Finals Day


It’s the All Irish affair, Ulster playing at home in Dublin. Hoping to catch Leinster with a bad case of jet-lag seems to be Ulster’s ploy here, making the Ladyboys travel to try and get their hands on another trophy.

Final: Ulster v Leinster, Royal Dublin Society, Dublin
16:45 local, 15:45 GMT, 16:45 BST



15  J Payne,14  A Trimble,13  D Cave,12  S Olding,11  T Bowe, 10 P Jackson, 9 R Pienaar

1 T Court, 2 R Best, 3 J Afoa, 4 J Muller (c), 5 D Tuohy, 6 R Diack, 7 C Henry, 8 N Williams

16 R Herring, 17 C Black, 18 D Fitzpatrick, 19 I Henderson, 20 M McComish, 21 P Marshall, 22 M Allen, 23 P Nelson.

Leinster_rugby_badge (1)Leinster

15 Rob Kearney, 14 Fergus McFadden, 13 Brian O’Driscoll, 12 Ian Madigan, 11 Isa Nacewa, 10 Jonathan Sexton, 9 Isaac Boss

1 Cian Healy, 2 Richardt Strauss, 3 Mike Ross, 4 Leo Cullen (c), 5 Devin Toner, 6 Kevin McLaughlin, 7 Shane Jennings, 8 Jamie Heaslip

16 Sean Cronin, 17 Jack McGrath, 18 Jamie Hagan, 19 Quinn Roux, 20 Rhys Ruddock, 21 John Cooney, 22 Andrew Goodman, 23 Andrew Conway

TV Coverage

Ireland & UK – Live on RTE2, TG4, BBC Northern Ireland, BBC Alba and BBC Wales from 4.45pm Saturday
Italy – Live on SportItalia from 5.45pm CET Saturday
Middle East – Live on OSN Sports 4 from 6.45pm KSA Saturday
Australia – Live on Setanta Australia from 1.45am ET Sunday
Africa – Live on Setanta Africa from 5.45pm CAT Saturday
Asia – Live on Setanta Asia from 11.45pm HKT Saturday
Canada – Live on Sportsnet World from 12.45pm Saturday
New Zealand – Delayed on The Rugby Channel from 4.30am Sunday
USA – Delayed on Fox Soccer Plus from 12 Noon ET Saturday
USA – Live on Fox Soccer 2 Go from 11.45am ET Saturday


Ah, the fairest pack versus the cheatingest. Which way will it go? Sideways if Saints’ pack get on top.

Final: Leicester Tigers v Northampton Saints, Twickenham Stadium, London
15:00 local, 14:00 GMT



15 Tait, 14 Morris, 13 Tuilagi, 12 Allen, 11 Goneva, 10 Flood (c), 9 Ben Youngs

1 Mulipola, 2 Tom Youngs, 3 Cole, 4 Kitchener, 5 Parling, 6 Croft, 7 Salvi, 8 Crane.

16 Hawkins, 17 Balmain, 18 Castrogiovanni, 19 Slater, 20 Mafi, 21 Harrison, 22 Ford, 23 Smith.


15 Foden, 14 Ken Pisi, 13 Wilson, 12 Burrell, 11 Elliott, 10Myler, 9 Dickson;

1 Tonga’uiha, 2 Hartley (c), 3 Mujati, 4 Lawes, 5 Day, 6 Dowson, 7 Wood, 8 Manoa.

16 Haywood, 17 Waller, 18 Mercey, 19 Nutley, 20 Van Velze, 21 Roberts, 22 Lamb, 23 George Pisi.

TV Coverage

UK & Ire: ESPN Live from 14:00 BST
Italy: Sky Sports 2 Italia Live 16:00 CET
USA: Fox Soccer Plus Live 09:55 ET
Australia: Setanta Sports Live 23:55 ET
New Zealand: Rugby Channel Live 01:55 (Sunday)

Links to streams:

C’mon Saints!

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358 Responses to Finals Day

  1. killerline says:

    It’s a gutsy call from Barnes.

    I’m sure you hear players swear in the vicinity of refs all the time.

    To send off the captain of a team during a final makes a pretty big statement.

  2. david_puddy says:


    I don’t think Barnes cared a jot for the industrial language, the accusation of him being a “cheat” is what got Harley red

  3. killerline says:


    the ‘statement’ part of what I said holds, even if the specifics fall short.

  4. killerline says:

    @Puddy the Graun are open for comments now, go for your guns.

  5. killerline says:

    If I called Barnes a ‘bimbo’ do you reckon he’d red me?

