The All-Singing All-Dancing Hask Riddle #2

"This is a computer! An Amstrad 1512 with 640K of RAM and 2 DS floppy drives!"

“This is a computer! An Amstrad 1512 with 640K of RAM and 2 DS floppy drives!”

Welcome to my All-Singing All-Dancing Hask Riddle #2.

Catty reckoned my riddles were wasted on dumb-bum rugby players in tactical planning sessions and reckoned I ought to have a lash at Mastermind instead. Couldn’t find that particular title in my Xbox games library, maybe Manu’s got it in his.

In the meantime, test your IQ against the Hask’s again!

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998 Responses to The All-Singing All-Dancing Hask Riddle #2

  1. meadesian says:

    Anyone else notice that the new Pope looks not dissimilar to KJH’s former alter-ego, Penfold?

  2. craigsman says:

    Lot of stuff being said. Some of may be true, some of may not.

  3. Mrgreysuit says:


    Yup. My sister is getting married out in NZ next year (Feb) and I’m wondering if I can persuade my wife that I should be allowed to fit in some kind of sports tour holiday around that.

    Miles better than sitting in an office in London in the winter.

  4. Droptheclaw says:

    Jim Bowen or Junior Soprano, Mr Meades. Oh, and ach mein arsch indeed.

  5. beadleclawuk says:

    @Mrgreysuit – but did Karl employ the more effective subterfuge of simply asking what’s happened? Who is the master here?

    In the public sector we call this ‘working smarter, not harder’…

  6. Droptheclaw says:

    Don Chuffo looks like this fella:

  7. Mrgreysuit says:


    I’m a public servant myself. I see precious little smart work at my gaffe, however.

    And I note that what you have discovered is

    1) some speculation about craigslist’s parentage
    2) people are variously worried about winning or losing this weekend
    3) the new pope looks like Jim Bowen.

    Do you seriously think that’s all we’ve talked about in almost 1000 posts? I think not, sir!

  8. dovahkin says:

    Bad decision to bowl by nz methinks.

    Yeah, cricket crowds at home are amongst the best to spend a day with but there’s s few of that barmyarmy ccrowd make me cringe. Still, harmless fun.

    Determined to convince the Mrs to emigrate when yhe kids are a bit older. Want one of those houses on the hill at a decent hack over wide long on

  9. MichaelVaughanMyLord says:

    Love the grass banks that you still get in NZ, SA and to an increasingly rarer extent Australia.

    Oh and Cook is out.

  10. dovahkin says:

    Mvml. Bit out of the blue that. Still opening on the first day against fresh new ball bowlers is just about the hardest job in the game. Chef has a spectacular record all things considered. Like the cut of comptons jib I must say. 280 – 6 end of today is my prediction

  11. MichaelVaughanMyLord says:

    Yep, freaky dismissal. He won’t get out like that for a long time.

  12. dovahkin says:

    Trotts average of nigh on 50 is really very impressive isn’t it? He’ll never go down in history as a great but with Bell, Peiterson and prior in the middle order would we really swap him for any other number 3 around? I don’t think so, great pro.

    What do you make of Root MVML? I like the way they’re bringing him on. Looks about 15 and ravelling the world getting paid to play cricket in the sunshine with his mates…… I hate him….

  13. ElSuavo says:

    @dovahkin I was given to understand that the wicket will deaden as the match progresses & that McCullum wants to try to emulate their 1st innings from Dunedin.

  14. dovahkin says:

    suavo – I really hope it doesn’t deaden in the same way as the last one. Makes for a pretty poor game. If the wicket gets steadily more easy to bat on you have to see something pretty special to see a result. if its at its best days 2 and 3 you have the perfect test match where you get an equal chance to make the most of the hand the toss deals you. As fun as it was, you don’t want number 10s to be making comfortable 50s on day 5.

    This looks like t’ll be a belter by tea today. hope it breaks up a bit day 4

  15. would we really swap him for any other number 3 around?

    Come on. How could you not want Phil Hughes?

  16. MichaelVaughanMyLord says:

    Big fan of Trott but has fallen away from his stellar start in Test cricket when he was scoring big hundreds for fun. Tremendous temperament combined with a little bit of fight to him.

    Root looks to have all the shots, haven’t seen enough of him to make a definitive statement. Still think we need a proper batting allrounder who can bowl 10 overs or so a day. I think Bairstow is a good prospect also, but probably as a long-term replacement for Matt Prior.

  17. MichaelVaughanMyLord says:

    I think the last Test was a draw because England batted so poorly in the first innings. Much easier to score 400 when the opposition has just scored 160. It will be interesting to see what happens if England make a big 1st innings score.

    Also re number 3s to be fair I would probably take Hashim Amla over Trott. Not Phil Hughes though.

  18. beadleclawuk says:


    Quite, but add in a couple of back pages read at random then I could pop in a quip about ROS, say. I imagine from experience in these matters that there will have been a theme around Kidney (Larry’s sanguinuity being tested here), endless discussions about the Lions (DCC continuing to claim that he wants the Eng players left at home to protect them from the tenacles of Gatland here), so I could hazard a comment of the ‘Ben Morgan nailed on if only he could last more than 50mins PS shame we can’t pick Parissamoles’ variety.

    Finally slip in a ‘my dedication is so great that I’m now halfway through today’s comments’ note and the deception is complete…

    (not that I am suggesting that Karl was not telling the truth of course, merely how it could be accomplished)

  19. MichaelVaughanMyLord says:

    The less we mention about the RoS unpleasantness the better …

  20. Big fan of Trott but has fallen away from his stellar start in Test cricket when he was scoring big hundreds for fun.

