The SUNDAY Hask 17th March 2013



Schoolgirl Lourdes O’Hoolahoolahan (7) couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened her packed lunch on Friday. Staring back at her from a shortcake biscuit, was the visage of Ireland’s Greatest Son.

Staff at St. Acrimonious Primary School immediately contacted The SUNDAY Hask and we dispatched our top photographer to obtain this EXCLUSIVE picture.

Pope Francis has barely taken office and is now faced with the very real possibility of declaring BOD a Living Saint.

Pope Francis on being informed of the news by The SUNDAY Hask

Pope Francis on being informed of the news by The SUNDAY Hask

In other news, a large consignment of England Grand Slam 2013 memorabilia was destroyed in a warehouse fire late last night.

Police are not treating it as suspicious.

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  1. therealbennyblanco says:

    Sag, from my point of view, I’d like QC to be at the top of his game, then suffer a massive loss of form in June. Is that too much to ask?

  2. sextonhalfpennysandwich says:

    howdy all

    seems as though there were no fall outs at the BTL booze up, fair play lads hope ye had a blast

    Ireland were muck…Italy didnt have to do much to win, but they well desreved the win
    Scotland seemed to keep us from the wooden spoon, France werent up to a whole pile
    Wales gave England a Drublin….I had mentioned earlier that England were 4 from 4 by profiting on the opposition mistakes…nowt wrong with that except when the oppo dont make many…

    It seems as though while I was at a sitting in the pub the mrs tried to frape me again, but she encountered a password problem, so she created her own account….

  3. avsfan says:

    Fruean coming right in the second half.

  4. MisterIks says:

    I know you were all worried so just to confirm I arrived safely home Saturday evening, thank you.

    A complete IT malfunction greeted us so we have no proper internet till next week, but this ensured my plan to record and watch all the games back-to-back without knowing the results worked perfectly this Sunday morning.

    Glad to read that the Works Outing went well, especially as everyone survived AND had a good time. Marvellous!

    Goodnight all – hopefully MrsIks will sort out with our suppliers why our networks are cut off and I can pitch in properly tomorrow.

  5. @ Benny

    The ponies first try was so impressive.

  6. Third try, I meant.

  7. I am interested by the fact that both mcmeniman and George smith were able to come back from Japanese rugby and look very comfortable at super level. Both class players obviously, but still surprising.

  8. I have always imagined what it would be like to combine saffa forward play with an Aussie back line, and now I know. You get this current brumbies side. I am hoping deans just selects the entire brumbies side to take on the lions.

  9. avsfan says:

    KJH – Its getting confusing now. Kindly each of you stick to your own personas.

  10. avsfan says:

    I am hoping deans just selects the entire brumbies side to take on the lions.

    Don’t be silly. The NZRU would never allow it.

  11. Why would the nzru mind us beating the lions? just as long as he starts messing with selection for the rugby championship.

  12. avsfan says:

    We want a physically, emotionally shattered Wallabies team for the Championship. Nothing as dangerous in world rugby as a Wallaby team with their tails up.

  13. Starting to change my mind about mowen, he might make a decent international.

  14. therealbennyblanco says:

    I agree about Mowen. He’s as good a/better 6 option as anyone else at the moment, better than Higginbotham, Dennis.

  15. ElSuavo says:

    Nice work with the biscuit ATL there, Sag.
    I trust all are coping OK with the weekend’s results. It took a fair bit of ‘adjustment’ for me to get over the Highlanders losing again and that being followed by the French beating Scotland. But being a follower of those 2 teams it’s not like I don’t get plenty of practice at sorrow-drowning.

    Very pleased to hear that the Works Outing went well and that no-one seems to have been arrested, or even thrown out of the pub. I am looking forward to reading ATL multiple versions of what went on, each from a different view-point. Perhaps Sag can collate a few reports & output them as a single ATL offering.

    @avs, I thought Dingo Deans was there to bite off any Wallaby tails that happen to get up?

  16. avsfan says:

    Man, just had a quick read of Andy Bull’s article, and some of his comments BTL over on the Titanic. The guy comes across as a complete dick. Would have said so, but can’t be arsed reactivating my account over there.

  17. avsfan says:

    Of course Mowen is good – the Tahs cut him loose.

  18. sagmog says:

    If anyone hasn’t, go read Shaun’s piece he’s just published on the Graun.

  19. ElSuavo says:

    It’s a decent few paras but it isn’t enough to change my mind about him after all the bitter, whinging drivel he has served up so often in the past.

