A guide to using the Haskell Diaries

By popular demand, here is a basic guide to playing on the site.

A little HTML is required if you want to add a bit of formatting to your comments, here are the most useful ones:

Blockquote: <blockquote> your text </blockquote>

Italics: <i> your text </i>

Bold: <b> your text </b>

Strikethrough: <strike> your text </strike>


Whenever you paste a URL into a comment, once it is posted it becomes a live link. Simple as that. Please don’t link large pictures as many people are skiving at work and don’t want anyone to notice.

To hyperlink: <a href=”www.example.com”> TEXT</a>

Posts with more than one link in them get held by the system’s spam filter until an admin approves them. As admin isn’t always paying attention or actually doing something in their real lives, it’s easier if you just spread your links over multiple posts.

Navigating comments:

There is a lot of commentary traffic here. So it has been requested that we explain how to jump back pages in the comments. The easiest way to do it is to amend the URL string. This is a generic URL for a large comment feed:


If you note, it has page-16, which is the second last on that monster.

However, if you change the number in bold


to 1 then it will jump straight to the start of the comments.

Please don’t:

Link to anything dodgy obviously, safe for work only please.

Impersonate other users.

Please do:

Get a Gravatar.


Feel free to contribute articles, we’re always going to need fresh stuff to keep the ball rolling.

Save your work as a Word doc and upload to here:


Thanks again go to the Cat for setting this up in the first place.

5 Responses to A guide to using the Haskell Diaries

  1. Mike says:

    Saw you needed stuff ATL to allow the software to cope BTL. Had a go at a Trendy preview of 1st weekend and (think) have uploaded. Rushed, beer-induced, and not much cop, but please use if you want something to support comments.

  2. dermott says:

    Mike, where did you upload it to? Can’t see it.

  3. Mike says:

    Tried the link above, then clicked on upload files. But looked again today and it’s gone. Just uploaded again. Was given this link, if it means anything: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B37PVAt22TjLMXM1SXVpNW1BNkU/edit?usp=sharing

    Bastard computers. I can actually program the things, but am bloody useless when it comes to actually doing anything on them.

  4. Monnem says:

    Maybe BOD’s been nursing all these cheap shots he’s received all these years and is now, in likely his final years, starting to dish some of it back out…

    Crash, your captain kicked an opposition player in the head tonight, so maybe you should wind your neck in a little bit. At best O’Connell’s actions were reckless, at worst deliberate.

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