Who is James Haskell?


Intellectual, dilettante, epicure- these are all words that are never used to describe James Haskell.

So who is James Haskell? Well, some say that he’s the man mountain poised to lead England to inevitable Rugby glory. A one man wrecking ball built out of the remains of the frost giants after Ragnarok. Alternatively, it is whispered in hushed voices in taverns around the land that in the 21st Century one man came forth to deliver a world of hurt to the opposition. That man was James Haskell.

Like the Candyman, if you mention his name three times he will appear before you; a terrifying beast composed of pure muscle who breathes fire and eats scrum halves for breakfast.

However, not only is Haskell a throwback to the days of yore when titans strode the earth, he’s also dedicated to philosophy and deep thought. Many is the time when James can be found sitting on a bench pondering his core values and considering best how to put his message across to unresponsive ears.

But what is this message, what does the crown prince of back row forwards wish to impart? Well, it’s simple- James Haskell, The BIG BRAND believes in the sanctity of holy DOMINATION as the means by which he will render total fucking destruction on the  playing fields of New Zealand.

A keen follower of great literature, The Hask considers it his utmost duty to help educate, via the medium of twitter, others in the Great Works of Literature. Many is the young mind that has been opened through his keen insight and diamond-hard literary criticism. To be privy to L’Hasque’s thoughts on novels such as Animal Farm can only be described as enlightening. Truly, Hasque-San is a 21st Century Renaissance Man.

This site is dedicated to Warrior-poet James Haskell, and chronicles his innermost thoughts on his perilous odyssey in the land of the Long Cloud.

Prepare yourself for James Haskell and make sure you are truly ready to experience total DOMINATION!

3 Responses to Who is James Haskell?

  1. Silas Voon says:

    Superb! Where can I get one?

  2. GG says:

    I repeated your name three times…. 😦

  3. Stephan says:

    You missed Gay-Icon – according to Bayfield anyway

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