Reading with The Hask

As anyone that has seen my award-winning Twitter feed knows, I read omnivorously. Obviously, as I, James Haskell, am now DOMINATING the internet, it is a divine duty for me to share my thoughts on the many novels that I peruse with you. I feel that I’ll be educating the masses through allowing my keen insight to DOMINATE the usual load of critical waffle written about  some of the finest books in the English language.

I’m not bothering with anything in translation, because if they can’t be bothered to write in the only tongue that matters, then I certainly am not willing to give them credibility by reading their pathetic barbarian scratchings.

Still, I’ve taken lots of books with me to New Zealand, and I’ll share my thoughts on all of them with you.

Animal Farm

2 Responses to Reading with The Hask

  1. janeykate says:

    Did you only read one book then? C’mon, share!
    Jane x

  2. Leadingfiremansteve says:

    Following Brexit the country needs a new leader now that Cameron has thrown the towel in. Someone who can lead us to world DOMINATION. The Hask is the man.

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