Ireland -v- England: Vote for your MOTM


Those were the days my friend
We thought they’d never end
We’d sing and dance forever and a day
We’d live the life we choose
We’d fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way.
La la la la…

All right, move along. Nothing to see here except a bit of misty-eyed nostalgia for the days when threepence went a dang dang dang long way.

Haskell’s IP has been logged and his votes for DOMINATE for MOTM will be banhammered.

Get to it, you others.

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  1. Chekhovian says:

    Bathe in the magnificence of this WLFer named BigWilly (seriously) on 606v2.

    “Italy shouldn’t be a problem now, then a tough win in Scotland will mean Wales denying England of the GS in Cardiff and possibly to take the title if France turn up in London next week (which they might do)”

    He also picked Hibbard as the starting Lions hooker.

  2. Baldy says:

    The problem for commentators/pundits is that back in the day, that was what you did or what was dont to you..

    Prop in binding illegally, ref wont do anything.. uppercut..

    Flanker is binding you into the scrum.. forearm whack etc. Flanker lying on the ball.. shoeing.. flanker doing whatever flankers do = kick the shit out of them.

    So they very obviously find it very difficult to be objective and criticise something the themselves have done or would do.

    Brian moore, again, is the best at this because you know he isnt biased towards his team (and jiffy,wood, Nichol all obviously are) but also because he is very straight up that the problem in the modern game is not necessarily the action… its that the 10mins sin bin or two game ban or whatever will cost your team and is stupid.

    Still had moore calling the handbags pathetic and suggesting they should either get down to it or shut up, but you’ve gotta be straight up.

    Healy got the red mist. I have no doubt the irish front row were seriosuly stoked after last years result and wanted revenge, and they acquitted themselves very well, but healy wasnt his normal self and lost it a bit.

    Have to say, that is probably the only game where i can remember watching healy and not thinking he was consistently brilliant. Thought Marler was better, cant remember the last time i thought a LH outperformaned healy.,

  3. Shibui says:

    Well, all being well I’d have Wood/Toby/Robshaw with SOB on the bench. No Robshaw or no Wood would see me bring in Brown as a near like-for-like replacement and keep SOB on the bench for the option of a tactical change. Brown can cover all three positions on the bench if SOB takes a knock.

    A dirt-tracker back row of Lydiate or Ferris, Brown and A.N. Other eighthman with whichever of Lydiate or Ferris didn’t make it on the bench isn’t half bad.

    If we end up with multiple injuries then obviously you’d be calling Tipuric in as a replacement, but there are still plenty of potentially excellent back rows without him.

    Wood/Toby/Robshaw with SOB on the bench
    Brown/Toby/Robshaw with SOB on the bench
    Wood/Toby/Brown with SOB in the bench
    Lydiate/Toby/Brown with SOB on the bench
    Lydiate/Toby/SOB with Ferris on the bench
    Lydiate/Toby/Wood with Ferris on the bench

    etc. etc.

    I can see that the contentious part of my argument is the assumption that Brown and Wood, if partnered with the right blindside and number eight, can make more than serviceable opensides. I don’t really want to re-open the ‘proper’ seven question, suffice it to say that I think if you have enough people across the team who can contest at the breakdown, clear out the rucks, make tackles etc. you don’t need a ‘jackal’ if you haven’t got one who isn’t better than all the other options available. So, obviously if we had Pocock or Hooper or McCaw or an in-form Dusautoir, or even Warburton in his World Cup form, then maybe you’d build your back row around them. On the evidence of the autumn, the Six Nations so far, the summer tours etc. (O’Brien was mighty in that second Test against NZ) I’d say that it was relatively uncontroversial to assert that 1. The Home Nations don’t have an outstanding player in the mould of Pocock/McCaw and 2. There are a number of ways in which you can address that problem with the players we do have without selecting the next best thing just because he looks the part. I like Tipuric a lot, but until I see a great run of form in which he not only makes a telling contribution but also doesn’t suffer for lack of physicality, etc., then I’m not taking him instead of someone equally or better qualified. Even if we’re talking specialist opensides I’d have Rennie on at least level pegging with Tipuric if fit and firing. There’s plenty of time for things to change, though.

  4. “Italy shouldn’t be a problem now, then a tough win in Scotland will mean Wales denying England of the GS in Cardiff and possibly to take the title if France turn up in London next week (which they might do)”

    I hope France do turn up in London next week……The game isn’t until the week after.

  5. Pundit watch:

    Bad Week: Wood, Jiffy, Gustwatt, M. Williams, Cotter, Nichol,

    OK Week: Dayglo (unbelievably), Moore.

    Not a great week for the punducracy

  6. daffodane says:

    karl as I wrote earlier, I’m not condoning his actions, I’ve been rucked and been stamped on, I know the difference. I just thought it was too early in the game for Healy to be venting his frustrations and might be a premeditated act of violence? One to put a marker down that they were not going to take nonsense at the breakdown, two, as baldy says, to injure his opponent in the next scrum, which I hope it wasn’t. It just seemed a little out of place for Healy, who is a class act in himself at scrum time.

  7. sunbeamtim says:

    Watched the first half again , to see just how badly Sexton played , and , well , he didnt . Made some really good touch finders, and good kicking in general . Outside him , there was a lot of droping going on , and the English defence was up really quick , but I didnt see him do anything really stupid .In fact i thought he looked more comfortable than Farrell . Healy , on the other hand , was totally out of control .Aside from the stamp , which was after the ball was in Murrays hands , just before he cleared out Tom Youngs with a forearm smash , and then tried to throttle him at the bottom of the ruck , he also pulled Dan Cole out of a maul from behind , by his face . He was really lucky to stay on .

  8. dermott says:

    Okay, folks, I think it’s time to put this blog to sleep, put a new one up, and let you enjoy Beadleclaw’s lovely tribute to Sean O’Brien, revealing a side of SOB we knew nothing about:

  9. Archie says:

    Moore is always good value. Cotter got dragged down a little I think.

    Have you seen The Torygraph today? Gallagher says England’s strongest centre-partnership is Manu-Barritt for France.

    And his Lions team:
    Stuart Hogg (Scotland)
    Chris Ashton (England)
    Brian O’Driscoll (Ireland, capt)
    Manu Tuilagi (England)
    Simon Zebo (Ireland) George North (Wales) if Zebo not fit.
    Jonny Sexton (Ireland)
    Ben Youngs (England)
    Joe Marler (England)
    Rory Best (Ireland)
    Dan Cole (England)
    Donnacha Ryan (Ireland)
    Joe Launchbury (England)
    Tom Wood (England)
    Chris Robshaw (England)
    Toby Faletau (Wales)

  10. PlanetoftheChimps says:

    France, in all likelihood are going to be 0 from 3 in 2 weeks time

    Considering I thought they’d win the thing I’m quite disturbed at:

    1. how wrong I can be (borne out by my impressive showing on the ESPN league, saved from the bottom only by yosoy who I suspect is doing it on purpose)
    2. how they’ve gone from winning all the AIs to utter mince in just a few short months. Must have been a big present of crazy pills for the entire FFR at crimbo.

  11. Karl1976 says:

    sorry daff, got the wrong end of the stick there then.

  12. flaviafamkesandwich says:

    fee fi fo fum

    I smell a paddock dweller


  13. titimanionga says:


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