France -v- Scotland – Vote for your MOTM

Marie+Alice+Yahe+France+v+Scotland+IRB+Women+ef8tj4CCaYUlNow that’s how to play 9. None of your crabbing sideways soft-shoe-shuffle rubbish. Take note, blokes.

Our “Eddie” wondered whether the France-Scotland game might be an exiguous filigree, une babiole. Now that you’ve looked them up in your dictionaries, get on and vote for your MOTM.

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64 Responses to France -v- Scotland – Vote for your MOTM

  1. Donchuffo says:

    Wow, what a game. I had a fiver on WAL to win by 10, I’ve never been happier to lose a bet

    Lovely to meet the rest of the BTLs, great chaps and chapesses all. Sorry had to leave early, have got to pick lad up from his mums now, didn’t want to have too much if hangover. Hope the drinking carried on well into the night

  2. deebee7 says:

    Said it before and I’ll say it again: England were overhyped after the win against the Kiwis and fell off the pace towards the latter end of the 6N. There are some very talented players in the squad, as well as some journeymen. Lack of depth in the back row and confusion in midfield aren’t doing the side any favours either.

    So, out go Croft, Care, Barritt, Ginsters as a minimum, Marler sent back to nursery school for a seasaon or two, Robshaw to either grow a pair and lay down the law to his troops or give up the captaincy – the crown does not sit easily on his head. Give Wade a chance as well as 36, pick an 8 at 8.

    And Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the Irishmen and women and the rest of us who adopt the Irish for the day to get a sneaky Guinness and Jameson’s combo down the gullet!

  3. bedfordbluesfan says:


    I couldn’t hear the commentary but suspected that Moore wouldn’t be happy.

    Yes, Mako V is a positive, I just hope the team can bounce back from this.

    Has Biggar just claimed himself a Lions spot? Not sure how Gatland sees him.

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