    Well, it was always going to happen, there aren’t too many players in history who have career averages that high. A bit like Hussey’s average dropped down to around 50 after having a ridiculous average for the first part of his international career.

  21. dovahkin says:

    yeah ok, maybe amla. Id open with him were hi available to us though. Something comforting about trott at 3 and I think his careful approach gets him an unfair press sometimes, he has a really stylish technique at time. The cover drive is almost Vaughn-like.

    What I like about root is he looks like a Thorpe like player able to nudge a single off a decent ball without looking in trouble, we’ll see

    Phil Hughes…..with an eye like that and that striking power if he doesn’t have a decent test career eventually it’ll either because he I mentally equipped for test cricket or he’s been coached awfully. doesn’t matter if you only have 3 or 4 shots when theyre that effective, you just play to your strengths.. see trescothick for eg

  22. @ Dovakhin

    I agree about Hughes. He has been jerked around by the selectors in an unconscionable manner. Give him a real shot for an extend period and then see what happens.

  23. dovahkin says:

    FD – They lost their nerve like 90’s England selectors after he toured England as a youngster and got a bit found out by flintoff and co. It’s an occupational hazard for batsman of his ilk that when they don’t succeed they’ve usually gotten out playing what looks like an outlandish stroke, when in reality that’s what got them picked in the first place.

    I guess the opposite scenario is this Compton fella for England who is only now finding a bit of form after a good few chances. His failures previously haven’t stuck out like a sore thumb coz he;s got out playing tentative defensive strokes rather than massive swipes that make you look a fool. Hughes just needs to sort a trigger movement that keeps him balanced and learn to pick a length to leave early in his innings, regardless of how wide it is. Loads of throw downs and electric shock therapy should do it.

  24. dovahkin says:

    I am available as a batting coach BTW should CA like to see a copy of my CV. FD I assume you have the relevant contacts? As a useful reference my 2 year old already has a good idea where his off chair leg is and puts the loose delivery confidently to the straight fireplace boundary all along the oak flooring.

  25. dovahkin says:

    late night blog steal on the cards here.

  26. dovahkin says:

    easy pickings like a leg stump half volley

  27. dovahkin says:

    audacious flick over 3rd man???

  28. dovahkin says:

    utterly dominating – that’s stumps. start again tomorrow.

  29. avsfan says:

    Lets be perfectly honest. NZ have had their best chance to take England on this tour. Anything less than 2 – 0 to England will be a surprise, weather not withstanding.

    Not underdogging, just F and R.

    I hope a couple of Kiwi batmen can get good scores.

  30. avsfan says:

    Gorgeous day in Wellington. They have three weeks supply if water left before the reservoirs run dry. Summer has been a little too nice.

  31. daffodane says:

    I was a little put out by some of the replies I got questioning my appraisal of the ENG v WAL game, when in all honesty I thought it was a pretty good stab at predicting the result. I do get it right most of the time you know.

    Two sleeps til the six nations

    No Hibbard in the 23, instead Rees who doesn’t start for the Scarlets in! Thought Bevington would get the call on form, not in 23! Coombs, you heard it here first! Warburton better find his Mojo!

    It’s a team that Howley & Co think, cries out DOMINATION, based on how well they’re stats have been doing in the training camp. Then bring on more flair for when the game gets more broken up, to finish off the job.

    Unfortunately Rob, the game is going to be too far out of Wales’ reach, I see Ireland getting a tidy lead of about 18pts and Wales will fall short by about 3-7pts after an heroic comeback.

    Saturday 2nd February 2013;
    Wales 22-30 Ireland
    Pretty much as the game went really.

    Obviously I went for Wales to win the next 3 away games including the tough one in Paris. When most people BTL after the first Welsh match were blathering on about Wales being prime candidates for being wooden spoon contenders. So even if I’ve read the England game completely wrong (I’m not a stats-man really, don’t like to get bogged down in minutiae, when I predict outcomes. I have more of an organic approach) I have still selected 4/5 of the Welsh results including one loss to Ireland with reasonably close score predictions.

    Mild irritation over.

  32. bedfordbluesfan says:

    Now then,

    i’ve been holding off posting for the last hour in case a new blog goes up. Just can’t keep up with you lot, I haven’t even tried to read more than a few pages from yesterday.

    Would some kind person care to post a synopsis of yesterday for me please? I’m off in the car for a couple of hours but will get a 15 min break for breakfast when I reach Norwich, so it would be good to get an overview then.

    Also Would a kind admin repost this for me if you put anew blog up in the meantime?


  33. bedfordbluesfan says:

    @ Kind admin

    No need to repost poor formatting 😉

  34. dermott says:

    bedford, this blog will be up for a little while yet.

    Yesterday you missed round 3897 of the Quade Cooper debate so you missed nothing. There was northerner chat amongst the BTL northerners so nothing missed there either. There was some Argentinian Pope chatter last night. All up, a typical day and night BTL.

  35. Another 1000+ blog. Impressive.

  36. dermott says:

    Morning ROS. Yes, very impressive, but all good things must come to an end.

    New blog up, folks:

  37. killerline says:


    I’ve got our meet-up whippets ready, shall we take one each?

    A man with more than one whippet is just trying to look flashy, I feel.

  38. dermott says:

    If you must have your northern banter, Killer, unintelligible to the rest of us as it is, continue it here:

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