England -v- Italy – Vote for your MOTM

englanditalyDid i figli di Garibaldi spike i figli di Elisabetta II‘s Grand Slam ambitions? They did their dang best despite George Clancy!

With George Clancy in their pocket again next week, England are nailed-on GSers.

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  1. laraxwell says:

    Basically it’s huge, it’s tense, it’s dramatic, it’s unforgiving and it’s over in six weeks and a day.
    oh dog I’m itching to put something here

  2. Mrgreysuit says:


    you got there first. go for it.

  3. Matt banahans international career?

  4. Mrgreysuit says:


    +1 for wit, + 1 for being clean

  5. karl1976 says:

    Have to say larry I share your sense of disappointment in a way. But I think it’s the fans that feel the pressure, not the teams. Lose your first two and you have no chance of being champion, so in one way the pressure is reduced as a team, you are playing for pride.

    And its also where you are in ‘the journey’. England will always get shit from the media for not winning, but cest la vie. A scotland 3rd place is a massive improvement on where we were over the last 5 years. Italy were down and out tournament-wise but playing their arses off on sunday.

    Is it a feeble excuse but the opening weekend was also the mildest and dryest if I recall. Playing in wet sub-zero wind chill does not for tryfest rugby make.

  6. Karl, England did win!

  7. Mrgreysuit says:

    By the way, anyone who’s not yet followed Brookter’s suggestion and had a look at the absolute best play of last weekend bar none (not even Care’s kick), you really need to do so. His post below in all its glory:

    I’m surprised that nobody has yet commented upon Sale’s raising of the bar for world class line out play yesterday. Of course, other teams will now be on the watch for it, and eventually will find a counter, but for the time being, kudos to Diamond and the team for such innovative thinking.

    You can find the clip at 35.00 minutes at https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/rugby-highlights-lv-cup/series-3/episode-5. [You’ll have to wade through the first advert, then you can click straight to the time. You’ll have to sit through a minute or two of more adverts, but eventually, you will understand precisely why line out play will be so different from now on. Don’t blame me. It’s ITV.]

    Did I mention that Sale won? And are now only one match away from the Heineken cup next year? They’ll be quaking in the streets of Toulon tonight.

  8. laraxwell says:

    Matt banahans international career?
    yes very good.
    I could have mentioned an Irish player but none of them can stay fit for 6 weeks

  9. laraxwell says:

    ITV player not available in my region
    Is it up on you tube yet?

  10. laraxwell says:

    ok..time to feed baby
    ‘night all

  11. avsfan says:

    ‘night muppet. Evening all.

  12. avsfan says:

    ‘night all.

  13. killerline says:

    Killer, want to meet somewhere before we meet up with the interblog weirdos? I mean.. Rest of the guys.

    Sorry RoS, been watching Alien 4…

    Not much point in waiting around for an hour for me lad. Proceed to the place and I’ll catch you there. I might have to meet our kid too if he decides to show.

    The weirdos will be top-notch mate. Honest.

  14. avsfan says:

    The Reds have stood Ioane down for one match for his involvement in a pub brawl. Two questions:

    1: Isn’t he supposed to be a christian?

    2: I wonder if he would have been stood down if the next game was against anyone but the Farce?

  15. Isn’t he supposed to be a christian?

    Are you saying Digby is the first Christian to be involved in a pub brawl?

  16. avsfan says:

    So does that mean when he points skyward after scoring he is asking Dog to please don’t let me get so pissed tonight I hit someone?

  17. avsfan says:

    I guess if I’d known growing up that being a christian could be so much fun I would have hung in there.

  18. @ Avs

    I imagine bar room brawls work out a bit better if you are physically like Ioane and you than if you are me. I don’t think even having god on my side would help much.

  19. deebee7 says:

    Professed Christianity is no guarantor of decency. And if you don’t believe me, the weight of history backs me up.

    On weightier matters – you guys are getting way too tetchy about the 6N and a perceived lack of quality. It’s a fantastic tournament – not ‘product’ or ‘brand’ or any other marketing shit – a proper tournament: throw in a couple of horses, jousting lances and fair maiden of buxom proportions with a flutter of the eye and heave of bosom, and you’ve got Hastings to Agincourt and all in between all over again.

    Hask to provide the Henry V speech? Assuming he could remember it?

  20. deebee7 says:

    I’m warming to the idea of a mediaeval joust to go with the rugby. Lots of roasted meat, ale, mead (probably Meades as well), cleavage (not the plumber’s bum variety, either) and frivolity, belying the deadly contests unfolding. Will Saturday’s gathering of the clans match up to this? And please, no cleavage images unless they’re from said fair maiden – front row fatties don’t count!

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