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No More Debate: Definitive Results

It’s here. After literally some research, the Jib-O-Meter 500 MkI (International Calibration) is here. Advertisements

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Is the long dark night of the Scottish rugby supporter at an end?

More of this please, says resident BTL Russian literary-phile and Scotland rugby tragic Chekovian

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France -v- Scotland – Vote for your MOTM

Now that’s how to play 9. None of your crabbing sideways soft-shoe-shuffle rubbish. Take note, blokes. Our “Eddie” wondered whether the France-Scotland game might be an exiguous filigree, une babiole. Now that you’ve looked them up in your dictionaries, get … Continue reading

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Wales -v- England – Vote for your MOTM

Some of the England players turned up under-dressed for the occasion, but, apart from that, who was your MOTM?

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Italy -v- Ireland – Vote for your MOTM

Bloody Italians. Still can’t spell either their name or their oppo’s. Was BOD MOTM in possibly his last appearance in green? Will BOD’s retirement mark the end of such acronym festivals? Whatever, vote for your MOTM.

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The Six Nations Concludeth: not Eddie Butler’s guide to surviving Week Five drink by drink

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The Secret Diary of James Haskell (IQ 25 ½). Date: March 14th, 2013

I’m finding it hard to get motivated this week. Obviously, we gave the French the biggest kicking since Agincourt three Saturdays back, but since then, I’m feeling less than chipper. Bloody Pasta munchers turned up to play, and that flaming … Continue reading

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