France -v- Scotland – Vote for your MOTM

Marie+Alice+Yahe+France+v+Scotland+IRB+Women+ef8tj4CCaYUlNow that’s how to play 9. None of your crabbing sideways soft-shoe-shuffle rubbish. Take note, blokes.

Our “Eddie” wondered whether the France-Scotland game might be an exiguous filigree, une babiole. Now that you’ve looked them up in your dictionaries, get on and vote for your MOTM.

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  1. deebee7 says:

    Abject failure is mine. Move over PSA. Goodnight all.

  2. tompirracas says:

    I voted for Picamoles. But I always will because he’s maybe my favourite player at the moment.

    Oh, and well done Wales. 30-3 is a smashing. Better than the 2011 massacre in Dublin.

  3. Tovarishch says:

    England stay 4th in the IRB rankings 0.364 ahead of Wales (in case you wanted to know)

  4. Tovarishch says:

    And Ireland fall to 9th

  5. Borderboy says:

    I posted this on the other blog – didn’t realise this was up.

    Ah well, well done France & Fightin’ Freddie Michalak! They deserved the win, but I wish we could work things better BEFORE going behind next time. Also, was it just me or did Pyrgos play better than Laidlaw when he came on? Laidlaw seemed to spend a lot of time at rucks looking at where everybody else was and forgot that the ball was there to be moved. There was one ruck where the forwards had fought for the ball, and he just stood at the side while the French broke away. He didn’t seem quick enough at the breakdown (when we had the ball at the breakdown, that is).
    Noticed at the end when they showed the table, that we have actually scored more points than England during the 6N – only by 4, though, yet they beat us by 20 in the first game. That’s quite a turnaround for a team that never has the ball – imagine what could happen if we did get it for more than 5 minutes each game.

    Oh, and say hello to Bob – he’s shy, though.

  6. Borderboy says:

    OK – why hasn’t my avatar changed?

  7. Chekhovian says:

    Typical for the French to play their best half of the tourney versus us.

    More promise from us, but the tactics are still wrong. Give Stuart Hogg and his back three chums the ball more often! Might write a lengthier assessment of our 6N if our editor overlords are short of copy.

  8. Borderboy says:

    The worrying thing is that the SRU may well think that, as we’ve finished higher than for years, it’s enough to give Johnson the job. I honestly don’t think we’re too far behind the other teams, but, as Chek says, the tactics need be a lot tighter.

  9. sagmog says:

    The big question is:
    Given the results and performances today:
    What the fuck did Yosoy find to set fire to?

  10. canaryatthewharf says:


    Ireland 9th, look a bit overrated to me. Surprised Italy and Scotland haven’t overtaken us.

    Still, will pick up ranking points next time they meet Wales. Provided we have a new coach and a squad free from injury. At least relatively few will be damaged on the Lions tour.

    Congrats on a fine recovery from a poor start to the tournament. Worthy champions .

  11. laraxwell says:

    Better than the 2011 Dublin massacre? so..we had yhem beat after 30 minutes
    Deep breaths now
    Tov- thank you for the world ranking update..enjoy the win FFS

  12. saltysam says:

    Well, thanks to this worthy blog, we Welsh have learned how to DOMINATE effectively.

    Enjoy the hangovers everybody, wherever you happen to be – I’m on a dry ship almost six weeks away from my next beer, so have one for me as well.

  13. sagmog says:

    Might write a lengthier assessment of our 6N if our editor overlords are short of copy.

    Hate to point this out Chek, but, technically, you’re the fourth person with admin privileges, you have absolute freedom to make use of them.

  14. Borderboy says:

    OK, so NOW it changes!

    Anyway – my vote for the most important moment in this year’s RBSSixNations – to quote Andy Nichol – is the Biggar kick and North try vs France. Not only did that give them the win, but I think it gave them the confidence to grind out the wins that followed, even when they didn’t particularly play well. I’m not saying it was the best moment (it did stand out in a poor game) but I think it was very important for Wales.

  15. saltysam says:

    Hey that French lady scrumhalf is a bit tasty, or are we not allowed to say that?

