Let’s Start Talking About The Grand Slam


Too soon?


There are other games going on this weekend, but, let’s be honest, the championship is sewn up, the only pertinent question remaining is – will England get the Grand Slam?

It really is a waste of time and ink to discuss what’s happening this weekend.

Next weekend is all that matters now.

Serena was very excited about this new revenue stream.

Serena was very excited about this new revenue stream.

So, it’s all in the hands of the Welsh.

Assuming they wallop Scotland as expected, confidence should be high.

It won’t be enough though, Cardiff’s hardly a fortress these days and a win against Scotland the week before isn’t a stern enough test to prepare them for the arrival of a DOMINANT England.

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That’s everything all sorted out then.

How was the Six Nations 2013 for you?

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440 Responses to Let’s Start Talking About The Grand Slam

  1. dermott says:

    Who’s the useless gnome playing 10 for Scotland? One nice chip kick, one nice kick for touch, and otherwise nothing.

  2. Borderboy says:

    AT LAST!!! See what happens when we actually have some ball??

  3. refitman says:

    Scotland have suddenly remembered how to run! Seems to be effective, why did no one think of this before?

  4. Onlyonet says:

    Ohhhh look some rug… Oh another penalty

  5. avsfan says:

    Scotland doing a great job of winding down the clock.

  6. Droptheclaw says:

    Bit late with issuing a card there, Craig

  7. meadesian says:

    Scotland: dumb as f*ck.

  8. killerline says:

    Joubert on a wedge. Still Scotland toothless…

  9. mrgreysuit says:

    Jiffys just had a crisis when announcing the MotM.

  10. avsfan says:

    C’mon Joubert. You’ve got one more blow of the whistle in you. Put us all out of our misery.

  11. Utnapishtm says:

    Fair call on Motm i thought. Good comeback from Warburton

  12. jojoab says:

    Warbs man of the match? Well that game was dire.

  13. Onlyonet says:

    Fitting end to a shit match.

  14. Strictly says:


  15. Borderboy says:

    Well done Wales. You played well, you played the ref well and we didn’t start playing until it was too late. Why can’t we do that earlier in the game?

  16. Wolfie says:

    Wales too experienced and too smart for Scotland, SCottish forwards, esp. Murray and HAmilton brainless in first half – points resulted.
    Good games foe Warbs. H’penny; much vaunted Scottish backs not impressed. Wales backs often offside.
    Wales look good for a big game against England

  17. gravellbalboa says:

    Will another boring Wales game. Wish we had played with a bit more ambition, Scotland looked second best at the breakdown, a few tap penalties and the points difference with England may have been eaten into.

    Ho hum, but a wins a win

  18. Chekhovian says:

    Utterly brainless from Scotland. Didnt keep the ball, didnt use it properly when we did have it. I blame you overdoggers.

  19. sagmog says:

    At least I can now enjoy a bacon sandwich.
    What an utter pile of arse.
    Chris Paterson is Welsh.

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