The Lions Squad: A Saracens Perspective

No Sarries here. Must be the midweek team.

No Sarries here. Must be the midweek team.

The dust has settled.

It’s the calm after the storm.

It’s time now to sit down and pick over the selections with a clear head and work yourself back up into a righteous fury because your favourites have been under-represented. In that vein, the question must be asked: Where are all the Sarries?

Obviously, the three magnificent specimens who are making the trip will be lynchpins of the test XV, but let’s hope we don’t live to regret going to Australia without a large contingent from Barnet.

Six Tigers. Six! While I’m sure we all appreciate Richard Cockerill’s witty repartee at press conferences, are they really the club to provide such a large contingent of the midweek team?

Six from Leinster. Six! It is admirable that the province are going for Europe’s less prestigious trophy this year, but is that really the pedigree we want in our dirt trackers?

Let’s just hope that the essential Sarriesness of Owen, Matt and Mako has time to rub off on the other twenty members of the test squad. If not, we could be in serious trouble.

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724 Responses to The Lions Squad: A Saracens Perspective

  1. dermott says:

    @ benny

    On the evidence of his effort against Treviso last night, far from it. Poor in nearly every respect. But then he played 14 last night. sag will be along to explain the problems that might have caused.

  2. Michael448 says:

    Dermott, I didn’t get to see the match, were the Scarlett’s really bad?

  3. meadesian says:

    Liking the avatar Michael. Although if Crash sees it we’ll be knee-deep in nerdery tout suite.

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