PooperScooper Friday 17th May


As promised we are now providing the full match experience for those too lazy to go find out for themselves.


Hurricanes v Chiefs, Westpac Stadium, Wellington
19:35 local, 07:35 GMT, 08:35 BST

Teams: http://www.espnscrum.com/super-rugby-2013/rugby/match/170225.html


Melbourne Rebels v Stormers, Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
19:40 local, 09:40 GMT, 10:40 BST

Teams: http://www.espnscrum.com/super-rugby-2013/rugby/match/170226.html


Force v Sharks, Perth Oval
19:40 local, 11:40 GMT, 12:40 BST

Teams: http://www.espnscrum.com/super-rugby-2013/rugby/match/170227.html

If that isn’t enough useful information for you, here’s some more:

Links to streams:




Obviously, the exact links for each match aren’t live yet, but these links will take you to nice places where you should be able to find all your rugby watching needs.

Enjoy your feast of no tackling basketball folks.

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490 Responses to PooperScooper Friday 17th May

  1. crashtopuss says:

    Nobody having Saints as a 2nd team? Come on now. Its not like you’d be accused of glory hunting

    There was a period for a while when they were just smashing people with their scrum and front row that I was really fond of them and was idly thinking they could well be my English team.

    Dylan Hartley put they kybosh on that pretty quickly. Calum Clark certainly didn’t help matters either shall we say.

  2. rachel685 says:

    Chek, you did the right thing. You have to look after yourself first and foremost and frankly, even sending a nice email to the other company in the first place already makes you nicer than most people. Don’t feel badly even for a moment.

    As for second teams, I guess I don’t really have one, because Leinster fulfils all my rugby needs.

    (I’m sorry, I turn into Ross O’Carroll Kelly on match days, I genuinely can’t stop myself).

  3. dovahkin says:

    aye, fair enough. Every team has its villians though and Hartleys behaved fine for ages now.

  4. crashtopuss says:


    I don’t think it’ll last though. Kudos to him if he proves me wrong. But I have a nightmare vision of him snapping and trying to do a Duncan McCrae to one of the Ozzie players during the Lions decider match.

    Still, at least Callum Clark isn’t a Lion.

  5. firstdifference says:

    Second teams?

    I supported France after Australia since watching this happen as a child

    I suppose I am Leinster supporter for family reasons.

  6. Chekhovian says:


    Superb try. Amazing what can be achieved on a rugby pitch just by keeping the ball alive. And how much rugby has changed in the 19 years since then.

  7. dovahkin says:

    Hartleys never really been that type, its more been nasty niggly stuff. And it has been a while. If he were your own youd have forgiven him by now eh?

    Clark pretty much needs to take a hammer to his own face before I;d even begin to think of him having paid his dues and can move on.

  8. crashtopuss says:

    Hartleys never really been that type, its more been nasty niggly stuff. And it has been a while. If he were your own youd have forgiven him by now eh?

    Erm… didn’t he do a bit of scumbag thuggery vs McCaw? Not quite a McCrae but the intent to harm was there anyway.

    And no, not really. Cian Healy was one of my favourite players but now I find it hard to warm to him at all anymore given his stamping and Twitter nonsense.

  9. expro2013 says:

    Cactus has had a few red mist moments.

    The spear tackle on Barkley could have been a little bit accidental, maybe some frustration at being tripped by Vickery.

    The kick to the head of DTH is pretty indefensible.

    His no arms tackle vs Italy was perhaps a slip up back to his football roots.

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