  6. sagmog says:

    Free the Northampton feck, England feck, Kiwi, feck, Lions One!

  7. Droptheclaw says:

    How long for the first comment to get modded? I give it 5 minutes

  8. sagmog says:

    BTW, Best is a cunt as well.
    Ross Ford.
    Come on down.

  9. tichtheid says:

    What did the first comment say, Claw? It’s gone now.

    Sag, I’d love to see Ford on the tour, just for the devilment I could have elsewhere on the back of it.

  10. refitman says:

    @ticht – it was something along the lines of “really, his accent got Dylan sent off? Supposition at best”. Obviously someone took offence.

  11. Droptheclaw says:

    Ticht, it was along the lines of:” this article is tabloid trash at best, Hartley was always a cunt and still is”

  12. sagmog says:

    Hartley was always a cunt and still is”

    He’s bad, but he’s no Rory Best.

  13. Droptheclaw says:

    And Rory Best is no Owen Farrell, etc and so on

  14. Droptheclaw says:

    Hmmm. Owen Farrell is no Delon Armitage?

  15. Droptheclaw says:

    Dave from Swindon is no Dylan Hartley

  16. sagmog says:

    None of these chaps was a cunt to a ballboy.
    ‘Cept Best.
    Ross Ford two-time Lion.

  17. craigsman says:

    Just got back from the AP final. Hartley wanted to get into the Lions colors early. Still, cracking fight back from Saints, could’ve been a lot closer.

    Foden was awesome.

    Drunk now.

  18. yosoy says:

    Ross Ford two-time Lion.

    I’m not even joking when I say I would prefer the Turk 4th choice.

  19. Droptheclaw says:

    That is a good point, Sag. Forgot about that. But I think DFS is the kind of guy who’d be a prick to ballboys

  20. @ Sag
    What is the ball boy incident you speak of regarding Best?

  21. sunbeamtim says:

    Missed most of the first half , and saw a few minutes of Barnes making decision after decision against Northampton . What looked obvious , in scrums , knock ons , and Leicester guys holding on to the ball for ages after they were tackled went the other way .. He looked flustered and angry . the replay of him telling Myler You can’t kick it into touch sounded like you can with a west country accent . If Hartley did call him a fucking cheat , he deserves all he gets , but if he called youngs or one of the props a fucking cheat , as is more likely , Barnes being a twat ruined the premiership final . Either way , he got himself in a tizzy , not good enough for a top class ref .

  22. sagmog says:

    Was Awful FD.
    Involved a towel and bad weather.
    Can’t think about it without coming over all Clint Eastwood in “Firefox”.

  23. crashtopuss says:

    What’s Best alleged to have done?

  24. sagmog says:

    ‘Snot alleged.
    Was on telly.

  25. sunbeamtim says:

    Sag , got a link ?

  26. yosoy says:

    If Hartley did call him a fucking cheat ,
    he deserves all he gets , but if he called youngs or one of the props a fucking cheat , as is
    more likely

    Why is it more likely?

  27. Chekhovian says:

    I hope Ford gets picked for the lions now, if only so that MacArthur and Lawrie get plenty of game time for Scotland on the summer tour.

  28. sunbeamtim says:

    Yoysoy , scrums constantly going down , Leicester know the ref has made the decision that it is Northampton at fault , as he is repeatedly penalising them , Leicester drop it , Hartley calls one of the Leicester front row a fucking cheat . Just an opinion , but I think it is more likely that a professional rugby player will call an opponent a fucking cheat than a referee .He did look genuinely surprised , too , which he shouldn’t have if he was guilty . I guess no one except Hartley will ever really know .

  29. tichtheid says:

    Ford was fine for Scotland in the 6N, but piss poor for Edinburgh over the course of the season.
    He wouldn’t let the Lions down and I don’t think even those who were selected are that far ahead of him, if at all. Maybe Youngs’ dynamism sets him apart, but that’s about it.

  30. tompirracas says:

    It was chads that chits that got Dubya into the White House.

    It’d be nice if Stevie Myler actually knew the laws of the game he was playing; or, could understand Wayne Barnes’s tone of voice, a tone of voice which was clearly screaming “no, you can’t”.

  31. tichtheid says:

    Tim, I think you are correct in how that unfolded, but how stupid is Hartley to say anything after the warning he had just been given? It just means he’s thick as shit.

  32. yosoy says:

    I think it is more
    likely that a professional rugby player will call an opponent a fucking cheat than a

    Not necessarily. Sergio Parisse did the same thing earlier on this year. And it’s not as if Hartley hasn’t made plenty of bad decisions when he’s lost his rag. It would be unsurprising if it turns out that he has made this comment. He’s not a good character, so we’re all naturally suspicious of him.

