Italy -v- Ireland – Vote for your MOTM

ITALYIRELANDBloody Italians. Still can’t spell either their name or their oppo’s.

Was BOD MOTM in possibly his last appearance in green? Will BOD’s retirement mark the end of such acronym festivals? Whatever, vote for your MOTM.

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150 Responses to Italy -v- Ireland – Vote for your MOTM

  1. I am starting to think that we will only get a moderate beasting in the summer, not the massive one I fear.

  2. rossb says:

    Wales have just been better than us today. Not that England haven’t played into their hands a bit.

  3. Chekhovian says:

    Yet more guff kicking from Care. A very simple, effective performance from Wales.

  4. gravellbalboa says:

    I think gethin, tips, Hibbard, doc Roberts and jd2, who were doubtful for the flight to Australia, have booked their spots.

  5. sagmog says:

    Expro you’re not allowed to say such things on here.

    You can say it if you like.
    Makes you look like an idiot, but no harm in saying it.

  6. dermott says:

    Feck. Typed a post on this stupid iPad and lost it. Try again. Just back from Stadio Olimpico. Trying to avoid this game till I get home on Monday. Great atmos today, great game if you’re an Italian fan. Sergio MOTM for me, which isn’t to deny Zanni’s game. Sergio inspires them. Yes, waves his arms around at the ref too much, but, on the other hand, everyone on both teams was doing it today. At every breakdown there were arms going in the air pleading to the ref.

    Anyways, the Italian fans are developing some confidence. There was a real expectation of a win today. Heck, even I tipped them. God bless the local buggers. They’ve been through some tough rugby times and remain as good-humoured as ever. Great stuff between them and the Irish folk today. Never see it at a Lazio or Roma game.

    Off out to enjoy some fine Roman food. Who’d be dead for quids?

  7. Thrashed.

    Played wales.

    Almost pleased I’ve got to go back to Americans.

  8. refitman says:

    As an England fan, I have to give it to Wales. Apart from (IMHO) a couple of questionable calls at the scrum, Wales have out played us in most areas. They have been more savvy at the breakdown and more patient in possession.

    I do think that this loss could be a good thing for England. Coming so close and then losing should drive them on to improve their performance and tactics.

  9. deebee7 says:

    This is turning into a rout. It’s my fault – I picked England to streak away in the first half and withstand a brave Welsh fightback.

  10. markrobotarm says:

    Seriously, congratulations to the Welsh.

    Pointed out the limitations – experience, game-management, general nous – of this England team. Probably done us a favour, in the long run.

    Would love for us now to get a very limited exposure on the Lions tour. At this juncture, there can be cases made, only, for Andrew Sheridan, Jonny Wilkinson and Steffon Armitage to tour with them.

    Maybe Matt Banahan as a “bolter” – he’s got B & I Lions written all over him.

  11. tichtheid says:

    There you have it, Brian Moore is a nutter

  12. refitman says:

    Well done Wales, particularly after their first match against Ireland.

  13. Where’d that Wales come from?

  14. utnapishtm says:

    actually brian moore summed it all rather well for me. England young and developing and will learn from this. Id take the whole welsh back row for lions tour (notnecessarily tests) . front row too
    England 3/4need a rethink. all individually decent butitsnot really working as a unit.
    deserved winners and champions. who wouldhave seen this at half time vs ireland?

  15. Expro says:

    is that the biggest winning margin of the tournament?

  16. sagmog says:

    New Blog Up
    I’m off for something to eat.
    See you for the Scotland game.

  17. snakkbar says:

    Well played Wales, fully deserved victory on the back of a smart, clinical performance,full of passion and making very few errors. England shown that they have some serious work still to do.

  18. snakkbar says:

    Amazing insight as ever expro.

  19. Underdog says:

    Congrats Wales, your team absolutely beasted us. England looked totally feckless in attack, but that takes nothing away from Wales who were great in attack and defence. It must be great to see your side improve like they have. Deserved win.

    If Danny Care gets capped again after that kick, I will start supporting Wales myself.

    Congrats again, though can I just say how annoying it is that Celt teams play like world beaters when England are on for the slam? Bastards! Ahem.

