THE SUNDAY Hask – Bumper Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice Day Edition – May 5th, 2013

Dictionary_IconheadlineInside this week’s Bumper Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice Day THE SUNDAY Hask Edition, your go-to Sabbath Red Top round-up of all things rugby, sometimes factual but more likely entirely invented in order to boost circulation:


The rugby world was left left literally speechless this Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice Day when it was revealed that the worldwide vitriolic response to the 2013 Lions Squad selection had exhausted the world’s pejoratives to the extent that they verge on extinction.

THE SUNDAY Hask understands that only two of the world’s known pejoratives remain unused. After much soul-searching amongst our Executive Editorial team, THE SUNDAY Hask tossed a coin and agreed to pleas by linguists not to publish them.

“They’re the only two left on the planet, once they’re used – that’s it for pejoratives forever”, one linguist told THE SUNDAY Hask exclusively. “We’ve got the pair safely confined in a secret location where we hope to undertake a captive breeding programme. Hopefully the numbers will be sufficiently replenished in time for the Lions tour and Lions fans will have a full range of pejoratives to hurl at their team’s shite performance Down Under.”

offshore-drilling-1THE SUNDAY Hask‘s investigative team failed to uncover the secret location and publishes this exclusive guess. We have masked the image in the interests of maintaining secrecy on the off-chance that we’re right.

Speaking exclusively to THE SUNDAY Hask, Lions coach Warren Gatland was unrepentant. “Feck conservation. I’ve gone out of my way to attract pejoratives my entire career. The proof’s in the pudding. Or are cliches endangered too?”


Sam Warburton’s family await his return from Lions duty. Uncle Kevin [rear] couldn’t stay awake.

Gatland was unsurprisingly supported in his stand by Lions skipper Sam Warburton who told THE SUNDAY Hask exclusively, “Get off the guy’s back. Without him I’d still be stuck on the side of a hill on an island in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean.”

England skipper and Lions Squad absentee Chris Robshaw was tight-lipped when approached by THE SUNDAY Hask for comment. “SYNTs, the pair of them”, Robshaw told THE SUNDAY Hask exclusively, “but fer feck sake don’t quote me in case I’m called up as a replacement.”

In other only marginally less dramatic rugby news this Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice Day, Saracens predictably overcame an enamelled bathing facility to seal top spot in the Premiership.


“More trouble”, says Saracens figurehead frontman mouthpiece

“We’d’ve had more trouble with a bidet”, figurehead frontman mouthpiece for distinctly unpleasant Brendan Venter, Mark McCall, told THE SUNDAY Hask exclusively.

Meanwhile, Exeter celebrated retaining their HC place with a last-minute Gareth Steenson penalty to give Glaws the gripes in a 40-39 win that only served to underline the optional approach to defence in NH rugby. As it happened, Exeter’s HC spot was safe anyway after the aforementioned enamelled bathing facility had sprung a terminal leak against Saracens.

In Rabies land, Treviso farewelled George North both from the Scarlets and on his Lions journey with a 41-17 tonking in which he hardly saw the ball except as it passed him by on its way to yet another Treviso try. Best of British & Irish, George. elwood

While, sadly, Connacht couldn’t mark coach and club legend Eric Elwood’s departure from the club with a win as they succumbed to Glasgow. THE SUNDAY Hask exclusively salutes Eric and wishes him well.

In Pooper Scooper land, Michael Cheika’s Tahs showed a touch of Cheika’s old crew Leinster as they ran in 11 tries against the tyro Kings team. The Kings have exceeded expectations in their first season but the relentless travel and playing is taking its toll.



“I didn’t have one single solitary complaint about anyone in the whole wide world after last week’s win over London Irish.”

We at THE SUNDAY Hask wish our readers a safe and happy Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice Day and urge you to eat more of the cereal grain he is revered for popularising.

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  1. Borderboy says:

    This could describe some folk on here……….

    Saw Frankie at the Garage in Glasgow some time in the 80s, with Brian Robertson on guitar, Simon Kirk on drums, and I can’t remember who the bass player was. Great gig but Robbo played the same solo for every song! (Or so it seemed).

  2. Borderboy says:

    Sorry, it was the Mayfair – I think it is the Garage now.

  3. avsfan says:

    What can I say. I grew up in a teetotal home, so exposure to alcohol was frowned upon. Late bloomer me, all round.

  4. craigsman says:

    But boy how you bloomed eh AVS? It’s ok to flower late on.

  5. Avs taught Zac guilford everything he know about drinking.

  6. craigsman says:

    Fd – and fighting. Best done in the nude, with oaps, in front of witnesses…

  7. tichtheid says:


    Belhaven Brewery is in my home town. It’s a very small place and I have a few mates I grew up with who work at the brewery, still.

    I hate to say it, but I never did like their beer.

  8. @ Ticht

    I liked the Wee heavy, I didn’t like their ipa at all.

  9. avsfan says:

    IPA is a certain blog killer.

  10. avsfan says:

    Too hoppy for my hipster tongue.

  11. avsfan says:

    PBR, on the other hand, is a great social lubricant.

  12. ElSuavo says:

    Not sure we’re ready for your tales of Social Lubrication, avs.

    Some nice interplay in the discussion about hipsters, food and drink. My old man was born just a few houses down from the Talisker distillery, so it’s a bit of a family tradition to favour it as a whisky. I’m getting to the bottom of an Adelphi bottling that is primarily Talisker from what I can tell & what the internet research indicates. Like some of the Speyside ones, too: Glenfarclas & Macallan being especial favourites.
    I tend to be dismissive of beersdrinks like Harp & Fosters but I’ve been in positions in the past where anything vaguely alcoholic was not to be sneered at. The few alcoholic beverages I cannot stomach are fortified wines and French brandies – most anything else is worth a try. Cocktails not so much – margarita OK, but that’s about it. To me, gin&tonic is a cocktail!

  13. killerline says:


    I’m in Dublin 1300 on the Friday, Claw something similar I think.

    Sorry to butt into your post, Killer, but a new blog is up, folks:

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