  16. laraxwell says:

    Funny how fellas we had naild for Lions have comeunstuck a bit…Dan Cole hasn’t had a great scrummaging tournament and Rory Best had an awful day out of touch…so my current Lions team:

  17. flair99 says:

    Checkh? Our best half?
    Can we say our least worse, or would this be a gramatical nightmare?
    Anyway I disagree, I think France played their best half against England, and then about ten minutes vs Ireland. The sooner we forget about this 6N, the better.
    Actualy AFAIK it never happened. Except for some very good play by Wales of course (impressive victory this afternoon) and Italy. England looked pretty good too. Except when it really mattered…

  18. laraxwell says:

    Ah feck that….how are the boys down at the Colliers?

  19. avsfan says:

    If I were in charge of SRU development, I’d be scouring for signs of any MacFreuans, or perhaps McNainai-Williamses in the birth registry.

  20. laraxwell says:

    Yes flair..I am drinking as we speak to forget

  21. yosoy says:

    What the fuck did Yosoy find to set fire to?

    Some ginger kid. I didn’t have the heart to set fire to any Englishman.

    I’d vote for MoM for this one because I did watch it, but I am absolutely smashed. Let’s put one down for Hall, for argument’s sake.

  22. yosoy says:

    And I’d quite happily burn Orquera for being appalling.

  23. Chekhovian says:


    A broad vista of possibilities has just opened up in front of me. Will try to pen something tomorrow. Ish.

  24. flair99 says:

    Yes, how do the BTL boys do at the pub? Was there any report? Wish I could be there…

  25. flair99 says:

    I could not find a MOTM in this Fra/Scotland mess.
    Although I might’ve voted for the find of the day, I think this Vaahaminaa boy is going to be something. And Hogg is always a joy to watch.

  26. avsfan says:

    Well, difficult to argue with Wales as deserving winners. Hung tough, ground out the wins when needed, improved as the tournament went on and then finished in style.

    England: a work in progress, with lots of questions about finding the right balance to the team.

    Scotland: Improving, but obvious deficiencies in their game / personnel.

    Italy: no one can take then lightly any more. Oh for a half decent back line.

    France: get your domestic shit together asap, or not, as the case may be.

    Ireland: Hire wisely IRFU.

  27. Onlyonet says:

    Fuck me the media churn out some bollocks don’t they. I’d normally be for press freedom but for the utter shite written by the papers for tomorrow is enough to have them be turned into nothing more than a state mouth piece. The Andy Bull article in the guardian is as bad as it gets…

  28. Onlyonet says:

    Can I go for a blog steal as I’m the only one not pissed or is that is some tiny font like the rules at willy wonkas factory

  29. Onlyonet says:

    Ok reading that back maybe I’m a bit pissed

    BOD banned on Monday?

  30. Onlyonet says:

    And for the blog steal I will cry like Cuthbert in the corner.

    All welsh XV for the lions. Farrell in charge to give them belief in themselves down under.

  31. tompirracas says:

    lara, better cos I’m a Welsh fan and didn’t think we had it in us. Thar Dublin game was a masterpiece.

  32. kobw says:

    According to my calculations:

    If Wales beat Englang by 30-3
    And England beat All Blacks 39-21
    Wales would beat All Blacks 390-2

    Now of course ABs were struggling with a case of Beiber Fever
    But it would still be at least a couple of hundred

  33. crashtopuss says:

    Crash swooping in to Chek the blog OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE! I love you guys.

    Forza Italia! Whatever-forza-is-in-Welsh Wales! Allez les Blues!

    The other three teams can go fuck themselves.

    Well, not Scotland maybe. Ireland and Englang though? Hang your collective heads in shame.

    Kidney? Fuck off and take your grandslam with you, it wasn’t worth it and you’ve done more harm than good.

    Haven’t read back over the days comments as I’m ognly in and been drinking since 2 but any word from the colliers croiwd? I bet none of them had the decency to Chek the blog. Selfish, loveless bastards.

  34. crashtopuss says:

    Also, poor baldy. A day troling al of Wales and then THAT match happened. Wow.

    And by ‘Rassies ‘Rithmatic, since Ireland are the only side to have beaten Wales this 6N that makes us the cgampions and balls to anyone who disagrees!!

  35. crashtopuss says:

    *Getting good an d limber for a late night blog steal while his after pub food is cooking*

  36. crashtopuss says:

    Fuck yeah. And I’ll have pizza in a few minutes.