  20. Bioface says:

    Don’t think I can remember turning off an England game but ashamed to admit that I did today. Utter humiliation and Wales absolutely deserved the championship. Wish I was out drowning my sorrows (not in Cardiff though). Enjoy the evening you Wales BTLers. Looking forward to hearing how it went down south, but that’s me for now. ermm cricket anyone?

  21. laraxwell says:

    Well done Wales!..didn’t see it coming..didn’ t think Wales were that good (see what I’m doing here expro)…Ticht- re Dan Cole- don’t think Parling and Launchbury helped in the engine room but yeah Adam Jones for the first 50 minutes with Cole comong on sounds good
    Todays game shows how important confidence and passion are in the modern game. Look at the Welsh turnaround..I take my hat off to them….hope the pints are a consolation for the boys at the Charles Holden

  22. @udl

    I feel the same way about England against Australia in World Cup quarter finals.

  23. Baldy says:

    Fuck me, marmalised!

    Great performance from Wales, well deserved, by far the better team, more street wise, more effective, more physical, earnt that win in every way.

    Wonder if they can change the 27 game losing streak to the sanzar nations now?! 😉

    Ahh well, that expierience in the welsh team told! England lost all momentum by making mistakes and Wales fed off them, 1/2p kicking the goals and great as ever, and great attacking play off turnovers.

    Lot for England to learn, very inexperienced team and you could see that in every area of the game, England forcing offloads and losing possession, gifting the ball and territory to Wales, and they capitalised.

    Most annoying thing about the welsh.. Bad losers, bad winners.. Just waiting for the texts now..

    How will the welsh view this season?! First time for a long time they’ve backed up a GS with a championship..

    However, back to the big fish in a small pond theory really..

    As for England.. Schooled in every area, that knock on from Manu, and then silly mistakes gifting Wales possession and territory.

    England their own worst enemies, Wales calm, cool, composed, fed off England’s mistakes and then just gained momentum and turned it on.. from English mistakes..

    Hopefully a lot to learn here, but we’ll see. Need a big ball carrier in the pack, need more xfactor and creativity in the backline, lets see more of 36, being wade & may in, and a lot of work to be done with our scrum..

  24. yosoy says:

    Prison shaming.

    I’m off to set fire to myself.

  25. laraxwell says:

    @Dermott- enjoy your night!

  26. snakkbar says:

    Walsh had a good game too.

  27. Brookteronanothetipadandcantremenbermypassword says:

    Well done Wales… Just superior on the day.

    Again England botched clear scoring opportunities early on that could have changed the texture of the game, but absolutely nothing away from Wales: a brilliant, dominant performance and they thoroughly deserve the win and the Championship.

  28. karl1976 says:

    From the pub, fucking well done wales.

    Expro, are you from swindon?

  29. Baldy says:

    With regards to the scrum..

    I’ve said repetidly I have little time for people blaming the ref.

    In with Brian Moore, if the opp are more “street wise” and the ref isn’t picking it up you’ve just gotta adjust.

    Wales went early every drive, but you’ve gotta adjust, gotta take it into your own hands. England failed to do that and were schooled.

    Two props with almost 100 caps each just distorted our front row.. A historic reversal?!

    Mako was awesome in the loose when he came on, and if you want raw material to turn into a top scrumaging loosehead, he can’t be far from that.. Lets see how he develops and a lot of 1-1 work on the scrummaging..

    Tell you what though, as a Lions fan I am seriously praying Adam jones stays fit for the tour! Start him and demolish the opp scrum..

    Tiperic answered a lot of queries today, think he was the best backrow on display, and Faletau showed for me why he’s always been my starting choice at 8.

    Te balance of the welsh backrow showed a serious error from Lancaster IMO of not playing Billy V last game, but we don’t know the whole story and billy had been picking up little injuries all game, but Faletau showed what you need, and it’s no shock to be our best games have had Morgan giving that ball carrying xfactor at 8!

  30. RedWyrm says:

    Just back from the Millennium Stadium. Very happy. Commiserations to England and Ireland. Huge congratulations to Italy. Watching France-Scotland and thinking if the Scots keep the pressure up, they could take this. Really very happy and have lost my voice. Great hwyl in the stadium. Oh, and Howley, you lucky lucky bastard.

    (Will rewatch the game to get a more objective perspective — if some of their handling had been luckier earlier, I think the game could have gone more England’s way. Oh, and I want to see Inverdale squirm. Ha!)

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