Amlin Challenge Cup Final


Leinster v Stade Français, Royal Dublin Society, Dublin
20:00 local, 19:00 GMT, 20:00 BST



15 Rob Kearney, 14 Andrew Conway, 13 Fergus McFadden, 12 Ian Madigan, 11 Isa Nacewa, 10 Jonathan Sexton, 9 Isaac Boss

1 Jack McGrath, 2 Sean Cronin, 3 Mike Ross, 4 Quinn Roux, 5 Devin Toner, 6 Rhys Ruddock, 7 Sean O’Brien, 8 Jamie Heaslip (capt)

16 Richardt Strauss, 17 Cian Healy, 18 Jamie Hagan, 19 Leo Cullen, 20 Shane Jennings, 21 John Cooney, 22 Andrew Goodman, 23 Dave Kearney


15 Jérôme Porical, 14 Jeremy Sinzelle, 13 Geoffrey Doumayrou, 12 Paul Williams, 11 Hugo Bonneval, 10 Jules Plisson, 9 Julien Dupuy

1 Aled De Malmanche, 2 Laurent Sempere, 3 Rabah Slimani, 4 Scott Lavalla, 5 Gerhard Mostert, 6 David Lyons, 7 Pierre Rabadan, 8 Sergio Parisse (capt)

16 Remy Bonfils, 17 Stanley Wright, 18 Jeremy Becasseau, 19 Anton van Zyl, 20 Lei Tomiki, 21 Waisea Nayacalevu, 22 Julien Arias, 23 Paul Warwick


TV Coverage

UK & Ireland- Live on Sky Sports 2 from 8pm Friday
France – Live on France 4
New Zealand – Live on The Rugby Channel from 7am Saturday
USA – Live on Fox Soccer Plus from 3pm ET Friday
Asia – Live on Setanta Asia from 3am HKT Saturday
Canada – Live on Sportsnet World from 3pm ET Friday
Italy – Delayed on Sky Sports Italia 2 from 11pm CET Friday
Australia – No coverage

Streaming Sites

With apologies to French people – C’mon Connacht!

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258 Responses to Amlin Challenge Cup Final

  1. daffodane says:

    As an O’s sufferer next years HEC

    Would like; Toulouse/Munster, anyone but Sarries/Tigers, Ospreys, Treviso/Zebre

    Would not like; Clermont, Tigers, Ospreys, Exeter

  2. beadleclawuk says:

    Hi Larry I’ll take either of those groups you offer and would hope that Glaws will perform nicely enough to make second, even first if we can solve our front five inconsistencies.

    I’m a mite insulted unless you’re thinking that we would be taking points of the other teams whilst rolling over for the Ulstermen instead of being patsies like Zebre…

  3. beadleclawuk says:

    ooh Daff that CA, Tigers, Os, Chiefs option looks like pain all around…

  4. CanaryattheWharf says:


    I should be offended you think Munster, along with Toulouse, are the weakest of the top seeds but on overall performance this year you’re probably right. IIRC you did well at home versus Tigers, with an on-form kicker you’d have won.

    How would Munster, Perpignan and Gloucester suit? I’d be happy with that group for Munster, no easy games but none I’d see as mission impossible.

    So I wouldn’t give up hope, unless you get Clermont, Tigers/Sarries and Racing – don’t think you can have 2 English teams in the same pool.

  5. beadleclawuk says:

    @canary Glaws had Quins in their group two years back with the Wesht and Toulouse…

  6. daffodane says:

    Ospreys had 8 representatives for the Lions on the 2009 tour, and 5 on the present tour. Don’t know what to make of this?
    Leinster have 6 this year, and I think 5 of them are likely starters, that includes Heaslip.

    Good to see also that the top 2 of the Rabo will play off to be Champions this year. It probably happens more often than not, I just felt the O’s have sneaked it a few times.

  7. ElSuavo says:

    FD will be pleased with the Tahs late & narrow win over the Brumbies.
    One of those games where you (I) want both teams to lose…

  8. ElSuavo says:

    Over & out from me! Hope everyone is having a cracking weekend.

  9. CanaryattheWharf says:


    I think England must have had seven teams in the competition then – didn’t Quins win the Amlin in 2010-11 so 2011-12 it would have had an extra. Is that the season you’re thinking of? Next year there will be ‘only’ six English sides.

    I could be wrong but I think the draw is made in such as way as to stop two teams from the same country being in the same pool unless the country has seven entrants.

