Top 14 Semi-Finals 2013


This weekend is a viewing nightmare for the armchair rugby fanatic. We have two finals, two semi-finals and a full round of PooperScooper.

So, to help you plan, here’s what’s happening in Top 14 Semi-Final land.

Fri 24 Semi final: Toulon v Toulouse, Stade de la Beaujoire, Nantes
21:00 local, 19:00 GMT, 20:00 BST



toulon-small-badge15 Delon Armitage, 14 Rudi Wulf, 13 Mathieu Bastareaud, 12 Matt Giteau, 11 Alexis Palisson, 10 Jonny Wilkinson (c), 9 Frederic Michalak, 8 Chris Masoe, 7 Juan Fernandez Lobbe, 6 Danie Rossouw, 5 Nick Kennedy, 4 Bakkies Botha, 3 Carl Hayman, 2 Sebastien Bruno, 1 Andrew Sheridan.

16 Jean-Charles Orioli, 17 Gethin Jenkins, 18 Davit Kubriashvili, 19 Rocky Elsom, 20 Steffon Armitage, 21 Maxime Mermoz, 22 Sébastien Tillous-Borde , 23 Jocelino Suta.


toulouse-logo15 Clement Poitrenaud, 14 Yoann Huget, 13 Yannick Jauzion, 12 Gael Fickou, 11 Maxime Medard, 10 Luke McAlister, 9 Jean Marc Doussain, 8 Louis Picamoles, 7 Thierry Dusautoir, 6 Jean Bouilhou, 5 Patricio Albacete, 4 Yoann Maestri, 3 Census Johnston, 2 William Servat, 1 Vasil Kakovin.

16 Jaba Bregvadze, 17 Gurthro Steenkamp, 18 Romain Millo Chlusky, 19 Yannick Nyanga, 20 Luke Burgess, 21 Lionel Beauxis, 22 Yann David, 23 Jean Batiste Poux.

Sat 25 Semi final: Clermont Auvergne v Castres, Stade de la Beaujoire, Nantes
16:30 local, 14:30 GMT, 15:30 BST

Teams to be announced.

Links to streams:

Page will be updated as information becomes available.

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506 Responses to Top 14 Semi-Finals 2013

  1. Borderboy says:

    Lara – a bit worried that you claim to be hungry, then decide that you want 3 the worshippers from Mongolia. D’you want cheese with them?

  2. Borderboy says:

    Speaking of cheese………………….

  3. CJ says:

    Standard New York cheesecake. Raspberries on the side.

  4. CJ says:

    ^^black knight, deep purple

  5. Borderboy says:

    CJ – sounds good. I do like raspberries with my cheesecake, although we tend to have non-cooked cheesecake. The NY stuff is cooked in some way?
    This isn’t cheesy, but awesome….

  6. CJ says:

    Borderboy, ill have to ask the mrs! Her mum is a cook, quite well known in Scotland for winning Masterchef.

  7. CJ says:

    And that is relevant because its her recipe!

  8. tichtheid says:

    At the end of this week, as we approach an important religious weekend for some, after the events in Woolwich, this seems appropriate.

  9. HairBearHero says:

    This is my tune of the week:

  10. Borderboy says:

    Ticht – thanks for that. That was very moving – and to the point.

  11. CJ says:

    Since we are doing bed time songs, this is a polish band no one has ever heard of. Beautiful song though.

  12. Borderboy says:

    Right, folks, I’m off. Goodnight all.

  13. laraxwell says:

    whenever I’m at a low ebb, these boys pull me out of it

  14. laraxwell says:

    oh dear..hope this hasn’t sent you home
    it is for some a sad song but it does recount memories of a happy childhood for me

  15. laraxwell says:

    Another special song for me..with my great fear in life !!!

  16. laraxwell says:

    better lighten things up with my theme tune
    night all

  17. beadleclawuk says:

    the only Polish band I’ve heard of is Kult. I bought a tape of theirs (unheard) when I was in Poland in 1993 on a walking/auschwitz holiday…

  18. beadleclawuk says:

    enjoying the fleet foxes links lara…

  19. beadleclawuk says:

    You know I bought that Kult tape back in the day and, although I wasn’t that disappointed, I had hoped for something a bit more like Taraf De Haidouks when they go a bit nippy. This just makes me laugh when I hear them play fast:

    the last minute is simply breathtaking…

  20. beadleclawuk says:

    Is it too late at night for a slow motion steal?

  21. beadleclawuk says:

    For the night shift then here’s the June Internationals ‘Bro Pool for those that want it-
    Pool name: High BMI-ing Over The Line

    Pool code: soulvans

  22. @ Lara, MrsKJH at the controls here, never heard of the Fleet Foxes, but really enjoying them with my lovely glasheen a wine, cheers

  23. killerline says:

    Great blog kill Mrs KJH, 7.5 hours……

    Incredibly the new Dillinger Escape Plan album has a song dedicated to me on it:

  24. CJ says:

    Blog favourite dillinger escape plan.

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