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Make Lions With Violence, part 2: Tactics and shit.

Eh up Lads! It’s me, Shaun “Fucking” Edwards, Defensive Guru and all round hard man, and I’m back to share us wisdom before t’lions tour.

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Beards of War – Part 1

Join resident BTL Multi-Moniker Maestro Crashball on his two-part fearless foray into facial fungus as a rugby fear-inducer Rugby; sport or war without the weapons? Most fans lean toward the latter.

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In Defence Of Jamie Heaslip: By Jay-Z

So, word among the canine-based rugby community is that there are people out there, calling themselves rugby fans, who don’t have a very high opinion of Jamie Heaslip. I mean, I’m sure you all know what you’re talking about, and … Continue reading

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Not The Honey Badger Diaries (III)

May 15th, 2013 Dear Raidy, Here I am, back with a thigh-slapper! See what I did? Mucked all the letters in Diary around again? There oughta be a law against me splitting so many people’s sides. Guilty, Your Worship, of … Continue reading

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HASK and you shall receive: Porce-Cat speaks – meatbags, listen!

It is I, Porce-Cat, a sweary porcelain cat, the one true Dog. Normally I am apathetic about the banal ramblings that comprise your nonsense interactions. I created your universe as somewhere to house rugby; humans merely so there was someone … Continue reading

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The View From Behind The Sofa: Language

Sources adjacent to the Scottish International Rugby Team have made the View aware of a worrying development. If true, it represents a seismic shift in international sport beyond even the confines of Rugby.

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Mrs Whitelock’s Diary

April 5th 2013 will be red-starred in my diary forever. ‘Twas the first time all four of my boys started a ‘Saders Superdooper 15 match together. Oh, and my nephew Ben Funnell started the match at hooker, too.

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