    . I guess no one except Hartley will ever really know .

    Well, he’s never going to admit to it with the carrot of a Lions tour ahead. I find it sad that he’s already got the Saints apologist bandwagon rolling when they should be slaughtering him for getting sent off in a final.

  33. tichtheid says:

    “I find it sad that he’s already got the Saints apologist bandwagon rolling when they should be slaughtering him for getting sent off in a final.”

    Spot on, he was told in no uncertain terms. It could not have been clearer. There is no conspiracy, Dylan is a twit.

  34. meadesian says:

    ffs, when did they outlaw the handshake in football?

  35. Borderboy says:

    Just watched the Champions League final – cracking game, but by dog Clive Tyldsley is an absolute arsehole. Could not go 5 minutes without mentioning bloody Chelsea winning last year, or any other English club winning the damn thing. Even got a gratuitous 1966 mention in. Pillock.

  36. refitman says:

    @Borderboy – agree, great match. The ref bottled a couple of red cards though. I watched it with the sound off, best way to enjoy Clive! Was Townsend doing it as well? Any pearls of wisdom from him?

  37. Borderboy says:

    Refit – nope, Andy wouldn’t know a pearl of wisdom if it elbowed him in the face. Was the usual bland crap from him. You’re right, the ref could/should have sent Ribery and/or Dante off. Might have made a difference, but I think Bayern deserved to win, just.

  38. tichtheid says:

    Git yer dancin shoes on killer

  39. Killerline says:

    I’m with Tim on this, why would Hartley call the ref a cheat? Makes no sense. But,while on a warning, he should have kept his trap shut. Myler should know the rules of the game but I guess he thought the ref was telling him he could do something. Ah well it’s done. Great goal by Robben but how he cam view himself in the mirror with all the diving……

  40. Killerline says:

    @Ticht it takes a while to install and calibrate my dancing shoes…are you sure now?

  41. meadesian says:

    Killer, I’m not in possession of the full facts, but if Hartley thought that Barnes had advised that the ball could be kicked out on the full, and then sanctioned Saints for doing so, he might think Barnes was deceiving/cheating them.

  42. tichtheid says:

    I’m in Brighton and I heard Barnes say that the ball wasn’t to be kick out from the drop out, Barnes said it several times.

  43. tichtheid says:

    In fact, if you are the “drop out guy” for your team, wouldn’t you be expected to know the laws? Y’know, if your team are paying you a fair wedge to do the job?

    If a drop out goes straight into touch the opposition have three choices – have the kick taken again, a scrum in the middle of the 22m line, or take the lineout where the ball crossed the touch line.

  44. Killerline says:

    @Meades far more likely he’s referring to a Tigers front row to me. Still, daft actions for a man on a warning. He’s got a better case than John Terry.

  45. meadesian says:

    Everyone’s got a better case than John Terry.

  46. david_puddy says:

    Highlights on ITV 4 now…

  47. Borderboy says:

    Had a very enjoyable day, the weather has been fantastic, managed to pootle about in the garden, watched a good Rabo final and a great Champions League final with some very nice whisky and a very mellow way to finish the day:

  48. Borderboy says:

    And a very mellow way to kill the blog as well, it seems! Night all.

  49. killerline says:

    Borderboy: The Mellow Assassin.

  50. Chekhovian says:

    Probably a more effective method of assassination than bay leaves.

  51. in an Expro exclusive via Twitter, Canada 16 – 9 USA

    One more year ISA, SEXY, JOE, CONWAY, HAGAN

    Heaslip knockers on here have to admit he was very good today in a SOB free back row, Jennings , McLaughlin, Boss and the Jamie were the best in blue…..Tommy Bowe and Ruan standouts for the northern boys…..Ruan was a worthy MOM(although he didnt get it)

  52. Don’t underestimate the bay leaf. You have already made that mistake once, with Killer around, the second time could be the end of you.

  53. Where are Avs and Suavo?

  54. ElSuavo says:

    I think this area is referred to as ‘The Doldrums’ after a particularly close loss to the Farce.

    Isn’t it odd how you tend to remember the reffing decisions against your team when they lose?

    It will be the black armband yet again & probably for the rest of the season.

  55. It was an exciting finish to the Farce-Highlanders game.

  56. HairBearHero says:

    Just to report in – Black Dynamite was a huge success, it’s fucking hilarious.

  57. dermott says:

    Morning all.

    Your THE SUNDAY Hask is available for collection from your nearest newsagent or convenience store:

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