Apologies, Sunbeam, won’t happen again.

    That bit about the turf is mad.

  33. sunbeamtim says:

    Wyrm , lots of positives for you lot . 1/2 P superb as usual , back five of the pack were really good , Philips looks in good nick , Biggar settling in , North looking a little more like himself . Defence solid as ever too . I am sure that the game was ruined by the pitch .

  34. sunbeamtim says:

    Forgiven , Claw . Dont do it again , or Killer will give you a bunch of press ups to do .

  35. sunbeamtim says:

    In the interests of accuracy , may have read the turf bit wrong , was laid for the soccer match last Wednesday , so could have been down a few days earlier . Still bonkers .

  36. laraxwell says:

    Jim Hamilton has lovely tattoo
    He’s nailed on too

  37. laraxwell says:

    Congratulations to Wales and Scotland!
    Expected Scotland to win
    Didn’t think France would throw two turd consecutive performances in this championship.
    I though PSA would be a fountain of sense post Lievrement but seems all French coaches are mentlers and it takes a mutiny to get this French team to play with soul.
    Lest I forget, this is the country that loses to Tonga in the WC but goes on to nearly beat the Abs in the final.
    Still, I feel sorry for flair and his people but perhaps, as he mooted in his ATL, this result might be a sacrifice for the greater good?
    Only saw snippets of both games (at a 3year old’s Birthday party) but Tranny Duck’s missed attempt at a drop goal without a penalty advantage and with an overlap just beggars belief.
    The french players look paralysed by fear and few seem to know what their roles are.
    Yes Michelak was poor but Huget looked hopeless
    Wonderful piece of finishing by North

  38. killerline says:

    So it’s Ireland England tomorrow…

    See you all in about a week.

  39. killerline says:


    Don’t take comments to heart.

    I think most folk were perplexed by France and especially a lacklustre Freddie M.

    We all know Wales would take any kind of win today and, while the game wasn’t full of quality, it has to be said they came up with some quality when it mattered.

  40. meadesian says:

    Second that Killer – I didn’t sense any disgruntlement at Wales, or an unwillingness to recognise the importance/value of the result. Wales were the better side over 80 minutes – that’s what wins matches.

    As you say, the comments on here, mine among them, reflected the disappointment that France were so very poor. Not sure it’s fear they’re paralysed by, though don’t have an alternative theory.

    Oh well, looks like I will be sporting either my Finland Rugby shirt, or my Oslo Rugby Klubb polo shirt, for the BTL outing.

  41. firstdifference says:

    but seems all French coaches are mentlers

    You do have to wonder what it is about the French club system that produces coaches with this bizarre attitude to selection and strategy. Assuming, of course, that there is some logic behind it.

  42. CupidStunt says:

    Just had a look on the Graun. Good lord!

  43. meadesian says:

    Don’t do it Cupid. It’s safe here. There’s nightwatchmen and everyfink.

  44. laraxwell says:

    The fear comment was a reference to a comment made by Thomas Castaignede in conversation with Keith Wood. Agree wrt Killer comment above -Helluva result for Wales to win in Paris after the loss run.

    Weather forecast is real real bad for tomorrow
    It’ll rain cats n’ dogs n’ muppets
    Gonna have to get belly full of stout in to prevent Hypothermia

  45. meadesian says:

    There’s something wrong in their heads Lara. They shouldn’t be playing with fear, alright they had a bad defeat against Italy, but the mindset today should have been about vengeance.. I think that if they are playing with fear it has to come from insecurity and a nervousness about what they’re trying to do – and I think that has to come from the coaching.

    Bellyful of stout…or just wear an extra jumper. No? Ok.

  46. avsfan says:

    Gonna have to get belly full of stout in to prevent Hypothermia

    I am confident you will be up to the task.

  47. meadesian says:

    Indeed Avs. I think we can all sleep soundly, free of worry about the welfare of muppets, tonight.

  48. tompirracas says:

    So, Ireland under 20s defeated England Under 20s, Ireland women won against England, Ireland’s Club XV beat England Counties, England’s 7s team lost all three group games at the Las Vegas round of the World Series (they did beat the Aussies in the bowl quarter final). Can the England team regain some pride for the land of the Red Rose?

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