Rhys’s Reflections – Mixed Blessings & Packed Suitcases

rhysHello everyone! I’m back again to bring you all up to date on life at home with Happy Ianto and Mam and how things are going for me!

Well, just to close the last chapter, my ex-girlfriend Gladys Moping-Pew did indeed drop by for a visit, and it was lovely to see her. Even my Mam seemed pleased as she insisted on perching herself quite uncomfortably on the edge of my bed so that Gladys could have my Mam’s favourite chair by the door while we all drank tea together.

Child's BedroomIt was was a bit surprising because my Mam was never that keen on Gladys in our courting days. Mam thought I could do better with one of the nice girls from the posh new Jonathan Davies Gated Community on the other side of the Valley.

Anyway, let me share some good news. My rehab is over and I am fully back on my feet again training and raring to go!

Golly! Talk about stiff!

“Golly! Talk about stiff!”

It wasn’t all plain sailing I can tell you.

I remember another day in particular when I had a visit from some of the lads from the Welsh squad just before the Six Nations started. Ryan Jones, Dan Biggar, JD and Leigh all dropped in to say hello.

I was well on the road to recovery by then and we were all sat around chatting in the front room. Dan had been reading my hardback edition of book2Bears in the Forest – I read Happy Ianto a chapter every night before we go to sleep – and he was putting the hefty tome down when it somehow slipped from his hands and you’ll never guess which of my feet it landed on with a thump!

The pain was excruciating, but when the agony started to subside about an hour later we all had a good laugh about “Dan’s handling ability” as Ryan carried me back upstairs to spend an  extra two weeks in bed!

superheroAnd Dan’s such a thoughtful friend. He popped in a couple of days later with a special present for Happy Ianto and me to make up for his clumsiness.

In some ways, though, I was relieved as around that time I had started to fret about being fit again in time for the Lions tour. Feeling homesick was still one of the less happy memories of the World Cup, and on top of that things came to a head one night when I had a very upsetting dream about the Lions trip …

warningI was with the Lions squad in Australia and I was asleep in a hotel room near the ocean.

Suddenly a crack of light crackoflightsplit the room in two as the bedroom door opened and someone slipped in and crept towards my bedside.

This shadowy figure reached down and gently eased his gnarly fingers under my duvet. My horror intensified when I realised that he was groping for Happy Ianto!

RP002Then suddenly I was looking down from my hotel balcony onto an unspeakable act unfolding on the terrace below. Manu, Dylan and Ginster were competing to see who could throw Happy Ianto as far out to sea as possible! flyingteddy

On and on it went, and the more soaked and heavy Ianto became with each dunking, the further he flew out to sea.floating

I woke bathed in sweat, I can tell you, but thankfully I was home in my own bed with Happy Ianto safely tucked up beside me. I realised very quickly it had only been a Lions dream because Dylan and Ginster were there.

But even though I was plagued by doubts and misgivings, I knew my days at home with Mam couldn’t last forever. I was fit again and the familiar, restless feelings were returning. I tried to suppress them by jogging each day up to Gwyryf’s Leap. loiterOn my way I would pass the lads hanging round the corner Co-Op, and as I came into view they would point and shout, “Look! Look! It’s James Hook!” before doubling-up with laughter.

I really have those lads to thank for waking me up to myself. James didn’t sit around moping because he wasn’t allowed to play out-half. He had the courage to go all the way to a foreign country with a different language and now he’s rich.

My Mam knew the time had come too. She was still trying to be her happy self but I noticed that whenever we talked in the kitchen she would start to wipe her hands nervously on her apron even though they were always dry.

suitcaseSo now the day has finally come and my suitcases are packed and waiting in the hallway. Of course Happy Ianto tried to smuggle himself into a bag like he always does. We had our little laugh together about it like we always do. But it’s not a real laugh … it’s like a … a pretend laugh.

I know my Mam will listen to some of her old LPs when I’m gone, which gave me the idea to use one of her favourite songs – Suzanne by Leonard Cohen – to say this special goodbye to my best friend Happy Ianto.

Ianto takes you down
To his place near the back door
You can hear the folks go by
You can spend the day beside him
And you know that he’s half-crazy
But that’s why you want to be there
And he feeds you tea and welshcakes
That come all the way from Blaina
And just when you mean to tell him
That soon you’ll have to leave him
He gets you on his wavelength
And he lets the breezes answer
That he’ll always be here for you
Though he wants to travel with you
Even though he travels blind
For he knows that he can trust you
To keep his little body in your mind

Happy Ianto

Goodbye, Happy Ianto, and goodbye everybody! Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: MisterIks travelled to Wales for this interview courtesy of the Jonathan Davies Gated Community – No Right Turns, Only Left, Go Left!

