Heineken Cup Semi-Final Weekend

The one we're waiting for.

The one we’re waiting for.

It’s nearly time.

Just one sleep ’til the big one.

The clash we’ve all been waiting for.

Two of Europe’s best loved clubs going toe to toe for a place in the Heineken Cup Final.

So, spend today getting your supplies in, doing whatever chores have to be done to allow you free access to the TV tomorrow, because this is not to be missed. Years from now you’ll be telling people what you were drinking while this epic encounter unfolded before your rapt face.

Take the kids to the zoo today, do the gardening – DO ANYTHING – that let’s you get a free pass tomorrow. You won’t regret it.

See you all tomorrow, feck all on TV today.

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433 Responses to Heineken Cup Semi-Final Weekend

  1. famkeflaviasandwich says:

    my favourite Scottish bandish:::::::

  2. rachel685 says:

    I’m working on the hangover I’m going to bring to Borg v Le Borg tomorrow. Think it might be a spectacular one.

  3. rachel685 says:

    Aw. There’s something on Sky Living called ‘Ladyboys’ but I clicked on ‘info’ all hopeful and it turns out not to be about Leinster. Boo.

  4. famkeflaviasandwich says:

  5. tichtheid says:

    I only saw the fannies once, FFS, but I think I have all their albums – great band.

    They shared band members with BMX Bandits and the Soup Dragons – all of them were really good, they had a sixties sensibility about them.

    I heard a new song from Texas today on the radio, I thought it was really good – some of my mates are serious music snobs and don’t like the fact that I love Texas.

  6. tichtheid says:

    Rachel, we get the Ladyboys performing in a large tent every year at the Brighton Festival.

    Never seen Leo Cullen with the big feather fan yet.

  7. rachel685 says:

    Never seen Leo Cullen with the big feather fan yet.

    You’re missing out.

  8. Borderboy says:

    And with that image of Leo Cullen and a big feather fan in my brain, and Icehouse swirling around the rest of my head (Hey, little girl…) I’m off to have nightmares.

    Good night all.

  9. Chekhovian says:

    Whisky. Hiccups. Water. Cheking in, as per night all, love yoy lots.,ans lots . Etc.

    Sorry, wine testing got out of hand. Et . Fu k it.

    Hangover beckons, be gentle my love.

  10. sunbeamtim says:

    Morning all , Missed all last nights fun , this ones for all the hangovers .

  11. coddfish says:

    No Sunday Hask?

  12. Droptheclaw says:

    Not yet. I’m off for a driving lesson. Beautiful day for it.

  13. dermott says:

    Turn it up, Ms Coddfish, it’s Sunday morning, I had a sleep-in.

    But here you go. Your THE SUNDAY Hask is now available for collection at your local newsagent or convenience store:


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