Ireland -v- France – Vote for your MOTM

239353028_f88ee1e9c6That’s how it looked between them in 1925.

Colostomy Ron’s great-grandfather falling off a tackle as the French stampede for the line. The great-grandson couldn’t repeat the dose yesterday for obvious reasons but no doubt would’ve if he could’ve.

Who was your MOTM in Dublin? We haven’t included options for Deccie or PSA. The poll software wouldn’t cope with the avalanche of ironic votes.

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644 Responses to Ireland -v- France – Vote for your MOTM

  1. Mrgreysuit says:



    That’s kind of like a set of entry requirements for this blog really, isn’t it.

    “You want to see Sheridan recalled, sir? You quite like some pre-match “entertainment”? I’m sorry sir, we don’t let your kind in here.”

    All said by a ginger Scotsman with control issues.

  2. But I want rabid, frothing at the mouth loathing come 2015 , ok?

    I will make sure I am off my meds just for this purpose.

  3. Where’d everyone go? I promise I don’t really hate you or feel any sort of contempt.

  4. Sucker, I drew you back with my false remorse. Now my contempt is even greater.

  5. mrgreysuit says:

    Are you sure you’re a real aussie FD. You don’t seem self-confident enough. šŸ˜ƒ

  6. mrgreysuit says:

    Killer, for a robot you seem to be making some oddly human errors. So you need an upgrade?

  7. Onlyonet says:

    Wow that was piss poor. Trouble with 4th and 5th weeks is teams are analysed to death and slammed shut not that it excuses England as far as I’m aware they didn’t even get that far.

    Poor mike Brown hasn’t missed as many tackles this season as he did in the 2nd half. Flood and Goode look like they didn’t even know the other existed. Pluses for me were Vunipola and the fact that Farrell, youngs and Morgan are back next week. For a man With 60 caps Flood shows the leadership of a player with his first cap.

  8. sagmog says:

    All said by a ginger Scotsman with control issues.

    As there is only one Scotsman with control issues floating about with mod privileges, one assumes the worst here.
    As proved repeatedly (it was the fucking lights), I’m not ginger.

  9. Gah, stuck next to two comp lit grad students in a coffee shop, if someone offered me the option of going permanently deaf right now I would take them up on their offer.

  10. RedWyrm says:

    As proved repeatedly (it was the fucking lights), Iā€™m not ginger.

    If I was more gifted with words, I would try to make something appropriate out of the following words: “doth lady methinks much protest the too”. Unfortunately, I’m not.

    Not rating the England-Italy game terribly highly, thus far, by the way.

  11. mrgreysuit says:


    We did try and warn you

    If you don’t think what Flood/Goode did as butchers was entertaining, imagine how the rest of us felt when North forgot to pass yesterday (albeit, he did at least recycle)

  12. I’m done with work for now. Off to get some ramen, Kare-age and beer. I will then resume my effort to overhaul Killer as most prolific commentator.

  13. tichtheid says:

    I wish I was ginger, ginger is good.

    A question for the beeceecletists among us; when I was young, waaaaaay back then, it was all things Campagnolo that was deemed good. Nowadays there seems to be more options. I want to build a decent bike for not v much that I can take around the streets of B.right.on. as we call it.

    I definitely don’t want a fixie as they scare the bejeezus out of me, what do you recommend, dear readers?

  14. Droptheclaw says:

    Mr Heid, Mr Meades would be able to answer that, I imagine. No doubt he’ll be along shortly to assist. I am just recovering from watching a film called Hall Pass. Possibly one of the worst films I have seen in some time. Contemptible.

  15. refitman says:

    @fd – are they nesting on the Graun?

  16. Wolfie says:

    Just finished watching an old VHS of Last of the Mohicans – Genius

  17. meadesian says:

    And lo!

    I appear.

    Campag still good Ticht. These days the primary competitors are Shimano and SRAM. Campag perhaps more increasingly the choice of the old romantic. A decent group set will set you back a penny or two though.

    Fixies are much easier to get used to than you might think, but if they make you nervous then fair enough steering clear. Your choice should be informed by personal comfort (intrinsically linked to your physical build), the terrain you intend to cover (road/off), and the quality of the surfaces. So if you’re mainly commuting, but on shit roads, a blend of road bike with more robust wheels might suit: classic hybrid territory. That said, the roads here are diabolical, and I ride skinny tyres on track rims.

    Have you got a local, independent bike shop?

  18. tichtheid says:

    We’ve got more independent bike shops in Brighton than you can shake a stick at, Mr Meades, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before; but now that you mention it I know the owner of one of said shops and I must pick his brains next time we meet, which is about ten days time. The whisky tasting group I go to is populated by many pedal heads. This month it’s all about less well known Highland distilleries,
    …well that and bikes if I remember to bring up the topic, to be honest it’s never far from the conversation there.

  19. meadesian says:

    There you are. Indies nearly always a source of good advice. My bike to work scheme opens again in a couple of months, so am currently debating the acquisition of a Cinelli (drools uncontrollably), or building up another of my own.

  20. yesiamclutz says:


    Nothing quite like a drop handlebar clipless pedal no brakes fixie to scare off the bike thieves. I like to think if someone stole mine they would injure themselves badly in the first 5 minutes.

    Shimano are the best sensible priced groupsets atm in my experience. Brighton is quite hilly, so you probably should skip the fixie/SS.

