The Loneliness of the Long Distance Connacht Fan – Part III

Connacht-celebrate630Resident BTL Weshtie Droptheclaw wraps up his three-part analysis of masochism

The Connacht fans’ hope has gradually been rewarded.

In fact, the replacement of Warren Gatland and his thirteen-man lineout – yes, Howley only copied what Gatland first did for us –

13manlineout– with Steph Nel, Michael Bradley and finally Eric Elwood has provided the long-suffering Connacht fan with some magical moments.

We were the first Irish province to win in France or England (beating Bordeaux-Bégles and Northampton Saints in ’97), with a semi-final appearance in the European Challenge Cup in 2005.

Successive appearances in the group stages of Europe’s finest club competition, the Heineken Cup, with wins in Galway against Biarritz, and famously, Harelquins, have given a tempting taste of what might lie ahead for Connacht. The underdog coming good.

Jaysus, were the circa 1st Century A.D. Táin Bó Cuailnge – Cattle Raid of Cooley – to crop up today, we Connacht folk might even fancy our chances of reversing the 1st Century result, kicking Cú Chulainn’s Ulster arse all the way back north where it came from.

Feck off back to Ulster you Ulster ponce!

Feck off back to Ulster yer Ulster ponce!

Rugby is now, finally, on the up in the west. Over the last five years it has had the largest growth in underage and schools participation in Ireland. It’s even making inroads into the staunchest bastions of Gaelic Games throughout Connacht’s Irish-speaking heartland, An Gaeltacht. The suspicious murmurs are being replaced with more receptive noises.

"I've heard talk of this game where you get to stick yer head up a fat fella's arse.""Sounds a shiteload more fun than beltin' a ball round with a pizza

“I’ve heard talk of this game where you get to stick yer head up a fat fella’s arse.”
“I’m up for it. Does the pizzeria want these things back?”

The steps are slow but in the right direction, a pattern which looks likely to continue with the appointment of Pat Lam as head coach to replace the now-legendary Eric Elwood.

Solid Gold Connacht Rugby Legend

Solid Gold Connacht Rugby Legend

Lam has already been instrumental in attracting Waikato Chiefs captain Craig Clarke to the west of Ireland, and rumours abound that more quality players will come to The Sportsground –

The scene today at the Sportsground 3/12/2010– our creaking old cathedral of rugby and greyhound racing, perched up on the top of College Road and facing all the Atlantic has to offer with usually predictable results.

localconditionsIt’s also the home of we fans who Front Up and Rise Up.

frontupYes, Pat Lam is looking to do the strangest of things for us: turn Béal Bocht – a poor mouth – into a hopeful one.

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