Italy -v- Ireland – Vote for your MOTM

ITALYIRELANDBloody Italians. Still can’t spell either their name or their oppo’s.

Was BOD MOTM in possibly his last appearance in green? Will BOD’s retirement mark the end of such acronym festivals? Whatever, vote for your MOTM.

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150 Responses to Italy -v- Ireland – Vote for your MOTM

  1. Bioface says:

    great work Mike Brown

  2. gravellbalboa says:

    North was going the distance then

  3. utnapishtm says:

    what a great tackle by brown

  4. gravellbalboa says:

    Go on Tips!

  5. thaumaturge says:

    Biiiig tackles by Wales. What a match!

  6. utnapishtm says:

    this is the best 30 mins of rugby that ive seen in years

  7. Kick through by Farrell to Brown was sublime.

  8. Tipuric and Warbs bossing the breakdown

  9. gravellbalboa says:

    Cracking half. All to play for.

  10. All the kick through achieved was to lose possession close to the line.

  11. avsfan says:

    this is the best 30 mins of rugby that ive seen in years

    Sorry to hear that.

  12. utnapishtm says:

    the replacements will be crucial here. the starting 30 will be out on their feet with this pace

  13. tichtheid says:

    Sag, thatnks mate it was ghostery right enough.

    That was a cracking half there. The front row battle is enormous.

  14. avsfan says:

    Someone please find Shane another day job.

    Gripping stuff for sure. Does anyone know when was the last time Doc Roberts passed the ball?

    Both packs giving their all.

  15. @FD I thought Brown caught it then lost it in the hit

  16. avsfan says:

    Any photos coming in from the Tup?

  17. Expro says:

    it was a lovely kick through, but with less flat alignment ball could have gone through the hands on a huge overlap.

    ashton’s tackling getting slated by SCW and Jiffy

  18. gravellbalboa says:

    Pace off the match is incredible….I bet Wales are wishing they went to Poland

  19. sagmog says:

    I thought Brown caught it then lost it in the hit

    He did, before the hit I think.
    FD’s just trolling to see if I’m awake.

  20. He doesn’t pass brown goes over the sideline. He is left to go for a low percentage offload and loses the ball. I am anti grubber in general, not anti faz here. They often look better than they are.

  21. Underdog says:

    Decent half. England forcing it like they were against Italy. Sign of their youth?

    Both sides making it a good game so far, which is nice.

    What’s the point of the roof if the pitch gets wet anyway?

  22. markrobotarm says:

    Drunken, one-eyed, knob-headed observations here, at half-time.

    BBC commentary terribly one-sided. Eddie & Shane (+Jiffy, in “analysis” booth) v Brian. Sounds terribly Welsh, to my ears.

    Eddie B, every time England put the high-ball up, adds a couple of chasers beaten to every Welsh catcher. It’s a bloody joke.

    Too many players – on both sides – appealing to the ref for decisions. Noticed, particularly, Evans, for Wales and Goode, for England. Cut it out, you set of pricks. This isn’t football. Or Italian rugby.

    Hibbard seems to be playing on the absolute limit of legality. A couple of late hits and a couple of stuttering throw-ins, which I thought were outlawed, these days.

    Think the result, if not, necessarily, the championship will hinge on a mistake. For me, it’s been a great game, played at a ridiculous pace. Hoping it’s a repeat of the French game where fitness and subs come through in the last 20.

  23. meadesian says:

    Timbob, not sumbeatim. A thousand apologies.

  24. Underdog says:

    Still firmly in the ‘North is not as good as he thinks he is because he never passes’ camp, BTW. He’s been more effective than last week, but watching Tipuric scream at him to pass the ball, and then bodily pick up Georgie and drag him forwards out of frustration was funny.

  25. gravellbalboa says:


    I thought Hibbard had a great half….maybe that’s the definition of being on the limit of legality?

  26. Underdog says:

    See you on the other side folks, enjoy.