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  1. MisterIks says:

    Be warned Mr. Meades. Alison’s voice is not for every taste. Very much an acquired one.

    Here’s an easy intro vid

    Not quite the original as it seems to me a remix from Robert Smith of the Cure. Also very much a child of the 80s / 90s

  2. meadesian says:

    I am sick and f*cking tired of this country’s weather these days. Freezing for months, then when it finally warms up we get ludicrously high winds. If this is Porce-Cat’s doing then I’m going over to the other side.

  3. I live on top a hill. Can barely sleep.

  4. If this is Porce-Cat’s doing then I’m going over to the other side.

    If your faith is this weak, no wonder the Porce-Cat punishes you. The weather here is 23 celsius, and only a gentle cooling breeze.

  5. meadesian says:

    RoS, you sound like you’re in a nursery rhyme.

    FD, get out. Go on, you weather-gloater you.

  6. MisterIks says:

    @Borderboy – tunes started to be included from their 1993 cd ‘Forever’. The ones after – Loved / Population 4 and Future Songs are probably the most accessible.

  7. MisterIks says:

    Lovely nursery rhyme analogy Mr Meades.

    Over here the weather has leapt from bleak mid-winter to temperatures of 25° this week – with no transition phase. It’s truly bonkers.

  8. meadesian says:

    Last week in the Savoy Alps it was warm, but with plenty of rain around. The day after I left, it hit 30 degrees and was all-day sunshine. It has persisted since.


  9. ElSuavo says:

    Perhaps, MrMeades(ian), you have angered the weather dogs? They don’t like me & often ambush me when on a walk with the (real) dogs, sending cold rain down when I am furthest from home. And without jacket. Umbrella also, as with 2 dogs on leashes I haven’t a spare hand for the brolly.
    The disadvantages of having 2 arms, regardless of the opposable thumbs.

  10. meadesian says:

    Maybe I have, although I think it more likely that we are all being punished for killer’s heretical behaviours.

  11. avsfan says:

    … regardless of the opposable thumbs.

    A rare feature in a Highlander’s fan.

  12. avsfan says:

    T’was bloody windy on the river yesterday. Nearly got hit by a falling tree, and too strong to get the lighter to work.

  13. avsfan says:

    FD: Reds vs Brumbies. Match of the round. What’s your pick? I think I’m going for the Reds. Hitting their straps nicely.

  14. avsfan says:

    Oh, come on, don’t make me steal the blog.

  15. firstdifference says:

    Plus the reds are very hard to beat in Brisbane. I think they will have the edge.

  16. MisterIks says:

    Avs – I’m sure your magnificent long overcoat was whipped and thrashed by the wind as you casually pulled the collar high to light the cigarette you held in your steady hand as the trees fell around you.

    Which is my way of saying sorry but I really, really have to retire for the night now (my third attempt).


  17. avsfan says:


  18. killerline says:

    AVS doesn’t waste time with tobacco.

  19. ElSuavo says:

    But he wastes time throwing cheap insults at the long-suffering Highlanders fan. He doesn’t so much ‘fish’ as ‘shoot fish in a barrel’.

    @Meades, I’m not happy with the collective guilt for Killer’s heresies. Although collective guilt might help to explain The Human Condition. But why punish us for the sins of a machine?

  20. avsfan says:

    C’mon Suavo – you left yourself wide open for that one.

  21. ElSuavo says:

    Dashes my thoughts about kiwi solidarity somewhat, but I guess I’ve got to be happy to take it if I am happy to dish it out.

  22. ElSuavo says:

    Oh, and you are missing the plague of locusts and the volcanos spewing fire & brimstone as a result of the LGBT brigade getting marriage rights. It’s the end of the world – although I understand the South Island is unaffected.

  23. Dashes my thoughts about kiwi solidarity somewhat,

    Avs has been corrupted by his years in the US.

  24. avsfan says:

    Avs has been corrupted by his years in the US.

    True. I’m even half civil to the odd occasional Australian every now and then.

  25. avsfan says:

    Suavo – I particularly liked Maurice Williamson’s comment: I’ve even had a Catholic priest tell me that it was condoning an unnatural act. Strange from a man who has sworn himself to a life of celibacy.

    Or words to that effect.

  26. tichtheid says:

    I’ve just listened to a Cranes song called Starblood. I quite like it, not sure it’s “before 6 am music”, though.

  27. deebee7 says:

    … regardless of the opposable thumbs.

    A rare feature in a Highlander’s fan.

    Priceless, AVS – made my morning that did. Although if you’ve ever been to a match at Loftus you’ll revise your opinion. I don’t think the average Bulls fan has made it out of the primordial soup yet.

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