  37. crashtopuss says:

    Either the smell of pizza or my maniacal laughter while staring at the Kidney clock ( has woken the other half. She just gnetley suggested that I might want to leave the laptop alone in case I “go on Facebook and embarass yourself”. Oh how to explain Cheking the blog to her? I didn’t try – instead I asked her if she’d mind if I smeared KIDNEY OUT on the front door in my own shite. She’s gone back to bed.

  38. Tovarishch says:

    lara – I wasn’t having a dig regarding Ireland’s ranking, although it should be enough to make Kidney fall on his shillelagh.

  39. crashtopuss says:

    Tov you gloriously cantankerous bastard why aren’t you out celebrating a well earned 6N title?

  40. CupidStunt says:

    I am in mourning. In 24 years of watching the 5 or 6 Nations, that is the worst England defeat I have ever witnessed. Even in the Drublin we fought on and I still wore my Cotton Trader replica shirt with pride. Right now, the fucking thing is in the bin. I bought it in September 2004 and have had nothing but disappointment when wearing it.

    Wales were as excellent as we were woeful. Which is a big compliment to them, because we were absolutely fucking woeful. Basic skills gone to shit, set piece all over the shop, brainless at the breakdown and inept with ball in hand. Where the fuck was Croft? Why the fuck was Marler in the starting 15? Why didn’t we have a ball carrying 8 in the fucking 23? Why couldn’t fucking Tuilagi catch the fucking pill? Why were our backs lining up so flat and brainlessly that, several times, Youngs was pausing with the ball available at the back of the ruck because there wasn’t one fucking decent option for him to take? Why the fucking hell did Lancaster and co. agree to the roof being shut, which was playing into their hands from the start?

    Sincere congratulations to Wales who were worthy winners of the championship. They played like a well-drilled team today and showed that, when you do the basics well, the magic starts to happen.

    Oh well, thank Dog their fans are classy and won’t be unbearable about this for the next 1 000 000 years. Oh, wait…

  41. Tovarishch says:

    crash – downed with a bloody awful cold! Anyway I have to avoid my boss as he is English and it might jepordise my future if I were to meet him!

  42. snakkbar says:

    contrast the Andy Bull hatchet-job with Kitsons even more absurdly over the top pre-game coronation of this england side. jesus wept.

  43. HairBearHero says:


    CRash, join me in clebration you drunken irish!

    Oh well, thank Dog their fans are classy and won’t be unbearable about this for the next 1 000 000 years. Oh, wait…

    Now, Now. None of that. We’re lovley really.

    See you all in the morning

    FORZA iTALIA, CYMRU AM BYTH! (Well done to FGrance as well, Freddie you fisticuffy little scamp)

  44. HairBearHero says:

    Shit, that post is awful. Sorry. Fingers, why are they so difficuly?

  45. HairBearHero says:

    Andy Bull is a willy.

    English teams in Wales aren’t just saddled with having to defend their own tryline but the bedroom tax, cuts in subsidies to the Welsh Book Council, the slashing of the S4C budget, the price hikes on the Severn Bridge, the failure of Glamorgan CCC to find a another native fast bowler to replace James Harris and, quite possibly, the drop in demand for mutton among London restaurateurs.


    Outside there was no welcome for those wearing white shirts on the scarlet streets,

    This is fucking nonsense. Cardff is amazing on matchday and huge fun for evrybody. My Dad is an England fan and loves Cardiff.

  46. HairBearHero says:

    My first ever (not real, sadly) blog steal??

    With it, I curse, ROLLAND!

  47. HairBearHero says:

    i feel like a Foghorn, blarring noise into an empty ocean.

  48. daffodane says:

    In the FRA v SCO game I would like to vote for Hugh because according to Nigel Owens he had most of the ball, all I could hear was “Hughs” throughout the match. No I voted for Piccamoles like ever other French game this 6N.

    You know being right some times is a terrible burden. Pre WAL v ENG I got some stick for seeing that Wales were going to dominate, for all the very reasons the press, pundits and media started spouting after the game. All this inexperienced team verses a settled Welsh team was very quiet pre-match. Also lets say my +12 prediction was very conservative at the time, I wasn’t brave enough to go for the hammering prediction, too WLF, but must admit I did not see it being so one sided.

    See Tov I do know what I’m talking about, perhaps Danish crystal balls ARE a better quality than the Russian ones?

