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We’ve Moved!

Art Of Domination has moved to it’s own, purpose built, address.

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We Are Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties – In The Meantime, Some Music.

Bandwidth issues causing unacceptable disruption to the flow of conversation. In order to rectify this, we’ll have to take the main site offline later to configure additional servers. In the meantime, please continue our ill-informed rugby debate below. Cheers.

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Beards of War – Part 1

Join resident BTL Multi-Moniker Maestro Crashball on his two-part fearless foray into facial fungus as a rugby fear-inducer Rugby; sport or war without the weapons? Most fans lean toward the latter.

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Overheard in Twickenham

Here at the HASK, we like to keep you informed of all activities related to Rugby, both on and off the pitch. At great personal risk, I’ve managed to sneak in and plant a number of high-tech listening devices in … Continue reading

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The All-Frowning All-Glowering Hask Riddle #3

That’s pretty much how it happened. I’d kitted myself out for the Lions in anticipation and a Fatland lackey went out of his way to avoid letting me down gently.

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AoD Exclusive Offer! The Hask Celebrates His Pending Lions Squad Selection With The Release Of His Hask Immersive™

Speaking exclusively to AoD from his favoured body-waxing venue, Hask said, “Fuck that smarts! Take a tip from me – don’t wax your todger!” At which point Hask slammed down the phone in agony, leaving it to us to celebrate … Continue reading

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No More Debate: Definitive Results

It’s here. After literally some research, the Jib-O-Meter 500 MkI (International Calibration) is here.

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The All-Singing All-Dancing Hask Riddle #2

Welcome to my All-Singing All-Dancing Hask Riddle #2. Catty reckoned my riddles were wasted on dumb-bum rugby players in tactical planning sessions and reckoned I ought to have a lash at Mastermind instead. Couldn’t find that particular title in my … Continue reading

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The All-Singing All-Dancing Hask Riddle #1

Welcome to the wondiferous world of my All-Singing All-Dancing Riddles. Nothing like a riddle to liven up a dull tactics session. Many’s the time Catty’s been drawing a million arrows on his blackboard with second phase this and Manu’s running … Continue reading

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