The Upsets That Upset Most Upsettingly

Magnifique? Moi?

Magnifique? Moi?

Let’s get the one non-upset out of the way first. Despite a promising start Montpellier never really had enough to deal with Clermont, many people’s favourite for the trophy. A team that some seasoned observers have said has it all. A monstrous scrum, powerful elusive backs all controlled by the magnificent Morgan Parra, a combination many think is simply unstoppable.

So let’s move on to the first of the weekend’s upsets. Despite being in a run of form so limp it needed to walk with a stick, Ulster were deemed to have turned the corner and were returning to the storming form they were showing before the Six Nations. Heavy favourites to turn over the stodgy, one-dimensional leaders of the Aviva Premiership.
Saracens, on the other hand, were playing away from their new home stadium where they had started to show signs of back play.

Come the match, Ulster’s scrum utterly dominated Sarries, splintering it numerous times. Cowardly, Sarries took this as a cue to rein in their game and play the percentages. This hideous act of anti-rugby, was enough to stymie Ulster’s all-round game and the upset was complete.

...then I just ran round them...

…then I just ran round them…

Moving on to Sunday. Quins surely just had to turn up and play their usual fast offloading game and all would be well. Paul O’Connell had other ideas. An overwhelmingly, and to this correspondent’s eyes and ears, horribly Quins biased media, were trying their best to paint a picture of English superiority, but it was obvious to all who watched, that, clearly, Quins arrogance had left them unprepared for the challenge, and Munster heroically made them pay.

In case you missed him yesterday

In case you missed him yesterday

Last and least. Purely because I had to keep leaving the TV every time “Master” or “apprentice” was mentioned. Due to this, I barely saw any of the action. When I did get back to the TV, I then had to leave again due to overuse of Old v Young. A truly horrendous weekend’s rugby commentary had reached it’s nadir.

I read that Tigers lost. The Master, defeating the apprentice.

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  1. avsfan says:

    And a very good night to you too, MisterIks

  2. ClydeMillerWynant says:

    Think of the appeal of golf as similar to that of cricket. Takes a long time and is involving to the extent that all other considerations are out of the window for the afternoon. Both have elitist aspects to them in England, but neither have to be that way. Only time in my life for one of them for now though and barely even that. From what I’ve just read I’m not sure about the ball-slicing or wildlife aspects of golf either and believe a moving ball to be of more interest in any case.

  3. ClydeMillerWynant says:

    Night all. Off to dream about railway infrastructure and unruly two year olds.

  4. ElSuavo says:

    @MrIks, good call – you’ll get roundly ignored (at best) or actively ostracised (at worst) calling attention to yourself like that. [Still loving your reference to ‘The Festival of the Nails’ from a couple of weeks ago 🙂 ]

    @Avs, there’s a bunch of injuries to contend with so the backline will be somewhat jury-rigged. We lost another 3 to injury on Friday! I rate Poki and if he & Ben Smith can conjure up something it is always exciting to watch. But the Brumbies will be a bit sour on themselves letting the game against the Kings slip and I fear a backlash, as you allude to. Whatever happens, it may dim the enthusiasm but cannot extinguish the love – such is fandom.

  5. ElSuavo says:

    It’s quiet & dark on the night-shift and blog-steals just don’t count.
    As Pink Floyd would sing intone: “Is there anybody out there?”

  6. ElSuavo says:

    Don’t make me use my “Fandom Menace” pun…

  7. avsfan says:

    The problem with Nonu is that, with SBW out of the frame, hopefully temporarily, no one else is standing out as a likely replacement come June. I like the look of Francis Saili, but he is still pretty raw, Crotty has the look of a European club contract all over him, as do the other 12s right now.

  8. ElSuavo says:

    Yeah, not much depth there as far as top-level players go, but quite a few that will be fine at provincial level. And I see Ben Smith as potential replacement for Conrad when he decides he’s had enough concussions.

  9. ElSuavo says:

    What’s making you cry, FD?

  10. I feel bad for the ABs’ dearth of talent in the backs. I weep many bitter tears.

  11. ElSuavo says:

    Oh, I see. Australian sarcastic tears – the very bitterest tears of all.
    Why not renounce the Dark Side and figuratively cross the ditch, become a kiwi and have the heavenly rugby light shine upon you? Oh look, you’ve got me all sarcastic now, too.

  12. If even the abs lack depth at 12, it does raise an interesting question given that it seems a more or less universal problem. Why so few good 12s?

  13. Pretty sure the ABs are the dark side. It is us who dress in the bright golden hues of the sun, while your lot get about dressed like darth vader.

  14. ElSuavo says:

    It’s about who you are not what you wear. That said, the ‘average’ ABs fan can be a horrible specimen sometimes. I think it is the pressure of expecting a win rather than hoping for a win. (They could do with following the Highlanders for a while to learn some humility and to replace the expectation with hope.)

  15. saltysam says:

    @ FD most of the guys presently excelling at 12 are really blindside flankers in disguise.
    There ARE good 12’s around in a few places … Toulon have Matt Giteau doing OK, and James Hook keeps on putting in nice performances, but the younger blokes are encouraged to
    a) bulk up
    b) concentrate on making huge hits.
    The likes of Nonu and (possibly) Tanu T at Leicester are those rarest of beasts, flankers who can play like backs.

  16. tichtheid says:

    *sits drumming fingers on desk, as to post now is an exercise in futility because dermott will have a new blog up soon and only Tov posts at this time*

  17. deebee7 says:

    Can I help you out their ticht? Usually as soon as I post an incredibly insightful, challenging and stimulating comment complete drivel early in the morning, dermott changes it.

  18. deebee7 says:

    On golf – used to love playing it. Got down from an 18 to an 11 pretty quickly once I started playing every week, but haven’t played in over 6 years now, as travel, uni fees for the sprog and now pending wedding costs have put it on the backburner.

    In South Africa there are plenty of courses located close to or in nature reserves or other wild areas and it’s not uncommon to have your ball pinched by a monkey, see antelope and other animals on the course – and take a drop rather than look for your ball in snake infested rough.

  19. deebee7 says:

    That should do the trick. On the AB’s not having a decent 12, I think that’s all relative – and there is so much quality wider of that, it won’t hurt too much to be brought back to the rest of us a bit. There was talk on one of the rugby blogs here this weekend that Carter might shift to 12 for the ‘Saders to give Bleyendaal an extended run in the 10 jersey. Thoughts?

  20. deebee7 says:

    A dermott-beating blog-steal might not be the greatest achievement early in the morning – a bit like waking up to see the Highlanders taking a pasting – but I shall claim it nonetheless.

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