  49. daffodane says:

    No hangover this morning, I’m on a roll, but a terrible sore throat, make that roller-coaster.
    For some bizarre reason there has been a strong smell of petrol/turpentine/solvent (?) coming up from the drains and cesspit vent all night. Anyone come across this before? The woman next door paints porcelain, but she’d have had to have been pouring gallons of the stuff away for that amount of smell. The wife’s waiting for her to get up to interrogate her on the subject, I’ll be hiding behind the curtains when she does. The wife’s like a smiling assassin when she confronts you. Anyway for that reason we slept with all the windows open and our winter quilts back out from storage over the beds. Woke up this morning roasting and a little dehydrated, but no hangover, sweet.

  50. daffodane says:

    Btw, I know I’m a total optimist, because my reasoning for the smell I gave the wife concerning the smell of petrol/oil last night was, perhaps we’re (The house) sitting atop a giant untapped oil reserve and tomorrow, how lucky is that as we’ve only just bought the house, we’ll all be rich, rich I tell ya. I was withered by her stare.

  51. boomkingish says:

    Congrats to daffodane and Wales in general.
    And apologies to Avs for my usual post-and-run effort on the previous blog which he ended up copping stick for. It wasn’t really a wind up – the shower of shit that just got taken apart by Wales was the same shower of shit that trounced the ABs, so either NZ are basically crap or the Twickenham game was just some kind of weird fluke that we can all forget about. Sadly (as expected) there are no takers for the second option.
    I was also hoping Scotland would take care of France – this would have rendered France’s up-coming 3-0 test series win in NZ nothing more than a strange statistical aberration. I’m sure flair99 (or as I think of him, flukeybounce99) would go along with that.

  52. daffodane says:

    Tak boomkingish

    Even though it was a big win yesterday, I still think that both those teams would lose again if they played NZ this year.

    Sitting here with the morning sun flooding into the house eating ice cream for breakfast, does life get any better than that?

    Going to see my father-in-law in his production of the Mousetrap for the local theatre this afternoon. On such form I’ll probably guess the ending of that also!

    I wish I could make these things up?

  53. daffodane says:

    Just noticed on google due to the animated Irish spaz jig header it’s St Patricks Day today.

    Not sure how you address this so i’ll just say Tillykke med Sankt Patricksdag

  54. Tovarishch says:

    daff – I didn’t notice Jon Thomas, though, whom I thought figured in your clairvoyance.

  55. bedfordbluesfan says:

    Morning Daff,

    30-3 doesn’t look any better to me this morning than it did last night. I can’t see any positives from the game from an England point of view at all, (help me someone?)

    I asked a few weeks ago whether young, (relatively) inexperienced teams needed a tonking for them to learn from and grow stronger, eg Tour from Hell. I was assured it wasn’t necessary but I really hope this was a horrible aberration and we do in fact benefit from it in some way. Can’t bring myself to look at the “advice” from the experts at the kipper and Graun this morning.


    A couple of quick questions which may not get answered this morning. What was up with the scrum sets in the england game. Well close to each other, surely?

    I like Steve Walsh but did he once ask his assistant ref what was going on on the other side of the scrum? We had a bad day at the scrum but some of it seemed to be due to Wales canny “cheating”, (fairplay if not spotted, hey!) Eg Adam Jones boring in, penalty against England. We weren’t going to win it anyway, but the scrum going seemed to paralyse us and spread the loss of confidence to all aspects of the game.

    Why have we stopped rucking through like we did against NZ and Scotland?

  56. bedfordbluesfan says:

    Well done Italy!

    I managed to avoid heaing the result until after the England shite as I still had 20 mins to watch. I was stould in the pub with my fingers in my ears and eyes shut at England half time to avoid hearing any pundit give the game away. ‘Twas about the only amusement any England fans got.

    I haven’t managed to watch France Scotland yet.

  57. daffodane says:

    Tov, that was a pretty outlandish idea even for me, yosoy and yourself put me straight pretty sharpish. Thankfully my worries about a lack of experience on the bench didn’t factor in the game.

  58. karl1976 says:

    I have a stinking hangover.

  59. daffodane says:

    BBF, Mako Vunipola has to be a positive.

    The front row, well it was just two old stagers and ex-Lions with an inform Hibbard putting markers down for the tour. Moore was right to point out the difference was they were more streetwise. Cole is a top player, not convinced by Youngs but he’s better than Hartley, and Vunipola instead of Marler would trouble any FR.

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