    I look forward to seeing Throb lift that trophy… Eep.

  27. Anyway,Flood would have drawn two defenders and offloaded to brown to walk in. That’s me trolling you Sag.

  28. snakkbar says:

    got to give credit to wales for this performance, a completely different team from the start of the championship. cracking game.

  29. Bioface says:

    Think Vunipola will be coming on soon. Need something to give the scrum a boost. …Oh SL beat me to it.

  30. laraxwell says:

    It was my way of saying you’re full of shit.
    The game wasn’t won and lost on Canale’s tackle on Kearney. The game was won by the Italian pack, not a one off hit out wide. You were at it again last week re Emerick. Still talking about a hit on O’ Driscoll how many years ago. Yeah I get it- you don’t like O’ Driscoll so lets bring up the Emerick hit at every opportunity.
    Show us some global insight on the game dogdammit

  31. avsfan says:

    Brian Moore praising England’s defense. Fair enough, but it is pretty easy to defend against unimaginative, one out, trundle at the line type of play. It is almost as if, that close to the line, Wales were playing for the penalty.

  32. gravellbalboa says:

    Cuthbert for the lions!

  33. thaumaturge says:


  34. markrobotarm says:


    Not, for a second, saying he didn’t. It’s what you can get away with, isn’t it?

    No real issue with the (slightly) late hits. That happens at all levels. Just thought the stutter, half-throw at the line-out had been targeted for penalising, which Hibbard was definitely guilty of on a couple of occasions, without the officials spotting it.

    All that said, I’m loving the game. Even at 12-3 down.

  35. utnapishtm says:

    what great play by tipuric

  36. markrobotarm says:

    Funnily enough, less so at 17-3.

  37. thaumaturge says:

    Bog-brush for another kick … and he misses it!

  38. No jib. No jib at all.

  39. Are sag and cat sharpening their knives?

  40. utnapishtm says:

    great sh battle. youngs probing and flicking, philips immense in defence and cool at the back of the ruck

  41. meadesian says:

    The shirt Jones. Bind ON THE SHIRT x

  42. gravellbalboa says:

    Impressive stuff from Wales.

  43. Now there is some jib.

  44. gravellbalboa says:


  45. Bioface says:

    This is horrible. Is You’ve been framed on the other side? Congrats Wales.

  46. utnapishtm says:

    this is fking amazing from wales.

  47. Cuthbert will not be crying today.

  48. gravellbalboa says:

    This gives Gatland all the excuses he need to pick loads of taffies

  49. deebee7 says:

    So I get back to my hotel after a 7 1/2 trip (only 350km, but torturous), flick on the TV expecting to see England and Wales slug it out, and what to I get? The Golden Fucking Lions! Not even in the Super 15! Yes, they’re my team, but FFS!

    Rugby 365, where I’m following the bloody commentary, reckon Walsh is having a ‘mare? Oh and congrats to Italy!

  50. Expro says:

    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale
    can’t wait for Inverdale

  51. thaumaturge says:

    Fantastic stuff.

  52. tichtheid says:

    If anyone doesn’t vote for Adam Jones as MOM they are a nutter – all this fancy dan stuff is as a result of what he has done.

    I think the discussion over the Lions starter tighthead is now closed.

  53. utnapishtm says:

    congrats to HASK on his half century

  54. markrobotarm says:

    May I be the first to offer my profound support to our dragon-led Lions in Australia this summer.

    Best result ever for Gats and the England management.

  55. utnapishtm says:

    walsh is doing well. calm clear and consistent

  56. Expro says:

    anyone think Farrell bottled the cover tackle on Cuthbert for the 1st try?

  57. Expro you’re not allowed to say such things on here.

  58. poringbrick says:

    I didn’t see this coming.

  59. avsfan says:

    Wales have awoken. Impressive. Congrats to all the boyos on here.

  60. utnapishtm says:

    FFS care

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