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  1. macquiff says:

    Morning all, Baa-Baas a massive disappointment again & not much of a preparation for the Lions but at least some players seem to be buying into the systems

    Player Ratings:

    Hogg – 7
    Cleaned up a lot of loose ball well – surprisingly good at cleaning out – & was solid at the back but little chance to shine with ball in hand. Cut a couple of lovely lines but unfortunately couldn’t hold onto the ball – really needed to take one of those opportunities to stake a real claim for a test spot.

    Cuthbert – 7
    Yes, scored a couple of tries & is in great try-scoring form but fact of matter is, often looks lost on a rugby pitch: can’t pass; can’t kick; can barely tackle; and when ball is up in the air, may as well cut his head off for all the use he is. Pray he doesn’t make the test team.

    Davies – 8
    As ever excellent in defence & strong support runner, sniffing out tries but aside from one very slick pass, handling still lets him down. Good rapport with Doc.

    Roberts – 9
    Best player on the pitch & n@iled on for test spot. Led defence brilliantly & always dangerous with ball in hand. Silly can-can impression a worry though…

    Maitland – 6
    Little opportunity to shine but always offered himself in support. Lost ball in contact on a couple of occasions.

    Farrell – 4
    Couple of good kicks aside, one of the worst showings by a Lions player. All the mobility of a trolley in the Clyde with hands like traffic cones. This tour’s Earls?!

    Phillips – 8
    Took his tries well but butchered a couple of others. Marshalled the pack like a true Fats SH but service, particularly in first half, was somewhat scattergun. By no means the magnificent performance that it has been portrayed in the media but Youngs will have to do something extraordinary to dislodge Big Mac Mike

    Vunipola – 8
    OK, Will face tougher opponents than yesterday’s force Castro but still held up well in the scrum & really is a force in the loose. Real chance of a Test spot – at the least a spot on the bench – especially given Healy’s scrummaging deficiencies & Melonhead’s lack of game time.

    Hibbard – 7
    Great round the park but needs to sort the wobbly darts (problem for all the hookers, mind)

    Jones – 8
    Marmalised James, nuff said

    Gray – 7
    Did his job at lineout time, tackled everywhere but still not quite the berserker in the loose that we wish for – admittedly often received the ball standing still. One almost try-scoring offload to Hogg offered a glimpse of his unique qualities

    POC – 8
    Was everywhere whilst he was on the pitch & fitting that he was the man to notch the first try. Could do without yet another injury though

    Lydiate – 6
    Tackled everything as expected but still looks way short of his best. Offers nothing in the loose & certainly not the answer as a tail jumper in the lineout

    Tipuric – 7
    1 nice turnover & some excellent support work does not mask his lack of physicality; yet again dropped off tackles. Dirt-tracker.

    Faletau – 8
    Another to excel in loose. Unit.

    Subs – 7
    AWJ & Heaslip did some excellent defensive work whilst Murray was sharp (which says it all about the opposition really)

  2. expro2013 says:

    Where are we supposed to contribute nowadays?

    I saw the first half of the HK game, but then had to leave the pub due to depressing simian antics of a stag weekend group. What I saw was dire.

    The Barbarians concept seems fairly redundant nowadays. There was some individual top quality in that team, but as a unit – hopeless.

    A warm up against Japan, Canada, US, NZ Maori etc might have had more value.

  3. spankman says:

    If anyone is reading this – the link to the new comments page doesn’t work on my browser/computer – keeps saying “operation timed out”.

    Before i contemplate work, can someone help?

  4. Underdog says:

    The link doesn’t seem to be working for me. Woe is me.

    Namesake try! DRIIIIIIINK.

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