  20. sagmog says:

    I thought it was self-serving drivel myself.

  21. ElSuavo says:

    I am obviously feeling rather too generous. Your opinion is striking a chord and accords with my previous feelings towards him. I’ll chuck out the generosity and go with your ‘self-serving drivel’.
    He no doubt is hoping that the Lions lose all the tests so he can feel that it would all have been different if he had been involved.
    I just can’t stand him. He & Scott Johnstone should get married & piss off into the sunset together.

  22. avsfan says:

    Can I just say, on behalf of the New Zealand public in general, and the cricket team in particular, Thank You England, Thank You, for bringing the weather with you.

  23. therealbennyblanco says:

    Is it going to hang around long enough to break the drought? Or just long enough to disrupt the cricket?

  24. bedfordbluesfan says:

    Morning All,

    I hope there is going to be plenty of conversation today to distract me from work.

    A kind friend pointed me in the direction of this in an Aussie paper. There’s no reference I’m afraid as I’ve copied it from a photo of newsprint. I’ve altered the name as I’m not sure on the blogs policy about naming and shaming Drugs Cheats.

    “I think it is terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Ance Larmstrong, especially after what he achieved winning seven Tour de France races while competing on drugs.
    When I was on drugs, I couldn’t even find my bike.”

  25. meadesian says:

    Welcome home MisterIks, you’ve returned as the winner of the Art of Domination 6 Nations Superbru! Chapeau.

  26. meadesian says:

    Where is everyone? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen another person yet today.

    Oh my god, Crash’s sci-fi nerd movie marathon has triggered a real-life invasion of the body snatchers hasn’t it?

  27. elsnoopio says:

    6Ns is over – time for quiet contemplation for fans of all teams.

  28. meadesian says:

    Quiet contemplation? Pull the other one Snoop, it’s got bells on it.

  29. Karl1976 says:

    I still feel like crap…

  30. bedfordbluesfan says:

    Couldn’t bring myself to dip into the articles on the Graun as they seem like click bait designed to wind up the WLF, (other Lunatic Fringes are available!). eg something along the lines of Irish players offer fresh options for the Lions.

  31. OnlyoneT says:

    So did the BTL meet up end in drunken touch rugby in the pissing rain in the park next door… or just vomit and kebabs?

  32. killerline says:

    @Karl me too.

    RoS is back on the sauce all day today. Nutter.

  33. Karl1976 says:

    OOT – no, but safe to say we were all (most of us, anyway) completely hoolit by the end of the evening.

    Yesterday was a challenge.

  34. deebee7 says:

    Brumbies are really looking the part this season – Jake White doing a sterling job with them despite being a dickhead himself. I think the Lions tour is setting up to be a cracker, with the Aussies developing a bit of mongrel just in time for the series to start. I really, really, hope both sides are as near as possible to full strength for the series.

  35. killerline says:

    @Deebee we have the magnificent Welsh team as the test template.

    Can’t. Fail.

  36. Droptheclaw says:

    I still feel seedy.

  37. killerline says:


    I’ve just got to resist the lunchtime 2 Stellas.


  38. Droptheclaw says:

    I have to go and meet the registrar to give notice and then have a large report to work on. Boak.

  39. MisterIks says:

    Thank you Mr Meades. Thought I’d blown the Superbru by calling Ireland v Italy wrong.

    Kitson is still blathering on about Sheridan and Wilko for the Lions. And he’s thrown Gareth Delve’s name into the mix too! Delve never made the step up to international level, he’s too brittle.

    @killer – your avatar has a very forlorn look today. You alright?

  40. killerline says:


    thanks for asking. I am forlorn. That said, England haven’t convinced me much this championship.
    So I have a Irish sanguine perspective so.

    Our selection policy has irked me and I’m almost glad of Saturday to give the management a kicking. Not that it’ll do any good. Lancaster’s already defending his selection without, it seems to me, understanding the obvious errors. I can’t have much sympathy.

    Look at Kitson: last week the Lions plane is full of Englishmen. This week the opposite.
    I saw us crawl past Ireland, France and Italy without really leaving a stylistic imprint on those games.

  41. MisterIks says:

    Oh and sag, the Sunday Hask is awesome. The shortcake biscuit is a great scoop, well presented.

    I read it as an omen, especially as the girl who found it is called Lourdes – uncanny or what? I think it means that the time has come for BOD to retire to a grotto and put his feet up with a cup of tea, rather than playing one game too many. Better saint than martyr, eh?

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