Wales -v- England – Vote for your MOTM

rugby-union-five-nations-championships-wales-v-englandSome of the England players turned up under-dressed for the occasion, but, apart from that, who was your MOTM?

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  1. sagmog says:

    Gadies and Lentlemen, if the great dogs of Malbec spare me, we may have a SUNDAY Hask tomorrow.
    I’ll stick the Fra-Sco MOTM up shortly though.

  2. tichtheid says:

    Good point from Gabby there, Freddy shouldn’t have been on the pitch for the last half an hour, the part of the game where he swung it for France.

  3. Will Freddy ever be selected again?this has to be his last game for France.

  4. It is interesting how many of the games have been relatively one sided in terms of territory and possession in this tournament.

  5. sagmog says:

    The use of Adele in a rugby context requires distraction.
    New Blog

  6. It’s been awhile since the colliery tup folks have checked in, which I suppose is a good sign.

  7. deebee7 says:

    Well, a miserable 6N for me. So much promise, so much pedigreeso much listening to the hype of others, and the result? Abject failure. I am France and I claim my 5 euros.

  8. laraxwell says:

    I want to hear if the boys are still in one piece
    How many pints RoS?
    Lions selections will be fun now..still alot of relevant rugby to go…SOB my Irish player of the 6N

  9. Borderboy says:

    Ah well, well done France & Fightin’ Freddie Michalak! They deserved the win, but I wish we could work things better BEFORE going behind next time. Also, was it just me or did Pyrgos play better than Laidlaw when he came on? Laidlaw seemed to spend a lot of time at rucks looking at where everybody else was and forgot that the ball was there to be moved. There was one ruck where the forwards had fought for the ball, and he just stood at the side while the French broke away. He didn’t seem quick enough at the breakdown (when we had the ball at the breakdown, that is).
    Noticed at the end when they showed the table, that we have actually scored more points than England during the 6N – only by 4, though, yet they beat us by 20 in the first game. That’s quite a turnaround for a team that never has the ball – imagine what could happen if we did get it for more than 5 minutes each game.

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