  10. daffodane says:

    Canary Toulouse and Munster the O’s have a history of picking up points against in the HEC, well the last couple of seasons, or in my imagination maybe? Was also thinking the same about having countries represented twice in the groups, so from the 4th seeds I would take anyone for the O’s to implode gloriously against.

  11. CanaryattheWharf says:

    Daff – Lions starters will depend on how Gats wants to play it.

    I feel Leinster will have 2 pretty definite starters (BOD & Sexton), Three other might start (Heaslip, Healy & SOB) but I think the latter two, especially SOB, are more likely to be on the bench if even in the match 23. Kearney – I suspect Hogg might get the bench instead as a utility and impact sub. Though as Kearney played very well last night he looks well on form to take over from 1/2p if the latter’s injured or his form falters.

    In 2009 didn’t the Ospreys have the ‘galacticos’ tag? Pretty but could be ground into the dust. They may be less star-studded now but are probably tougher opponents overall.

  12. CanaryattheWharf says:

    Daff – yes, 2010-11 it was a closely matched double-header between Os & Munster: BP losses away for both, try count even?

    Toulon (deservedly) won the group by getting the sole away win, against Reading non-Exiles IIRC. But the match-ups between the top 3 were very even*, can’t recall which team came out on top on match points, try count etc.

    * Even given Toulon’s thumping of Munster in France, IIRC they didn’t get a 4-try BP and we had one against them at Thomond. Might be red-tinted specs there.

  13. LarryM says:

    *something Stade were definitely missing last night.

    I could be kinder, but that would be bullshit; they were shite.

    @beadle – there are six English teams, we have to take precisely one in our pool. Perpignan and Cardiff are certainly preferable to the big four, meaning (in an ideal world) it comes down to Exeter/Glaws.

    While Gloucester have more stardust (and a young team that will probably go past the Chiefs in terms of quality at some stage) I’d prefer to face your lot than them. They’re limited but tough, hardy and consistently a bother at the very least. The way Glaws excited Europe this year makes me think they are the easier proposition (though I’m wary of saying that as clearly its a young side on the up and will be better next year).

    I don’t think any of the English sides are poor or walkovers, but we’ve gotta have one.

    @canary – you are right about how it works, basically there has to be at least one English and one French side in each group. Only in the years when one (or both) has seven sides (their maximum) do you see a group doubling up. Beyond that, no two teams from the other four nations can co-habit. Keeps the whole thing fresh, IMO.

  14. CanaryattheWharf says:

    Larry – as you say having (nearly always) teams from 4 different nations in each pool adds variety to the match ups.

    Something that would be missing if the PRL proposals are eventually rammed through unaltered.

    Yep, despite their talent i think I’d rather have Gloucester than any of the other English sides. Not that they’re weak, just not as strong mentally as the others or as experienced in the pool dynamics.

    Wouldn’t be ‘afraid’ of any of the English Big Four but why make it more difficult if it can be avoided? Another crack at Sarries would be fun, we were pretty equal to them this time around.

    However, I think the wish for Perpignan/Cardiff is based on increasing the chances of avoiding Racing or Montpellier, I’d place them above Gloucester or Chiefs!

  15. Borderboy says:

    This is great – never mind the Lions! That’s old hat now. Let’s look forward to NEXT season! Thinking about the Rabo – Glasgow will be the best Scottish team (unless something EXTRAORDINARY happens at Edinburgh, like Dan Carter deciding he wants to spend some time in the Athens of the North!), Ulster to be the best of the Irish sides (Larry? It seems as though they might have the least amount of changes and have a good mix of youth and experience), Treviso to be pretty tough, and as for the Welsh sides – which side will lose the least amount of players and be able to put in a push. Scarlets will get Barclay – they’ll need him back on top form plus some others, Ospreys perhaps still the best of the Welsh?

  16. CanaryattheWharf says:

    BB- yep, for most of us (bar Tigers/Saints/Ladyboys & Ulster fans) the club season is over, we’ve done the Lions to death even before the start of the tour.

    Time to look forward 🙂

  17. beadleclawuk says:

    Re potential frailties of Glaws these are all fair comment – seems to be our cultural identity at Kingsholm despite the grunt at grassroots. I do think we’ve been tougher this year than last and am hopeful that Nige will help us kick on. Getting the Heiney qualification back is crucial for this and we need to show that this is the level of competition we need to be in to test and develop that mental toughness

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