  21. meadesian says:

    You don’t all cycle home from whisky tasting do you?

  22. tichtheid says:

    Many of them do cycle home from whisky tasting, Mr Meades, it’s a point of contention with me and thems who do.

    Clutz, Brighton is on the South Downs, it’s ridiculously hilly, so no way am I going for anything less than seventy two gears šŸ™‚

  23. yesiamclutz says:

    If I was building a bike for Brighton I’d go 1 x 10 I think. It’s a busy town so your not going to hit serious speed on the flat, roll the downhills, so tune the gear inches for climbing.

  24. tichtheid says:

    Thing is, I’ve got this muckle great Mongoose hybrid that is a devil to get up these Brighton hills, I really don’t get the thing about suspension forks on a road bike as I think a lot of energy spent supposedly in propelling the bloody thing forward gets soaking up in the fork springs, especially climbing hills.

    However, since the idea is to get fit, perhaps the fact that it’s difficult to ride gets me fitter, but it is not a pleasure to get on the thing.

  25. tichtheid says:

    … and there is a “clunk” on the crankset somewhere that you can feel as you pedal.

  26. yesiamclutz says:

    A light responsive bike will be more fun to ride, so you would, hopefully, ride it more.

    WRT the clunk, do you look after the chain? Also is it in every gear?

  27. tichtheid says:

    Yes it’s in every gear, it’s not every rotation, though, more if I’m pushing hard.

    Although I don’t really know what I’m looking at, the chain seems fine, no kinks or anything that I’ve noticed, but maybe I’ll have a closer inspection tomorrow.

  28. meadesian says:

    The clunk could just be your cranks telling you they need tightening. Or maybe not!

    Have never ridden a bike with suspension for that very same reason, plus the fact that I’m something of a purist. I have similar feelings towards twenty over cricket.

    I have a Marin Muirwoods in my shed which sounds more in your line Ticht. Too many gears for my liking – but no suspension, reasonably smooth rolling three and stout rims.

  29. meadesian says:

    Smooth rolling TYRES.

  30. yesiamclutz says:


    I’ll go out on a limb here and guess you never clean and oil your chain. Work along it with your hands and check every link flexes freely. I suspect you have a stiff link that isn’t bending over the rear derailer. If this is the case a thorough clean and re grease should fix it.

    But it could be one of many things. Following on from Meades suggestion it could be worth checking everything is tensioned correctly.

  31. tichtheid says:

    The suspension on my bike is supposedly adjustable from very spongy to rigid, but turning the adjuster make no difference at all that I can perceive.

    Maybe new forks are in order.

  32. tichtheid says:

    You may be right there, clutz. :0)

    Should I use specialist bike lubricants/cleaners?

  33. meadesian says:

    Oil. Grease. Something to dry it off with when it’s had a soaking. Ca suffit.

  34. yesiamclutz says:

    Hrrmmmm, depends. If you don’t ride in the wet and mud, anything with a decent amount of Teflon in will do a reasonable job. If you actually go off-road in the mud and/or ride in rain, yes, you should probably use a bike specific wet lube.

    The only reason to ever replace a suspension fork imnsho is improved performance on a good bike, otherwise save the pennies for a new bike. The one possible exception is to replace a suspension fork with a rigid fork.

  35. killerline says:

    Bike talk huh?

    I’ll come back tomorrow when hopefully you’ve moved onto robo-chicks with guns.

    Night all.

  36. meadesian says:

    Robo-chicks with guns not my forte, I confess.

  37. elsnoopio says:

    Looked at the Guardian player ratings.
    about where I’d rate people as well, apart from taking one of Barritt and giving it to Flood.
    Barritt was a good defender for Italy in attack, killing things, today. Flood got England going early on, though he was trying to hard to impress, but he struggled as the game went on and England struggled around to get on the front foot with the backrow and Care ahead of him and Barritt next to him (must have been flash backs to Hape outside him but without the back 3 quality) not doing enough compared to previous games.

    Back 3 really needs work – I’m a long term fan of Goode but he seems to badly struggle with another playmaker in the backline and Brown doesn’t offer enough threat for me on the wing, while Ashton is a liability currently in defence and wasn’t doing enough in attack.

    ‘smy considered opinion.

  38. tichtheid says:

    Okay bikies, thanks for your advice, I’m up-and-at’em in slightly less than five hours from now, so I’ll bid you good night.

    Over to the night shift.

  39. @ snoop

    Launchbury probably deserves a point more too. He made an awful lot of tackles.

  40. elsnoopio says:

    True, not his best game but his work rate in defence was massive even if he seemed to be playing a much more limited game than he has done before.

  41. avsfan says:

    To the Federales: I just uploaded an ATL on the Blues. Probably be better cut into two. There is a suggested caption to the Rene Ranger photo hiding underneath it, I think.

  42. daffodane says:

    It’s strange how little things stick in my mind when watching rugby matches, like when you could see young Farrell coming apart in that HEC game against the O’s at Wembley when his dad had to have a word with him when they yanked him off. The same went for Danny Care yesterday, Care has been a player that has impressed me this year, but when he had a little strop instead of immediately rectifying his mistake after that woeful box kick, those things go in my little black book of players.

  43. dermott says:

    Thanks, avs, as always. Muchly appreciated.

    New blog up, folks:

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